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Xian Xiang




Early 30s










Xia Xiang AKA Ryoto (twin sister)


Champions of China



Don "Major Deej" Finger

6 Nov 2018




Xian Xiang is a champion national, world and Olympic Chinese Archer that earned three gold medals in solo and team competitions in the 2016 Olympics. After the Olympics closing ceremony, Xian seemed to disappear, only to reappear recently in China's introduction of their new superhero group, the 'Champions of China', where Xian was now codenamed as "Ryoko".


Today, Ryoko and his twin sister, Xia AKA Ryoto, a dual sword-wielding teammate, both still with the Champions of China, work together in the name of the people of China to protect said people and the Chinese nations from the world's evils and to protect the innocent.  He is very amiable hero, however, he is definitely a tool of the Chinese State. Ryoko is highly dedicated to his twin sister, but keeps his emotions in check to ensure that he doesn't compromise a mission with sibling-based emotional ties (even though you'll see him clench his jaw when he is upset/emotional about her). 


Ryoko is a very focused person in combat, but out of combat, he jokes around, is friendly and enjoys interacting with others (extrovert). He also loves skiing. Thusfar, he doesn't seem to have any relationships or hook-ups, making a veiled comment that his sister 'doesn't need to see what he sees and does in the bedroom'.




Power Origin: Mutant

  • Sibling Symbiotic Sensory Exchange

    • Has the remarkable ability, along with his sister (AKA Ryoto), to see and sense through each other's own senses when within 300 yards of one another.

    • Can see, hear, smell and 'feel' (nerves, cold, heat, etc.) what each other is experiencing in immediate time.

    • As such, both can use each other's senses to be directly applied to their physical skills (example: Ryoko sees a target through Ryoto's eyes that he can't see himself; he can shoot, fully aware of Ryoto's target's location in reference to where Ryoko himself is)

  • Sibling Tracking

    • Can 'feel' the direction/location of sister (and vice-versa for sister) up to 1 mile away.




  • Champions of China Uniform

    • Provides poor physical protection

    • Provides typical energy, temperate and radiation protection​

  • Quiver & Arrows

    • Quiver is made of good lightweight composite materials that have arrow shaft clamps thus allowing Ryoto to be inverted and arrows not falling out of his quiver​

    • Arrows

      • Each arrowhead has a slider switch setting that allows for the arrow head to either perform its function upon impact of be set for time up to 30 seconds max)

      • Sharp Point Arrows (21)

        • Amazing material razor-sharp 4-V-vane arrowhead

        • excellent edged shooting

      • Blunt Arrows (21)

        • Amazing material blunt headed arrowhead

        • Good physical damage with knockdown/stun potential

      • Glue Arrows (2)

        • Ramped-up Good-To-Incredible immobilization (and potential hold) capability to a target and anything in the target area​

        • NOTE: upon impact, it does good immobilization (and 25% decrease in target's movements, actions and agility); each several seconds thereafter, the effect ratchets up a level as the glue hardens, thereby after about 30 seconds, the target is immobilized in an incredible level amount of glue that can potentially become a hold on anything of incredible strength or less)

      • Sonic Arrows (2)

        • Good sonic energy over time to target area upon impact

        • Lasts for 30 seconds

      • EM Arrows (2)

        • Can emit an incredible EM pulse upon contact with target (one shot)​

        • Can fry, fuse, interrupt or shutdown electronics or magnetic fields of equal or lesser rank in target area

      • Explosive Arrows (6)

        • Can set (slide switch on arrow head) explosive intensity from typical to remarkable explosion effect

      • Smoke Arrow (2)​

        • Emits a black/gray smoke cloud that drop area (and adjacent area visibility, pending on area wind/air conditions) with a remarkably dense smoke, dropping visibility by a factor of three

      • Tracker Arrows (2)

        • Arrowhead, upon impact (no timer), adheres to the target with remarkable adhesive and begins transmitting on a classified Chinese government frequency; the arrow shaft, upon the same time as the arrowhead's impact, detaches and falls away

        • Transmission range: 10 miles

        • 2 hour battery life once activated

        • Tracker arrowheads have a special solution on them that makes them visible to specially coated Chinese visors/sunglasses when within visual range (See Visor/'Shades' below)

      • Flashbang Arrow (2)

        • Produces a good level visual flash and a typical sonic 'bang'​

  • Bow (2)

    • Primary Bow

      • Made of an amazing lightweight composite material

      • Has its own laser sight (if used/turned on) and a mechanical sight that allows for wind, range and tension settings (like in Olympic-level bows)​

    • Secondary Bow

      • Foldable Longbow made of incredible material with no sighting attachments

  • Visor/'Shades'

    • Provides normal and night vision​

    • Provides excellent flash protection

    • Polarized for diffusing sunlight

    • Designed to see a visual glow from any tracker arrow/arrowhead when in visual range

  • Belt

    • Survival Pack​ (1)

      • 2 days rations​

      • wire saw (remarkable mat'l)

      • mirror

      • matches (20)

      • thermal blanket (poor thermal protection)

    • Emergency Beacon (1)

      • 25 mile range

      • 3 day battery once activated

      • Chinese military frequency

    • Tracker Unit (1)

      • 15 mile range; 3-hour total battery life once turned on

    • Earplugs (2)

      • Provides excellent hearing protection against sonic arrow attacks​

    • Glue Arrow Solvent (2)​

      • Can use the solvent to soften and evaporate the chemical compound that makes up the glue in his glue arrows​

      • Takes at least 30 seconds for the solvent to soften/dissolve

      • Contents of each bottle of solvent should be enough for the effects of each glue arrow he carries/uses

    • Arrow/Arrow Attachment/Bow Alignment Tools

    • Ryoko 'Champion Coin' souvenirs (50)

      • Hands out to kids and fans (mostly at bequest of the government)​

  • Knives (2)

    • Non-ferrous, non-metallic composite material amazing material strength, lightweight fighting knives​

    • Hidden in boots



  • Archery (Master)

  • Arrow construction/design (Master)

  • Bow construction/design (Master)

  • Olympics (Professional)

  • China History & Lore (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Melee Fighting (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: + Initiative (Professional)

  • Marksmanship (Professional)

  • Acrobatics/Tumbling (Professional)

  • Swordsmanship (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • Chinese (Master)

    • English (Proficient)

    • Japanese (Proficient)

    • Mongolian (Proficient)

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