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Chiba Shizu
















Don "Major Deej" Finger

14 May 2015



Handa Shizu (father)

Karyn (Caporo) Shizu (mother)

Adam Shizu (younger brother)



Chiba was the daughter of Handa and Karyn Shizu,both of which were tenured faculty staff members at the University of Connecticut, Brooklyn.  The UConn Brooklyn campus had several unique majors, including one for psychic studies, for which Handa Shizu was the Department Head for Psychic Studies.

In 1999, Chiba was born.  It didn't take but four years before Chiba's parents realized Chiba was a powerful psychic herself (they would have figured it out earlier, but thanks to the Soltan Invasion of 2000, the Shizu family was too busy surviving and picking up the pieces of their lives after the invasion to notice).  As a result, several 'other' psychics met with the Shizu family attempting to help 'quiet' Chiba's very loud effect on the psychic plane.  Anyone who was ever a good psychic could easily have picked up on Chiba's 'screaming' and 'interjections' with her psychic powers. Thus, until age 12, Chiba was taught and befriended by many benevolent psychics, all helping her to control and master her powers.  Handa Shizu has poor psychic powers, but learned much from the interactions the other benevolent psychics had with Chiba, thus honing even his skills to a typical psychic's level.  Sadly, the malevolent psychics decided Chiba needed to be theirs.

While taking the bus back home from school, Chiba's bus was assaulted by the Gold Syndicate. Chiba was kidnapped.  The benevolent psychics attempted to help find her, but they couldn't find a trace of her until four years later - during a massive gold reserve robbery.

The Gold Syndicate had brainwashed and placed neural controls into Chiba's brain, creating a new Goldforce member, Aurumind. Aurumind was controlled like a puppet by Goldmaster, the leader of Goldforce.  Several of the psychics that combated Goldforce and/or Aurumind were deftly defeated during the robbery, as well as several other heroes during several other such gold robberies.  It wasn't until one particular powerful psychic for G.U.A.R.D.,  called Psygate, was finally able to free Chiba from her mind control. Sadly, as a result of that, Chiba's ocular nerves where completely destroyed, along with her eyes.  She was free, but became blind in the process.

After years of surgeries and even discussions of technical implants, Chiba decided she didn't want to be a burden to anyone else as she'd already been (in her belief, that is).  She ran away and was only found when a happenstance occurred when a member of the Peacekeepers, known as Travelmaster, found Chiba at one of his teleportation sites.  Travelmaster talked and fed the starving young woman and discussed Chiba's plight. Chiba used her powers to see if Travelmaster was a threat or not, and found him to be truly sincere in his wish to help Chiba.  As such, Travelmaster brought Chiba back to the Peacekeepers base and introduced her to the Peacekeepers co-leaders, Major Order and Judge Law.  Both, after informing Chiba's parents that she was okay and arranged transportation for them to come see her. asked Chiba what she wanted to do.  Chiba simply said, "I want to save people, just like now others helped save me.  I want to use my powers for good and to pay it forward".

Two days later, after a happy yet tearful reunion with her parents, Chiba agreed to join the Peacekeepers. Travelmaster created for her a 3D visor that used sensors to project a digital simulation of the environment linked directly to Chiba's brain, thus basically creating her 'new eyes' as it were.  To this day, Chiba, now known by the code-name "Psionika", is infatuated with Travelmaster. During this same time, Chiba's parents had a new son named Adam, giving Chiba a new baby brother. Her parents and new brother moved back to Connecticut and are continuing in Psychic Studies.

Today, Psionika continues her duties (and training) with the Peacekeepers.  She has been placed in the Investigations Division where she can best used her psychic powers for solving crimes and resolving dangerous evil riddles as they occur.  She is undergoing training to be in the Law Enforcement (Police) Division, but still has a few more years before she becomes a full-fledged PPD.  She is starting to learn more about life and love.  Although most of these experiences are late for her personal development, she's now having to deal with them in the spotlight as a superhero...and a federal employee.


  • Mind Control:

    • Mesmerized/Mass Hypnosis

      • Good ability to place targeted minds to sleep (will stay asleep until acted upon by an outside force)

      • Good ability to confuse all within 10 yards for up to a minute's time

    • Dominate/Total Domination

      • Can painfully dominate a targeted mind at a ppor rate over 100 yards from Psionika, while also immobilizing said target's mind so that the target's body can't move in place

      • Total Domination encompasses all minds at a good rate over 10 yards from Psionika, while also immobilizing their bodies so that they can't move in place

  • Psychic Assault:

    • Psychic Dart

      • Can shoot a typical level of psychic damage at a targeted mind up to 60 yards away

    • Mental Probe

      • Can tear a targeted mind with good psychic damage, causing the target to be held so that their bodies can't move or perform other than basic life support functions (breath, heartbeat, etc.)

      • When done, Psionika will know what the target knows, however, she must validate against her reasoning to ensure she 'understands' what the target knows (sometimes, Psionika, not knowing what she 'saw' can misinterpret said thoughts).

      • This gained knowledge usually fades withing 10 minutes.

    • Mental Blast

      • Typical psychic damage with a range of over 200 yards.

    • Psychic Scream

      • Immobilizing typical psychic damage to all within 60 yards.

  • Psychic Sensitivity:​

    • Can detect any psychics up to incredible ability anywhere within 40 miles of Psionika's location​

  • Flight:

    • Telekinetic Hover

      • Can hover up to 10 mph max speed, 250 feet AMSL.

  • Psychic Stealth:

    • Psyche Invisibility

      • Has the incredible ability to not be detected psychically. Range is N/A.

WEAKNESS: Her mental control, psionic assault, psychic sensitivity and psychic stealth powers do not work on automatons, robots or computer/AI-programmed cyborgs; only on organic brains and/or electrically-attenuated neural and synaptic simulacrums or androids/AI with equal design.



3D Visor/Headgear:

  • Provides high remarkably accurate 3-D digital high resolution through processed sensor feeds, all transmitted to her brain.

  • Allows her to mentally stop an image, rewind, enhance and study image at over 200x telescopic/microscopic capability

  • Provides amazing flash protection (digital correction)

  • Headgear contains video recorder/transceiver where she can send images to other via radio, microwave or electrical bursts

  • Audio transceiver encrypted for full communications suite.

  • Visor/Headgear is made from excellent material and can provide that level of protection in areas it covers


  • Typical physical, toxin, toxin, energy, electrical, plasma and temperate protection.

  • Excellent radiation protection


  • 9mm pistol x 1

  • Long-Handle Flashlight (remarkable material) x 1

  • handcuffs x 2

  • magazines of ammunition x 2

  • first aid kit x 1

  • pouches for detective and investigator paraphernalia  x 4


  • Psychic shielding (Master) (provides incredible psychic protection)

  • Martial Arts: Dogde/Evade (professional)

  • Martial Arts: Fighting (professional)

  • Hand-to-hand combat (proficient)

  • Criminology (Proficient)

  • Forensics (Proficient)

  • Psychiatrist (Proficient)

  • Psychologist (Proficient)

  • Marksmanship (pistol) (proficient)

  • Tactical driver (car/SUV) (proficient)

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