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Connor McKinley












Master Engineer McKinley




Don "Major Deej" Finger

24 May 2015



None known



Very little is known about Connor.  The oldest records about him are from back when he attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) by way of a very generous anonymous scholarship donor.  By his 22nd birthday, Conner held a dual masters degree in particle physics and quantum engineering, graduating at the top of his class.  He worked for several highly advanced businesses over the next five years, however, each time he built something for them, they took his work and patents from him and made the work their own.

Not too long ago, Connor went reclusive for over a year testing quantum teleportation theories at an undisclosed location.  During that time, G.U.A.R.D. contacted him to get him to work for them to advance their technology in the same field.  Initially, Connor declined, but when he realized GUARD had greater access to resources he needed, he agreed to join GUARD, however, with the legal guarantee wherein Connor's discoveries and designs would be placed in an ultra-guarded patent system, ensuring his work was truly his.  GUARD agreed and to this day has honored their pact with Connor.

A few years ago, Connor became involved in some of GUARD's conflicts and events that required his direct interaction.  As a result of one of those missions, Connor, in an encounter with the villainous Galactic Expatriates, was severely wounded.  Connor lost his right arm, both eyes, 1/4 of his torso, and his legs below the knees.  Rather than become bitter and angry at the situation, Connor built his own cybernetic and cyborg components for himself.  He wrote his own medical procedures for a team of doctors to follow to implant and attach the devices.  After a marathon series of surgeries, Connor was able to see, walk and use his right arm and hand without issue.  Now, partially cyborg and cybernetic, Connor has new super-human capabilities; capabilities that required him to sign up for the World Super-powered Registration Act (WSRA).

With the WSRA, international governments started flailing at the chance to grab-up super-powered people for their own purposes not unlike that of a smorgasbord. Super-powered people were placed 'under supervision' of other governments and basically treated no better than slaves. Thanks to the United States' "Peacekeeper Act", preventing any form of super-powered slavery, but also separating super-powered people form the 'normal' human population and workforce, Connor knew he had to act fast.


Thanks to GUARD's director, Connor was 'transferred' to a new group simply called the "Peacekeepers". With the Peacekeepers, Connor would not only be able to keep his patents, but putting them to work for a group of people struggling to help keep out-of-control super-powered people and aliens from harming others.  He watched the Peacekeepers the first few weeks.  He wanted to ensure their heart and soul were into the task, and not some mindless drones controlled by the government. That was proven shortly after those first few weeks.


Senator Ernst, who pushed for the Peacekeepers initiative, but later combated against it, was found to have an ulterior motive - Connor's Quantum Teleporter Technology...all to himself.  After a week of political battles, Department of Justice wranglings and finally a formal reprimand and injunction against Senator Ernst, Connor saw the resolve of his new fellow teammates. They not only went to bat for him, but they fought a congressman, and won.


Since then, Conner has crafted and created hundreds of new weapons, planes, jet packs, vehicles, hundreds of unique technological marvels and of course, quantum teleporters.  He considers the Peacekeepers his family and as such has stated time and again that he'd die for them if necessary.

His scavenging in those early days of the group's formation yielded a rare find; a Construction Android series that was thought to have been totally destroyed. They called is D.A.R.C.I.E (see entry for more details).  As a result, not only has DARCIE joined the Peacekeepers, she's been the primary designer and developer for not only their South Dakota "Minuteman Silo" base (affectionately called "The Hole"), but also of their new base being built in St. Louis, Missouri.

Over the last two years, Connor, who now goes by the code-name "Travelmaster", has been lauded for his incredible vehicle and aircraft designs he's built for the team. The quantum teleporters are still a closely guarded secret amongst the Peacekeepers; a secret that all the Peacekeepers intend to ensure is kept from others to prevent its theft or reverse engineering.

Today, Tavelmaster is a member of the TAMS department of the Peacekeepers, and continues to build incredible weapons, vehicles, equipment, and teleporters.  As such, Travelmaster has asked to start 'participating' in missions as support to analyze his equipment in the field.  It didn't take long before his cyborg abilities actually became a benefit for the team, and as such, has since seen more action.

NOTE: Connor is also an 80's alternative rock and punk rock music (and era) lover. He plays his music loud while he works and jams to the beat while building things.  To him, there is no other music.



Power Origin: Fused Normal & Technology, combined with Science


  • Cyborg Features:

    • Arm, eyes an legs are now made of amazing composite material

    • Body (Arms and Legs)

      • Provides an amazing reinforced skeletal structure that provides for a remarkable endurance

      • Excellent strength and grappling

      • Can run up to 40 mph

      • Can leap up to 55 yards

    • Eyes

      • Can see into infrared, ultraviolet and normal light spectrum

      • telescopic vision x 2000

      • microscopic vision x 1/2000

      • Lenses allows for night-vision and excellent flash protection

      • Can emit good energy beams from his tech eyes once per charge; range 100 yards


  • Travelmaster 600 Energy Rifle:

    • Energy Beam rifle with adjustable settings from feeble energy, plasma or heat to remarkable levels of the same

    • Security trigger only responds to him (and to his fellow Peacekeepers, but he hasn't told them that yet)

    • 5% chance for disintegration at remarkable levels (equates to 100% death)


  • Quantum Self-Teleporter:

    • Teleporter Unit is house in his belt

    • Has range of 250,000 miles

    • Uses galactic axis and quantum navigation system to teleport to exact location desired anywhere in the world that isn't covered in a remarkable level or higher scatter field (anti-proton shielding).

    • Can only teleport himself with this device.

    • NOT perfected;l has a 90% change of taking him where he wants; 1% chance to 'black hole' him to hundreds of millions of miles away on other planets.

  • Huge Variety of Vehicles, Weapons, Planes and Gizmos:

    • Travelmaster has a plethora of equipment to choose from, most of which are designed with 'max' capabilities at remarkable, with most weapons set to either max of excellent or over the to with amazing and fantastic damage levels.


  • Quantum Engineering (Doctorate)

  • Quantum Physics (Doctorate)

  • Geo-Spatial Navigation (Master)

  • Mechanical Engineer (Master)

  • Transportation Engineer (Master)

  • Aerospace Engineer (Master)

  • Propulsion Engineer (Master)

  • Weaponsmaster (Master)

  • Marksmanship (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Fighting (Proficient)

  • GUARD Lore (Proficient)

  • Law Enforcement (Proficient)

  • Constitutional Law (Proficient)

  • Patent & Copyright Laws (Professional)

  • Underground Engineering (Professional)

  • Kit-bashing (Master)

  • Metallurgy (Professional)

  • Computer Engineering/Design (Master)

  • 80s Rock/Punk Rock Music (Master)

  • Vehicle Transportation Lore (Professional)

  • Automotive Engineering (Professional)

  • Communications Engineering (Professional)

  • Solar/Green Energy Production & Engineering (Master)

  • Academia (Master)

  • Research (Master)

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