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Prince Arux

Princes Of The Universe (Album Version)Queen
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Not readily known

Villain/Bedafustian (Expatriate)










Prince of Bedafustia

Galactic Expatriates



Don "Major Deej" Finger

17 Feb 2008



King (father, deceased)

Queen (Mother, deceased)




Arux, a Bedafustian warrior prince from the Cygnus star system, was poised to take the planetary throne and lead his planet in a battle against the forthcoming Soltan Invasion that all on the planet knew was coming soon; instead, Arux is now trapped on Earth, exiled from his home planet and at war with anyone and anything that prevents his from returning home - except the man that currently leads him on Earth; an ex-Soltan general known as Cor Turgo (AKA Master Universe AKA Galaxon).

Twenty years ago, Prince Arux, a teenager by Bedafustian standards, was to perform the royal right of passage by combat. It was more a ceremonial act of combat than it was an actual life and death match. In the royal right of passage by combat, the first son or daughter of the King or Queen of Bedafustia (or, in lieu thereof, the First Warrior's (planetary general who answers to the king or queen) first son or daughter should the King or Queen not have a son or daughter) would engage in a ceremonial combat ritual where the king or queen would perform a series of traditional combat maneuvers, normally resulting in several small cuts and minor stab wounds wherein the prince or princess (or First Warrior's child) would then ascend to the throne in a massive ceremony wherein the existing king or queen would instead change position and title to that of leader of the new king or queen's advisor and called the Elder Leader. In over 1000 years, the ritual went off with great fanfare, aplomb and civility as tradition dictated.  For the first time in over 1000, the worst thing that could happen, happened.

The king was killed by his own son, Prince Arux.

Years before, the Bedafustians saw neighboring planets being invaded and taken over by the expansionist Soltan Star Empire. Knowing that Bedafustia would eventually be invaded, they set forth their traditional planetary edict to train every last citizen to become well versed warriors for the coming battle. Some in the artisan community and several advisors decried for more diplomatic methods to stop the Soltans, but the king, his war council and a majority of the planet's populace backed the traditional plan to prepare for war. One such planetary advisor, a sleezy yet cunning logistician called Faranuez, created a dangerous plot to prevent his children and family from having to drop their logistician trade and go off to war. He'd made a secret deal with the Soltans, telling them that he'd depose Arux, set someone else he could control to be the new king, and thus ensure the Soltans would no longer have a need to go rain destruction and war unto Bedafustia. Instead, he'd have Prnce Arux kill his father, the king (the Queen mother was already dead years before), frame the prince for the king's death and then set a new king on the throne. This new king would then perform an 'alliance' with the Soltans, thus preventing Bedafusia from having to go war. In Faranuez' eyes, he'd control the new king, the Soltans would work through Faranuez to 'get what they wanted' (within reason, according to Faranuez) and all would be good for both sides. The Soltans agreed to the subterfuge and acknowledged they'd 'do their part' in the grand scheme. As such, Faranuez became a secret collaborator with the Soltans, and the mastermind in the plot to overthrown the monarchy.

After weeks of plotting, Faranuez convince the First Warrior, Calmikon, and his first son, Satool, to back his plan. The next step revolved around the formal awarding of the the prince's sword that was was to occur minutes before the right of passage ceremony.  Prior to being awarded his new warrior's swords (pre-named Rakon and Artinies), Satool poured a powerful yet odorless poison over the blades. The plan was that during the ceremonial right of passage, when Prince Arux was to land a cut with one of his swords to his father, the poison would kill his father in mere seconds.  In Bedafustian society, it was considered the greatest sin and violation of planetary law to kill one's own father, and worse yet, do it in front of any form of assembly. Once Satool soaked the sword blades in the odorless poison, the plan was set in motion; all that was left was the right of passage ceremony to occur to cement their plans.

After receiving his new swords in a glamorous process, Prince Arux went to the arena to perform his right of passage ceremony with his father the king.  They had a somber moment before the combat started and with aplomb and smiles, the two engaged in combat.  Uniquely enough, the king got in the first cut to a roar of surprise and laughter from the assembled crowd, however, both combatants simply smiled and went on with their ritualistic combat moves.  Finally Prince Arux got his two hits in; one to the king's arm and the other to his leg.  As the crowd cheered and roared, the king soon began to falter on the arena floor and fell over, dead.  The crowd gasped in disbelief. Prince Arux ran to his father's side coaxing him not to play such a dangerous prank, but within minutes, medics arrived and confirmed the king's death.

The arena's crowd went silent...but only for less than a minute.

Amidst the crowd, Satool, the First Warrior's son, began screaming that Prince Arux had killed his father and should be arrested on the spot.  With that, over a dozen guards came out onto the arena floor and pulled a weeping Prince Arux from his father's body. Prince Arux erupted, fighting the guards, slicing one in the arm, causing the guard to die moments later as well. The arena went into a panic, with people scrambling to leave the stadium, while other warriors in the stands took their swords and weapons out, jumped onto the arena floor and aided the guards in subduing Prince Arux.  Eventually, Prince Arux was knocked unconscious and taken to a prison cell.  The call went forth for justice over the king's death.  By morning, Satool was named as the next king and was crowned by noon.  The next day, "King Satool" declared an 'alliance' with the Soltan Star Empire. As such (directly thanks to Faranuez), the new king would shutdown the planet's defensive satellites and weaponry so as to 'properly' welcome their new Soltan allies to Bedafustia.  All of this occurred without issue. The Soltans enacted and played the part as allies...while keeping over 250,000 Soltan troops in each major city and having over 50 Soltan Star Command starships in orbit above them.

Over the next few days, the investigators 'deduced' (i.e., provided falsified evidence after being bought off by Faranuez) that Prince Arux' has purposefully poisoned his blades to kill his father and rule under regicide. These same investigators also 'deduced' that Prince Arux has been plotting to sell Bedafustian nobles and commoners he didn't like to slavers and instead create his own oligarchic inner circle to rule by, making up laws and rules without the aid of the elders...and anyone else. This of course was all made up by Faranuez as part of his 'masterful' plot to seize power and rule from the shadows. This led to the investigators 'evidence' being construed as truth, and thus, by the high court of Bedafustia (with Soltan 'diplomats' on hand to watch and monitor the whole show), Prince Arux was charged with regal murder, parental murder, parental murder before an assembly, dishonorable dueling and generating planetary discord.

The sentence for Prince Arux was death.

Several of Prince Arux' friends couldn't believe he was capable of any of the charges and being the good friends they were, did their own investigation into the matter.  Luckily for them, they found unseen (or unaccessed) security footage of Satool poisoning Prince Arux' blades.  When Prince Arux friends went to the (same bought-off) investigators to show them their proof, Prince Arux' friends were immediately charged by the 'investigators' for collaborating with Prince Arux in his crimes. Prince Arux' friends engage in combat, killing two of the investigators and four warriors in the process and were chased out of the city. A massive manhunt went into effect to find and kill the 'collaborators'. Prince Arux friends quickly realized that Prince Arux wasn't only innocent, but that something bigger was happening; the Soltans being there as sudden 'allies' put a chill down Arux' friends' spines once they realized the massive subterfuge occuring. Since there was obviously no way anyone would listen or help then, they instead decided to go and save the prince.

That night, Prince Arux' friends broke into the prison and freed Prince Arux. Giving Prince Arux back his (now unpoisoned) blades, Rakon and Aritinies, Arux' friends attempted to secret Prince Arux out of the city only to be seen at the last minute.  In a running battle, Prince Arux and his friends fought their way to the spaceport where several shuttles were ready for launch to the Bedafustian moons for standard transporttation.  One of Prince Arux' friends was a pilot, and with the group's help, they were all able to sneak onboard a shuttle and launch themselves into space, initially, unwittingly.  Once in space, though, Prince Arux saw the worst possible thing they'd even expected to see - the 150 ship Soltan battle fleet coming out of warp right behind the already orbiting 50 Soltan starships. He saw with his own eyes the Soltan starships obliterate the unpowered orbital satellite planetary defenses as well as launch missiles to rain nuclear devastation to all of the major defensive and military locations on Bedafustia. He quickly realized the Soltans weren't there to be 'allies' (not that he thought they ever were); but instead had instigated a ruse to replace the planet's king, create discord, lull Bedafustia into lowering their defenses for the Soltans and then secretly invading. He was about to watch his entire world be taken over by those he'd been trained to kill since day one...and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

Eventually, the shuttle was fired upon by the orbiting Soltan starships. As Prince Arux' shuttle pilot friend maneuvered again and again to prevent the shuttle from being destroyed, Prince Arux saw thousands upon thousands of Soltan troop transports exiting the invading starships and travelling down unto the planet's surface.


With no operational planetary defense systems operational and no one prepared for an attack, Prince Arux knew that Bedafustia was doomed.


Prince Arux knew Bedafustia's chances with practically nil against the Soltans even if the Bedafustians WERE prepared; in the planet's unprepared state, he assessed the plant would most likely lose 40 to 50% of it people and lose to the Soltans in less than two weeks.


Regardless, being a warrior, Prince Arux ordered his shuttle friend friend to attempt to dock into one of the larger starships so that he might be able to get aboard the ship and fight his way to the command center and at least try to save his people. Instead, the shuttle was hit several times by Soltan energy cannons, causing the shuttle to careen down onto the surface of their third moon, crashing instead on its barren surface.  Prince Arux and his friends survived the crash and donned spacesuits. They made their way to one of their moon nearest cities over 20 miles away, hoping to acquire a starship from there and once again take the fight to the Soltans.

By the time Prince Arux and his friends got to the outskirts of the moon city, they were surrounded by Soltan troops, tanks and star fighters. In a fight that any Bedafustian would call epic and/or legendary, Prince Arux and his friends fought the Soltans. In mere minutes, Prince Arux and his friends felled over 40 Soltan troops, three tanks and even two star fighters until finally Prince Arux' friends were cut down one by one and Prince Arux was captured in an energy net.  Prince Arux was dragged back to the now Soltan-occupied moon city, transferred to a Soltan shuttle and flown to the Soltan dreadnaught flagship. There, it was decided to keep Prince Arux alive simply at the pleasure of the fleet commander's whim; after all, the fleet commander was the one who worked the evil deed with Faranuez in the first place, and then reneged on the entire deal.

Bedafustia, in less than two weeks, was officially taken over by the Soltan Star Empire with over 42% of the Bedafustian populace killed during the invasion.


The Bedafustian survivors were forced to be slaves, mining minerals, food and resources for the Soltans for their next conquest.  All the while Prince Arux was left imprisoned aboard the Soltan flagship, unaware on his planet's plight. To torture Prince Arux, he placed both of Prince Arux' swords outside of his prison cell directly across from his cell window, allowing Prince Arux to see his weapons, just out of reach...forever.

Months later, the flagship in which Prince Arux was imprisoned was forced to respond to an Omega priority call to support the Soltan Invasion fleet that was faring poorly on another planet; a distance planet called "Earth".


In 2000 A.D., the Soltans invaded Earth and nearly subjugated it. Several months into the invasion, the Earth's military troops and super-powered heroes (and some villains) teamed up and figured out a way to start defeating the Soltans and drive them off Earth. In the final battles, the Soltan flagship that Prince Arux was imprisoned on warped into Earth's orbit and was immediately attacked and severely damaged, falling through Earth's atmosphere and crashing into the Sahara Desert.  There, amidst the smoking wreckage of the flagship, Prince Arux emerged from his prison cell, complete with his two blades, Rakon and Aritinies.

The surviving few Soltan troops at the crash site were slaughtered by Prince Arux and several other fellow prisoners escapting from the crashed Soltan flagship. The most powerful of the escaped prisoners was an expatriated Soltan general, Cor Turgo AKA Master Universe. In a short discussion, Master Universe explained what the Soltans had done to Bedafustia and that he himself has swore vengeance to destroy the current Soltan Star Empire. Prince Arux, emotional and angered, swore an oath to Master Universe that he'd pledge himself to Master Universe until his planet, Bedafustia, was freed of Soltan rule once and for all. A 'pledge' in Bedafustian society was considered a blood oath, and from that moment forth, Prince Arux was obligated to Master Universe, body and soul. Whether Master Universe was going to follow through, to this day, is still unknown.


Over the next few years on Earth, Master Universe, Prince Arux and their band of "Galactic Expatriates" have attempted to dominate the 'weakling' Terrans and eventually get off Earth and achieve their own 'destinies' amidst the stars. Prince Arux knows he is working with the scum of the galaxy, regardlessly, he continues to faithfully follow Master Universe's order, regardless of the repercussions.

Today, Prince Arux continues following through on his blood oath in following Master Universe (now called Galaxon) as a member of the Galactic Expatriates.   Although his soul in heavy over the atrocities he's committed on Earth, he still believes that it will all be eventually worth it when he arrives back at his home world of Bedafustia and tells them the truth, reclaim the throne and toss the yoke of Soltan oppression from his planet once and for all.




Power Origin: Natural

  • Bedafustian Physiology

    • Thick Skin

      • All Bedafustians have an inherently thick skin, providing feeble physical, temperate and energy protection, however,

      • has conditioned his skin further to have a typical form of the same protections.

    • Stamina and Strength

      • Bedafustian warriors have excellent strength and remarkable endurance.

      • Arux can hold his breath for over 8 minutes.

    • Leaping

      • On Earth's lower gravity, Arux can leap over 200 yards with ease.



  • Armor/Helmet

    • provides excellent physical, energy, magical, toxic and temperate protection

    • provides remarkable radiation protection.

  • Rakon and Artinies

    • Both weapons are made from an unknown metal mined from secret locations on Bedafustia that is considered unbreakable to all forms of energy, physical force or toxin, including magic.

    • both weapons can absorb energy at a typical rate for every six seconds.  Each sword can absorb incredible amounts of energy.  As a power stunt, Arux would slash the energized swords in the direction of his assailant, causing an energy wave to project from the swords outward in the direction of the sword swing, dispense the sword's contained energy out to a range of 40 yards.

    • Each sword's hilt can attach themselves to one another and create a double-ended sword.



  • Bedafustian History/Lore (Master)

  • Bedafustian Weapons/Weapons Manufacturing (Professional)

  • Bedafustian Monarchy/Rulership (Master)

  • Galactic History (Proficient)

  • Leadership (Professional)

  • Combat Training/Combat Instruction (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Edged Weapons fighting (Master)

  • Martial Arts: + Melee (Master)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Master)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Master)

  • Martial Arts: Hold/Escape (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Block (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: + Initiative (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: +Intuition/1 minute (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: +Endurance/1 minute focus (Professional)

  • Languages:

    • Bedafustian (Master)​

    • Soltan (Professional)

    • Over 20 other glaactic/planetary languages (Professional)

    • English (Proficient)

    • Chinese (Proficient)

    • German (Professional)

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