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Canis Sentrybot #0, Charles "Charlie" Dawson; PAVA




Don "Major Deej" Finger

16 Jul 2011


(Through Charlie Dawson)

  • Cheryl Dawson (wife)

  • Chase Dawson (son)

(Through CANIS Sentrybot #0)

  • Ita Morisoto (Creator, deceased)

  • Sekua Marisato (Creator's wife)

  • Charles Marisoto (Creator's son)

  • Miyushi Marisoto (Creator's daoughter)



Ita Morisoto was a genius engineer at the turn of the 21st century.  He'd helped create the BuilderBots that were used for rebuilding most of the world after the 2000 Soltan Invasion of Earth. His robotics and android genius also led to several massive breakthroughs in nanotechnology and artificial intelligence.  Sadly, one day in 2009, Ita Morisoto of Seattle, Washington, disappeared, never to be seen alive again.

What had happened was that Ita was abducted by the nefarious black-marketeer organization know as CANIS.  In lieu of their burgeoning profits from the theft and 'acquisition' of rate technology and equipment, they discovered that the security at their warehouses, ports and secret bases were highly undermanned and under-gunned with the large influx of superheroes springing up after the Soltan Invasion.  As such CANIS needed a new "Sentrybot" to protect their assets. The one they abducted to help make the CANIS Sentrybot: Ita Morisoto.

Ita was told that his family was murdered, cruelly, unless he designed and created a powerful new CANIS Sentrybot for them. Ita, knowing full well his family would be murdered by CANIS anyway, had maybe one chance to save them and maybe even make a new ally in his attempt to save his family.  Ita agreed to help CANIS, however, there was a vast amount of electronic files, server data and equipment he'd need to pull this off in a timely manner. One such file that was need was stored on a separate encrypted harddrive kept in a vault in his Seattle, Washington office; the hard drive was labeled "Dawson".

A band of CANIS thugs broke into Ita's lab and easily made off with the "Dawson" harddrive as well as several other key components needed to create the Sentrybot.

For the next couple weeks, Ita worked feverishly designing and building the new Sentrybot.  When it came time to couple the final item to the Sentrybot's brain network, Ita had all but to upload the "Dawson" file to the 'limited Artificial Intelligence' memory core. With a CANIS Omega trooper available to supervise and enact as security for this event, Ita loaded the Dawson files.

When complete, the Sentrybot jumped up and jostled around, seemingly confused and unaware of its surroundings.  Thanks to Ita, the Sentrybot calmed down and sat back down.  When the CANIS Omega demanded to know why it reacted that way, Ita said, "what do you expect it you were a policeman being brought back from the dead, only to find yourself surrounded by a troop of evil CANIS thugs and a loser of a CANIS Omega trooper like you?". Shocked, the CANIS Omega was just about to shoot Ita when the Sentrybot instead planted its elbow with amazing force into the CANIS Omega's armor, hurtling the CANIS Omega through three lab walls.  The Sentrybot then got up and commenced wiping the floor with the CANIS troops and any and all interal defenses in the facility.  The Sentrybot's "Dawson" file was obviously far more than was let on by Ita.

Back during the 2000 Soltan Invasion, the Soltans leveled Seattle, leaving barely 10 to 15% of the population alive.  One leader arose during that time that not only helped save countless lives during the several months of the invasion, but also fought the Soltans with a fury and willpower unlike anyone Ita Morisoto had ever seen.  After the invasion was over, the leader of the living soles of the Seattle survivors, Charles "Charlie" Dawson, dropped his weapons and went directing traffic as a traffic cop in downtown Seattle for all the hundreds of military and civilian vehicles that wer now heading home now that the invasion was done.


Dawson was a humble man, with great convictions and a true hero in every sense of the word.  Sadly, months later, after being hailed a national and world hero, Charlie Dawson was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer.  Ita, who owed his and his family's life to Dawson, swore he'd find a way to save him and bring him back to his family, just like Dawson did for ItaIta worked tirelessly day and night with doctors and engineers to figure out a way to help their national hero, but there was simply not enough time before Dawson was to succumb to his cancer.  Ita, in a last minute attempt, performed a radical engineering feat: copy Dawson's memories to a bank of computer servers and one day, transfer Dawson's memories back into that of a healthy body cloned from Dawson's DNA eighteen years later.


Without consent, Ita downloaded Dawson's brain to the bank of harddrives and servers.  When he was done, Dawson's wife, Cheryl, showed up at Ita's lab, begging him to simply let Dawson go, and to go no further with the cloning/memory transfer plan.  In a tearful moment, Ita agreed, stating he only wanted to help save the man who saved him and his family.  Days later, on Dawson's deathbed, Ita, when alone with Dawson, mournfully attempted to tell Dawson about the clone/memory transfer plan he wished he'd been able to do, but was stopped by Dawson's wife. Dawson said, 'if your family, or mine, should ever need saving again, you do what you know needs to be done. You have my permission'.


Minutes later Lieutenant Charlie Dawson died of cancer in bed at his home, surrounded by friends and family.


Years went by, technology got better, and Ita was able to compile Dawson's memories onto a single external harddrive; a harddrive he kept for that one day he'd hoped he'd be able to resurrect his hero with.


Now, shooting forward to where we left off in the CANIS lab, Ita had uploaded Dawson's memories into the CANIS Sentrybot, and now, Dawson was alive again, but not as expected; this time he was in an android body, not a cloned version of himself as expected.


Regardless, with both Ita and Dawson both knowing sign-language (which they used for stealthy operations during the Soltan Invasion), Ita 'signed' to Dawson the situation they were in once Ita had activated the Sentrybot. Dawson's memory program, now in charge of the Sentrybot, immediately performed that previously mentioned elbow ram to the CANIS Omega and the takedown of the engaging CANIS troopers.


From there, the Dawson-controlled Sentrybot grabbed up Ita and flew up and out of the CANIS facility, obviously breaking a gas line during his departure, since the entire CANIS facility went up almost like an atom bomb.  Ita and Dawson-Sentrybot flew at max speed to Ita's family's house and engaged the CANIS troops just as the troopers were pulling into Morisoto's driveway. Before Dawson-Sentrybot was able to stop him, Ita jumped from the Sentrybot's back and attacked the troops heading to his family house's front door.

Ita was shot with an automatic rifle, killing him immediately with several rounds to the chest.

Dawson literally 'smashed' each CANIS trooper into a crimson stain, followed by incinerating the remaining CANIS troops with a built-in flamethrower.  Even though the CANIS troopers were all dead and Ita's family was safe, poor Ita was still dead.

In the aftermath, Dawson-Sentrybot was taken into custody and kept in solitary meta-human incarceration for weeks until the legal system was able to determine what had happened and what was to be done with Dawson-Sentrybot.

Finally, a man named Major Order arrived in Dawson-Sentrybot's cell.  The Major stated that 'Dawson' had done no wrong and no charges were to be made against him in regards to the deaths of the CANIS troopers, however, Dawson now being contained in a 'killing machine' was another matter entirely.  Major Order ensured Dawson that, as far as he was concerned, Charlie Dawson was official 'alive' again, however, the federal and state governments wouldn't allow Charlie to be alive again.  The only compromise that Major Order was able to rangle was that Charlie needed to become the man inside and behind the Sentrybot, which according to the federal government, wanted to rename as a "Police Bot".  Dawson-Sentrybot sat there for a long while before asking the status of his family.

The Major sighed and looked down at the floor stating his wife was in a relationship with a new man and that his son was now in college and had moved on, taking up Criminology as his major.  The Major stated the deal required Dawson to NOT inform them that he was alive, due, once again to legal, political and psychological reasoning.  Dawson-Sentrybot sat awhile longer and finally stated that he'd agree, but only if he went back to work as a cop and only if he was called a "Peacedroid" and not a "Police Bot".

Days later, the world was introduced to a new blue-and-gold colored "Policedroid" that was to now be assigned to the new Peacekeepers national police force.  Dawson agreed to not mention to anyone else that he was an ex-CANIS Sentrybot with Charlie Dawson's memories electronically encoded into the android's core processors.  As such, Dawson was able to continue a new life doing the one job he loved more than anything...but sadly, at the expense of interacting with any of his family or friends.

Today, Peacedroid continues his duties with the Peacekeepers. Several activist groups have clamored to 'remove' Peacedroid for fear of its 'unholy' mechanical being, as well as fears that it would someday, somehow 'turn' on its human masters. Dawson still laughs quietly in his memory circuits every time he hears this.



Power Origin: Technology (Android)

  • Armored Android Frame:

    • Lightweight carbon-woven composite armor over a strong Osmium Steel frame provides:

    • Amazing physical, energy, electrical, toxic, toxin and temperate protection

    • Unearthly radiation protection

    • Electro-hydraulic armatures, legs and torsional rotatory apexes provide:

      • Amazing strength

      • Fantastic Endurance

      • Remarkable accuracy

      • Typical fighting

      • good running speed (50 mph)

      • Excellent Leaping (250 foot leaps)

  • Power supply:

    • Can provide power to Policedroid for 10 years before a new power core is required

    • DANGER: If the unearthly shell around the power core is breached, it will inflict the equivalent of a tactical nuclear bomb's worth of damage

  • Rocket Pack/Boot Jets:

    • Provides flight (via back and boot systems) up to 30,000 feet for 1 hour of sustained flight at over 400 mph.


  • Memory Processing:

    • Allows for remarkable knowledge-based reason, coupled with all facets and memories of the memory host, Charlie Dawson

    • Provides unearthly protection versus psionic attacks

    • LIMITATION: susceptible to any Electro-Magnetic Pulse of incredible strength or greater

  • Guantlets:

    • Left gauntlet houses twin 50 caliber machine guns, using a 1000 round ammo drum.

    • Right gauntlet houses flamethrower of excellent intensity, range 100 yards; fuel for 20 bursts.

  • Shoulder Stations:

    • Contains dozens of canisters/packs to include smoke, tear gas, flash-bangs and caltrops, which can be launched from the shoulder stations.

  • Sensor/Comms Suite:

    • Peacedroid has every form on incredible sensor system for audio, visual, sonic and terrain/surface mapping.

    • Radio encrypted transceiver for up to 150 frequencies including police band, satellite comms, and or emergency broadcast channels.

    • Contains night-vision, infrared, ultraviolet,normal and x-ray vision


  • Unlimited knowledge-based academia (anything that can be found or researched on a computer/internet) (Master)

  • Marksmanship (Professional)

  • Leadership (Professional)

  • Tactical Combat Techniques (Professional)

  • Kit-Bashing/Crafting (Professional)

  • Tactical Driving - car (Professional)

  • Social/People Skills (Professional)

  • Law Enforcement (Professional)

  • Criminology (Proficient)

  • Weapons specialist (Professional)

  • Munitions (Professional)

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