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Known, but not believed

Polynesian Pantheon of Gods/Villain


>400 years










Pele (mother)

Milu (distant great cousin)


Kaha Koa



Don "Major Deej" Finger

16 May 2018

Kaha Koa fires.jpg



Hi'iaka is the purported daughter of the Polynesian Fire Goddess, Pele.

Pele was a very controlling and demanding mother, keeping Hi'iaka in the western Pacific isle chain, far away from modern civilization and even taking centuries to even hatch Hi'iaka since she didn't want to deal with a child of 'equal temperament'.  There, Hi'iaka was to 'watch' the humans and learn from them (much like setting a child in front of the TV to keep them occupied).  Sadly, over the centuries, all Hi'iaka learned was war, killing, treachery and cruelty. After learning how to be an upstart and 'act up to get attention', Hi'iaka  decided to make the Hawaiian Volcano Mauna Loa erupt; a volcano that was Pele's volcano to control; not Hi'iaka.  When Pele asked Hi'iaka to stop, Hi'iaka demanded Pele to pay attention to her instead of always about everything else. Pele instead stripped Hi'iaka of her powers and placed her deep into the core of Mauna Loa on a godly 'time out', where Hi'iaka was left for centuries. It's said each time Mauna Loa erupted, it was Hi'iaka having another fit against her mother.

Recently Pele died, releasing Hi'iaka (and quite a few other 'imprisoned' gods and demi-gods in and about the Pacific Region) from Moana Loa. Hi'iaka was furious over her centuries of imprisonment and was glad her mother was dead.  She wanted to attack the humans and burn them like ants...except for one thing; she was severely depowered. In order to repower, she had to go back to the 'godly plane' that her mother once (and her at one time) inhabited...only to find that way closed and locked to her (it was closed permanently upon Pele's death, by Pele herself, to prevent another god, Milu, from doing the same thing, however, Hi'iaka was affected just as equally).


Hi'iaka raged for years thereafter and continues to remain angry at her dead mother Pele, wanting nothing more than to burn everything to 'make her feel better'.  With her diminished powers, however, she quickly realized, after combatting Earth's super-powered heroes, that fulfilling her desire wouldn't be as easy as she thought after being defeated time and again...and sometimes by her mother's empowered heroic human champions, the Pacific League, whom Hi'iaka hates most of all.


Today, Hi'iaka has since made herself a regional warlord in the Pacific Ocean region and (loosely) joined her distant great cousin, the Hawaiian god of the underworld, Milu, and his band of warlords, calling themselves 'Kaha Koa', in fighting against humanity.

Hi'iaka is an emotional, angry young demi-god. Her hatred of her mother in quite fierce. She can be a team player in Kaha Koa, so long as she is treated with respect and reverence, otherwise she'll just burn you...either to death or just enough to suffer for quite awhile if she chooses to.

Kaha Koa fires.jpg



Power Origin: Magic

NOTE: Before describing and listing her powers, Hi'iaka is currently locked out from entering her godly plane where her powers at far more powerful. While she is on Earth and not empowered through access to her godly plane, her powers are diminished by at least 4 levels, leaving her unhappily depowered by comparison. To that degree, for this entry we will list the baseline max power in parenthesis "( )" and her current max powers on Earth in bold text. 

Fire Generation/Control

Can create and control fire at an incredible (unearthly) capability

Range of control is 400 yards (1000 yards)

Can control temperatures greater than 0 degrees F up to a remarkable (fantastic) level

Can create up to 4 fire 'imps' every several seconds to a max of 40 fire imps, all that do her bidding

Fire Imps:

Stats are all good (incredible) levels

Shoot/melee good (incredible) fire (energy, heat) attacks

Imps have feeble (typical) reasoning and are all under her control (psyches=amazing (on either plane))

Nature Control

She has NO (remarkable) nature control powers.

She CANNOT (can) control up to 300 square feet at a time of relatively fertile land to rapidly grow, shape or control plants, trees and organic growth.


Has a good (amazing) self-healing capability allowing up to 10% (50%) of personal health healing per minute's time


She CANNOT (can) bring a living being back to life with her resurrection powers.

Near Immortal Demi-God

Can live for tens of thousands of years

Upon reaching a complete loss of health, her body will remain in a fiery, cocooned fetal-positioned stasis wherein she will heal, regrow any lost limbs and recuperate her powers. In this stasis, even in her current depowered state, she is considered to have unearthly protection.

At the end of her lifespan, rather than go into stasis, she can impart her vast powers to others, the land, the planet or simply allow it to 'vent into space', at the rate of 1000 (1 million) energy units.

Fiery Sheath/Aura

Forms a protective aura around herself providing remarkable (fantastic) energy, toxic/toxin, physical, magical and mental/psionic protection

Forms a protective aura around herself providing amazing (unearthly) temperate protection


Fire Blast/Bursts

Can shoot remarkable fire blasts up to 300 yards away every several seconds

Can shoot a burst of incredible fire energy up to250 yards away every 30+ seconds if allowed to focus


Fiery Winged Flight

When she flies, fiery tendrils come out of her back like wings, aiding her in flight

She can fly up to good, 150-200 mph (incredible, Mach 1+) airspeeds.

Altitude max is 60,000 feet wherein her powers, tied to fire and the Earth, begin to wane and weaken

Weakens by a factor of 2 for each additional 5,000 feet above 60,000 feet she goes


Godly Plane Access

Normally, Hi'iaka was able to traverse the earthly plane and her mother, Pele's, godly plane. This was usually done by touching a living Koa Tree (a dead Koa tree gave her access to her great uncle's Loa-O-Milu (Hawaiian underworld), but she only went there once and quickly left).

She is currently unable to access the godly plane due to her mother, Pele, closing it off to all remaining (existing) Polynesian Pantheon gods (this also, and especially, includes Loa-O-Milu).

The access cannot be obtained unless someone with dimensions travel capabilities of unearthly levels provides a POSSIBLE means of access.

Kaha Koa fires.jpg




Kaha Koa fires.jpg


  • Polynesian Lore & History (Professional)

  • Fire & Thermal dynamics/physics (Professional)

  • Human Studies (Proficient)

  • Asian Wars & Conflicts (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • All languages around the Pacific Region (Professional)

    • French (Proficient)

    • German (Proficient)

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