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Master Zhang

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Weilong Zhang














Shiazo Zhang (father)

Miasi Zhang (mother)

Wife (Name unknown)

General Zhang

Champions of China

Allied Fighters Issue 3

May 2022

Don "Major Deej" Finger

6 Jan 2007





Weilong Zhang AKA Master Zhang is a highly decorated Chinese Army General of 20 years of dedicated, exemplary service, a war hero of the Soltan Invasion of 2000, the leader of the vaunted Champions of China and a legendary protector of the People's Republic of China.

The son of Chinese General Shiazo Zhang and his wife, Miasa, Weilong Zhang grew up at military posts throughout China, eventually settling with his family in Beijing, where his father worked for the government administrative agencies and his mother worked as a health care worker in one of many of China's hospitals. Weilong, raised by the governs of a positive Chinese education and dedicated community, grew up to become an active, well-educated teenager when his new mutant powers first emerged. Through Weilong's desires and his family's full backing, Weilong admitted himself to be tested to discover the extent of his fire-based powers and to learn how best to use his powers in the defense of China. By age 17, Weilong was indoctrinated into the Republic of China Armed Forces as a 2nd Lieutenant. By the year 1999, he'd deservedly received the earned rank of Major. The next year, the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth.

Major Weilong, leading hundreds of Chinese troops, successfully fought the Soltan invaders in China, becoming a legendary protector and hero of the Chinese people. He was promoted to the rank of Colonel as a result of his exemplary combat experience and in 2010, was promoted to the rank of General.  In 2014, General Zhang retired from active military service, but remained in the Army Reserves as he began to head-up the new "Champions of China" superhero initiative program.

In 2015, under his new appointed heroic codename title of Master Zhang, he became the leader of the China's first and new highly trained superhero team named after the program as the Champions of China.  Within days of their worldwide introduction, the murderous undersea warlords of the Kaha Koa invaded Hong Kong. The Champions of China, under the leadership of Master Zhang not only saved thousands of innocent lives but also drove back the invaders back into the sea, resulting in a glorious victory for China's first superhero team.

Today, Master Zhang continues to lead the Champions of China. He is married, but for the protection of his family, he has asked for secrecy about his wife's identity and/or if they have children or not (which as of this writing, he has said he has no children). He is still a dedicated leaders and a heroic example to the people of China and the world. His disciplined demeanor, tactically skillful planning and his amazing leadership skills are worthy to be noted even by the leaders within the United Nations and even the international peacekeeping agency known as G.U.A.R.D.  He is a genuine example to the world as a true hero to the people.


Born in 1970, Weilong Zhang was born as the son of Chinese General Shiazo Zhang and a Manchurian woman, Miasa, later discovered to be a mutant with fire powers. Miasa's powers were observed for the first time when Weilong was 8 years old when she used her powers to stop a car that was about to run over her son, melting the car into the pavement, sadly, killing the drunk Chinese driver in the vehicle. Weilong and his mother was taken away to a secret lab where they were both probed and prodded relentlessly. Eventually, Weilong was returned to his father, Shiazo, however, Weilong was classifed as 'state property' and allowed the father to supervise his son or 'disappeared' from existence by the Chinese government. Weilong's mother was never seen again. Weiolong and his father, however, were reassigned to a clandestine unit simply called "Unit 20" that was a secret metahuman proving and development center. There, both Weilong and his father stayed.


In 1988 was inducted into the Republic of China Armed Forces at a 2nd Lieutenant. Weilong's father taught his son how to be the best military solider and officer he could with Weilong enjoying the opportunity to be trained by his own father whom he admired. From 1988 to 1999, Weilong rose through military ranks while also learning to use his mutant flame-based powers in combat. On several clandestine missions and security operations, he was allowed to use his powers to stop spies trying to infiltrate Unit 20 as well as several other low-level super-powered interactions (mostly extra-national intelligence teams and/or GUARD personnel trying to learn more about China's super, magical and metahuman population). Weilong, by 1999, was leading a troop of over 120 secretive specially-trained soldiers and metahumans, keeping themselves as a secret weapon that no other nation knew about but China's key government personnel. Several escape attempts occurred from Unit 20, but Major Weilong and/or his troops killed them before they got too far. By 1999, Major Weilong has over 46 confirmed kills to his name. That's when the Soltan Star Empire decided to invade Earth in January 2000.

As an interjectory note, prior to 2000, Weilong had also worked with the legendary Manchurian Murata, a Chinese hero that had been secretly kept hidden from only but a few dozen personnel while he was tortured, experimented on and forced to pro-create hundreds of children all to aid in populating China's army of metahumans, most of which were under Major Weilong's command by the start of 2000.

When the Soltans invaded Earth in 2000, Unit 20 was the epicenter of the greatest focus of the attack on China.  More than 90% of all of Unit 20's personnel, including Major Zhang's metahuman troops, died in the initial attack, with many others either killed in the ensuring attacks to 'recaptured' by Chinese officials and 'disappeared' after fleeing during the invasion. Master Zhang and a handful of other Chinese metahumans, magical users and highly skilled combatants survived and formed a small team that eventually recruited hundreds of new citizen-soldiers to fight and kill the invading Soltans. As such, Major Zhang's Company of Anti-Soltan soldiers took out thousands of Soltans all by themselves, at one point liberating Beijing days before the Soltans retreated from Earth several months after the start of the invasion.

After the invasion, Weilong was promoted to the rank of Colonel and was tasked with rebuilding what was once Unit 20, however, the Chinese government was furious about the lack of Unit 20's ability to have stopped the Soltans in the initial attacks (which no human forces on Earth was able to perform, except for the secretive magical society known as the Conglomerate). As such, the re-creation of Unit 20 was tied up in political debate and rhetoric for years.  Eventually, an initiative called the 'Champions' program was authorized, allowing Colonel Zhang to once again find and train the newest line of Chinese magically-empowered, highly-skilled, mutant and/or scientifically-created superhuman/metahuman beings.  In 2010, he was promoted to General and began leading his secretive sect of heroes on clandestine Chinese government-fed missions, all the while keeping secrecy of their actions. Eventually, in 2014, a 'Champions' program scientist went missing and wasn't found, potentially exposing the Champions project's secrets.  As such General Zhang initiated their 'exposure' protocols and thus General Zhang became the Chinese superhero "Master Zhang" and his militant trained band of super/metahumans were now reimaged as China's first and new superhero group, the "Champions of China".

Master Zhang led the well planned public relations campaign that had been created years before when his program was to have to go public. The stories and biographies of his team members read like epic Chinese hero stories, making them out to be selfless quintessential heroes of the people. As part of the plan, things were set in motion to enrage a few of the Pacific Ocean's undersea warlords of the evil Kaha Koa sect, forcing the warlords to want to attack China, specifically Hong Kong. With his 'Champions' already well trained in how to fight Kaha Koa and its forces, when Kaha Koa finally invaded Hong Kong, the Champions of China easily defeated Kaha Koa, all while televised showing the team's amazing skills, teamwork and devotion to saving innocent lives.  Master Zhang pulled off his 'master plan' resulting in the world loving the Champions of China, calling them 'true heroes of the world'.


Over the next few years, Master Zhang led the Champions of China in battle in several dozen operations and conflicts, always highlighting the exceptional teamwork, coordination and heroic attributes of him and his team, while at the same time, denigrating the rest of the world's superhero groups and agencies, calling them 'untrained and dangerous'.  Eventually, thanks to his leadership and plotting (and getting the Chinese government to use of billions of dollars in bribery), Master Zhang was able to 'influence' United Nations ambassadors and Security Council leaders and personnel to align the Champions of China with international peacekeeping access to all nations. Several nations, including the United States, disallowed this, whereas the United Nations voted and allowed the Champions of China unfettered access to all nations except those that had petitioned against them.

Today, Master Zhang, married and with three children (all considered 'government property' since they too have powers), continues to lead the Champions of China and  hundreds of his organization's support personnel and troops.  He is a righteous man and a die-hard Chinese communist with aspirations to see China rise up to become the only remaining super-power nation in the world.  He is bull-headed, yet tactically flexible and intellectually smart but unable to perform non-military critical thinking. He is a master in combat operations and superhero teamwork and to this day is considered as a epitomized example of what a true Chinese hero is supposed to emulate.




Power Origin: Mutant

  • Fire Generation

    • Amazing ability to consciously create and generate the fire, oxygen and heat from his own body​

    • Can generate/create fire up to 50 feet from his own body's location

    • Anything that is/was set afire within Master Zhang's range, once Master Zhang is out of range, are subject to the independent rules of a fire triangle (i.e., its own heat, fuel and oxygen) to remain burning

  • Protective Resistances​

    • Fantastic protection against all forms of fire, heat and/or thermal attacks​

    • Spectacular radiation protection

    • Incredible energy protection

    • Good physical protection (relates to oxygenated healing)

  • Close-In Fire Manipulation

    • Can manipulate his fire generation powers to also manipulate, move and even form fiery shapes​

    • Can change level/intensity of fire he manipulates up to an amazing level

    • Fire Sword

      • Can create an amazing level four-to-six foot long fiery sword

      • Can also create two swords, one for each hand, but each at a reduced incredible level

      • Can melt metals up to excellent levels in a single stroke, but anything remarkable or stronger requires additional time/exposure for the sword's heat to equate damage up to an amazing level

    • Fire Patches

      • Can create an unmanaged (doesn't have to concentrate on it once created) patch of fire within a 10-foot radius around​ himself on the ground

      • Patch will burn itself out after one minute's time

      • Patch will burn (and burn out after its total one-minute burn time) even if Master Zhang is unconscious or no longer in control of his own mental faculties

    • Fire Control​

      • Can control and manipulate fire, flames to create images, shapes and funnel/move fire from place-to-place, object-to-object within a 50-foot range​

  • Fire Blasts

    • Can emit focused blasts of fire up to remarkable heat/thermal levels​

    • Range-30 yards

    • Can only fire off once every 12-15 seconds at a time

  • Fiery Aura/Protective Field

    • Can create an fiery aura around himself to provide an additional layered protective field that provides up to the following:​

      • Remarkable heat/thermal, ​energy and physical protection

      • Incredible radiation protection

  • Temperature Control

    • Has amazing ability to control temperatures to both extremes using latent thermal energy (usually measured in BTUs)​

    • Area Temperate Control

      • Can increase or decease an object/area temperature to include:

        • Objects or ground/water/air in the immediate area up to a 40-foot radius from his body can:

          • Thermally be increased in temperature up to remarkable levels

          • Thermally be deceased in temperature down to excellent levels​

      • Microenvironment Creation

        • Atmospheric effects created as a result of a power-based change in temperature within his range can potentially create new microenvironments depending on a variety of factors mostly related to oxygenation and moisture in the air, affecting the area within (up to) a 40-foot radius or less (and with reduced effects in adjacent areas outside of the affected radius unless the microenvironment creation effect is a focused effort)​

          • Can create a remarkably thick fog​

          • Can create an excellent torrent of rain

          • Can freeze water/moisture in the air up to a good level

          • Can create a humid (sauna-like) tropical effect

          • Can nurture and regulate heating for hatching, seeding or growth, but not provide nutrients or germination (think heat lamp or an incubator) (germination requires other environmental/added conditions)

      • Thermal Masking

        • Can effect the temperature indications of anything within the range of his powers if focused upon​

        • Example: Can make a person's body temperature (within range) appear to sensors as 'ambient'/atmospheric temperature, thus masking a person's presence against thermal sensors) 

      • Thermal Barriers/Mirage​

        • Can create a wall of heat that can act as a heat-based barrier up to good levels (equivalent damage if passed through)

        • Barrier Range - max: 10 feet from Master Zhang's position

        • Barrier can also be used to distort sound and sight (think of a desert mirage) that denigrates sound quality and can augment, mask or distort a person's/object's image by as much as a 10-foot distant from the perspective of the viewer outside the thermal barrier

        • From a greater distance (up to 1 mile), the thermal distortion can also be seen, but details would only be noticeable when within the person/being viewing the distortion (mirage) is within the power's/thermal barrier's range

  • Oxygenated Healing

    • Automatically always has a good self-healing capability as a result of using his power for oxygenation, clotting and fighting infections​

    • Cannot mend broken bones (still have to be set or will heal badly)

    • Can extend oxygenated healing to others at a typical level with direct contact or poor healing to a being within a 4-foot range

    • Can only extend oxygenated healing to one person at a time

  • Thermal-Generated Hovering/Flight

    • Can use thermal heat generating/control air currents and thermal swells with his powers at a good level to lift himself and/or others within a 10 foot radius (at a diminished level of flight)​

    • Can lift a total of an additional 300 lbs of mass (again, at a reduced flight/height rate)

    • Can hover/fly up to 30mph solo, reduced by 10mph for each additional 100 lbs of weight to lift/carry



  • Helmet of Qui-Youn

    • Ancient magical helmet that provides the following protections:

    • Remarkable physical, toxic/toxin, magical, psionic and mental protection

    • Incredible thermal/heat, energy and temperate protection

    • Amazing radiation protection

  • Champions of China Body Armor

    • Provides the following protections:

      • Cape:

        • Poor physical, toxic/toxin protection

        • typical energy, radiation protection

        • Amazing thermal protection

      • Robe, pants:

        • Typical physical, toxic/toxin protection

        • Good energy protection

        • Amazing thermal protection

      • Boots, Gauntlets, Shoulder Guards, Belt, Outer Leg Guards:

        • Good physical, toxic/toxin protection

        • Excellent energy/magical protection

        • Amazing thermal protection

        • Belt

          • Houses 150 yards of excellent strength wire and grapple hook

  • Visor & Electronic Suite

    • Provides same protection as boots, gantlets, shoulder guards, belt and Outer Leg Guards (listed above)

    • Provides excellent flash protection

    • Provides Heads-Up Display (HUD) for data, video and network feeds from Chinese government, military and team's incredibly encrypted transceiver using networked Wi-Fi, satellite, microwave and local cellular/tower configurations, providing unlimited access and range at a rate of 100Gb/several seconds of data.

    • Provides thermal, night, infra red and ultra violet imagery at a good level

    • Provides electrical/power trace imagery through poor typical material up to 6 feet away at typical levels for electrical current/power tracing

    • Provides 360-degree sensor and environmental warnings and tactical status at excellent levels up to 200 yards away, preventing others from (quote) 'sneaking up behind him while Master Zhang wears that stupid antique limited-vision-making bulbous helmet'

    • Audible encrypted communications available including excellent translation device for all known languages (think 'Google Translate', but for audio and/or screen-generated word translations); can also provide pre-determined translation responses that can either be digitally transmitted (via speakers to others nearby, not just Master Zhang's audio headphones) or repeated digitally slowly for Master Zhang to replicate with his normal speech

  • Subdermal Tracker Implant

    • When within range of a tracking device set for the implant's specific frequency, he can be tracked to within 100 yards from satellite of cellular triangulation

  • Micro-Explosive

    • surgically implanted into spine at base of skull; can do unearthly damage to body and area he is in with typical explosive damage to all in adjacent areas

    • Can be activated by anyone with the proper trigger device within a 100-yard range

  • Cyanide Tooth

    • Unearthly poison if implanted tooth broken



  • Marksman (with powers) (Master)

  • Marksman (handguns/rifles) (professional)

  • Military (Master)

  • Politics (Professional)

  • Persuasion/Intimidation/Taunting (Professional)

  • Military Tactics/Strategy (Master)

  • Leadership (Master)

  • Military Weapons & Equipment (Professional)

  • Triage/Field Medicine (Proficient)

  • Stealth (Proficient)

  • Navigation (Professional)

  • Explosives/EOD (Proficient)

  • Spy techniques (Master)

  • Communism (Master)

  • China Lore, History & Military History (Professional)

  • Psychology (Proficient)

  • World history (Proficient)

  • Interrogation/Torture techniques (Professional)

  • Mutation (Proficient)

  • Lock-picking (Proficient)

  • Driver (Proficient)

  • Single & Multi-Engine Piston and Jet Pilot License, Instrument & Passenger rated (Proficient)

  • Acrobatics (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: + Initiative (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Melee Fighting (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Holds/Escapes (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Dodging/Evading/Blocking (Proficient)

  • ​Martial Arts: Thrown Weapons (Professional)

  • Languages

    • English (Professional)

    • Manchurian (Master)

    • Cantonese (Master)

    • Mandarin Chinese (Master)

    • Japanese(Professional)

    • Korean (Proficient)

    • Russian (Proficient)

    • Spanish/Italian/Portuguese/Latin (Proficient)

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