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Master Darkstar

Purple Glow
Dark AgesTwo Steps from Hell
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Not readily known

Villain/Lasimironian (Expatriate)



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Lord Darkstar

Galactic Expatriates



Don "Major Deej" Finger

13 Sep 2009







From the Epsilon Sagittarii (Kaus Australis) binary star system in the Sagittarius Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy at 142 light years distance from Earth, the eighth planet in the system (we call Epsilon Sagittarii VIII), known in the planet's native language as Lasimiron, bore one of the greatest leaders...and demagogues...of their solar system; a man known only as "Master Darkstar".

Not much is known of Master Darkstar before he came to power. What is known is that he had the planet's best scientist work on ways to improve his physicality, allowing him a chance to lead a local continent's residents, only instead to be imbued with unearthly dark energy absorption and manipulation powers gained from a rogue black hole (called a "Darkstar" by Lasimironians) in a neighboring solar system. This new power allowed him to rise to power amidst a planet that wore their fears as easily as breathing the Nitrogen-rich air they thrived on.  To say the least, this 'Master Darkstar' immediately took power and in no time flat, led his people from early space travel to intergalactic war within a decade and an half...with his own people unwilling to stand up to him or counter him for fear of death or planetwide conflict.

With Lasimironian life spans extending to the equivocal of 250 Earth years, and with their civilization being over 200 million years old, the planet and its neighboring planets were considered one of the most highly advanced set of planets within 100 light years of itself. Most of the Lasimironian's history was considered peaceful, wrought with major advances in science, space exploration and benevolence. Over 100 years ago, however, the planet and its neighboring inhabited planets were militarily taken over by Master Darkstar and his science-augmented troops and forces. Unable (militarily or emotionally) to act against the military might of Master Darkstar and his unearthly powers over dark energy, their solar system fell to his demagogic rule.  As "master" over the masses, he forced millions of planetary inhabitants to build his war machine of hundreds of space ships and stellar destroyers in an attempt to take over neighboring solar systems and make them his own.

15 years ago, Master Darkstar started his attack against the Delta Sagittarii solar system that contained three inhabited, yet primitive planets.  On Delta Sagittarii V (also known as the planet Majestus), Master Darkstar met the powerful forces of the Soltan Star Empire for the first time. The Soltan fleet, troops and weapons were incredibly powerful against Master Darkstar's Lasimironian fleet, devastating nearly all of Master Darkstar's starship fleet. When all seemed lost for the Lasimironians, Master Darkstar used his dark energy powers defeating the Soltans all by himself. After nearly 40% of the Soltan fleet was destroyed by Master Darkstar himself, the Soltans called in for reinforcements, led by an up-and-coming empire leader named Cor Turgo AKA Master Universe AKA Galaxon.

Cor Turgo and his fleet engaged Master Darkstar. Initially, Master Darkstar was winning, however, Cor Turgo analyzed sensor reading on Master Darkstar, identifying that Master Darkstar's power came from a nearby 'black star' (black hole). With Cor Turgo enveloped Master Darkstar in a tractor beam and warped through space, alternating tractor beams as Master Darkstar damaged and destroyed each tractor beam emitter while at warp. As the distance increased from Master Darkstar's dark energy power source, Master Darkstar's powers decreased. Eventually, the Soltans warped a decent enough distance to diminish Master Darkstar's power enough to actually defeat Master Darkstar. Cor Turgo and his troops imprisoned Master Darkstar in a prison preventing him from accessing his power source, leaving Master Darkstar depowered. The only issue was that the prison was pulling 60% of his ship's engine power just to keep Master Darkstar depowered. After a solid plan was devised, Master Darkstar and his prison were strategically transferred to one of the most powerful Solta starships, the Soltan Star Empire's flagship. There, Master Darkstar was tortured and beaten for information for years, as well as experimented on to find out how he was able to tap the power of a 'black star'(black hole). Much to the Soltans' chagrin, they never learned Master Darkstar's secret on how he was able to tap into that power. Instead, Master Darkstar would spend the rest of his days imprisoned on the Soltan star fleet's powerful flagship...that is, until the day it was called to answer an Omega priority call from a planet the Soltans had recently invaded; a planet called 'Earth'.

On a side note, Cor Turgo, not long after this was taken down by the Soltan Empire's Grandmaster leader. Cor Turgo himself was a very powerful Soltan mutant, capable of surviving nuclear weapons used against him. As such Cor Turgo, at that time going by the title "Master Universe" was also imprisoned aboard the Soltan star fleet's flagship, however, no one knew that.

In 2000, Earth was attacked and invaded by the Soltans. Several months later, the military forces and super-powered heroes of Earth rallied to take the fight to the Soltans and pushed the Soltans off Earth for good.  When the Soltan flagship arrived in orbit around Earth, it was immediately damaged by Earth's heroic forces, causing the flagship to crash into Earth's Sahara Desert. Master Darkstar, several other imprisoned aliens, and a few hundred Soltans survived the crash. When Master Darkstar was ordered to stand down by a Soltan military trooper, Master Darkstar killed him using his dark energy powers, which were greatly weakened by his distance from the source of his powers.  Another prisoner, Cor Turgo AKA Master Universe, encountered Master Darkstar and told Master Darkstar that he too was a 'galactic expatriate' who now hated the Soltans as much as he (Master Darkstar) did. With few choices, Master Darkstar agreed to a tentative alliance until he was able to depart 'Earth' and get his way back to his people. In the end, every Soltan crash survivor was killed except for a handful of freed prisoners that were quickly formed by "Master Universe", including Master Darkstar, into a team of "Galactic Expatriates". Although most in this hastily made team despised or hated each other, they all knew they had to rely on each other to get where they needed to go, Master Darkstar not withstanding; he needed to get back to his world and take control of it once and for all...once again.

Today, Master Darkstar, still under-powered due to the vast distance from his dark energy power source in his home solar system, continues to work with Master Universe, now known as "Galaxon" and the Galactic Expatriates in their bid to take over Earth, find a way to get back to space and make their way home. As such, Master Darkstar considers the people of Earth to be similar to those on Majestus, and hates Earth even more, being reminded daily of his defeat at the hands of what he deems "savages".  He has maliciously killed hundreds of people on Earth and could be merciful or merciless, depending on his mood that day.  He plans to one day get home...even if he has to destroy Earth or kill every one of his fellow Galactic Expatriates to do so.


The Darkstar's power calls to him...and he wants it more than ever now.




Power Origin: Science

NOTE: See Weakness below. Increased range from the source of the dark energy (the Darkstar) decreases the effect and rank of his powers.

  • Dark Energy Absorption (from singular Darkstar source)

    • Can absorb and store up to a maximum of unearthly levels of dark energy over time, capable of storing up to 10, 000 units of dark energy in his body when close (within 5 Solar Systems) to the Darkstar itself; absorption, power levels and storage capacity lessens with distance.
      • In his quadrant of the Galaxy with the Darkstar​
        • Unearthly (10,000 units/day) to Amazing levels (5,000 units)​
      • On Earth​
        • Excellent levels (2,000 units/day)​
  • ​Dark Energy Blasts, Bursts and Explosions
    • Can produce dark energy blasts from his hands, bursts along his arms or legs and explosions outward from his own body up to unearthly levels

    • Intensity is dependent upon range for Darkstar dark energy source

      • In his quadrant of the Galaxy with the Darkstar​

        • up to Unearthly dark energy damage

      • On Earth​

        • Up to Excellent dark energy damage

        • SPECIAL POWER STUNT ON EARTH: Can up his damage to triple (remarkable) levels

          • Takes between 12-15 seconds to generate this power stunt (blast, burst or explosion)

          • Must check against his endurance each time he performs this stunt

            • If he fails being able to endure the power stunt's action, he will become physically and endurably weaker by an entire level each time he fails this

            • upon reaching typical levels of endurance, he will pass out from lack of stamina, completely exhausted for up to 100 minutes​

  • Dark Matter Manipulation

    • Has the unearthly capability to create and manipulate dark matter energy to form shapes, constructs and simply forms such as shields, stairs, battering ram columns, or walkways across crevasses, canyons or voids.

    • The intensity and material strength of the dark energy being created and manipulated this way depends on his distance from the Darkstar dark energy source

      • In his quadrant of the Galaxy with the Darkstar​

        • Unearthly to amazing strength of constructs

        • Can be used to generate unearthly to amazing energy or physical damage

        • Can hold 100 to 50 tons of weight at a time

        • can be generated and manipulated from 1000 to 500 feet distance

      • On Earth​

        • Up to Excellent strength of constructs

        • Can be used to generate up to excellent energy or physical damage

        • Can hold up to 2 tons of weight at a time

        • Can be generated and manipulated up to 200 foot distance

  • Teleportation

    • Can use dark energy to teleport being and objects, depending on distance from the dark energy (Darkstar) source.

      • In his quadrant of the Galaxy with the Darkstar​

        • Unearthly to amazing volume and range

          • Can transport 1000 to 500 square feet of beings/objects at a time

          • Can use as a portal; can be kept open from100 to 50 seconds

          • Can teleport 1000 to 500 miles in distance

          • Has unearthly level spatial navigation to teleport to within his range

      • On Earth​

        • Excellent volume and range

        • Can transport up to 200 square feet of beings/objects at a time

        • Can use as a portal; can be kept open only up to 20 seconds

        • Can teleport up to 20 miles in distance

        • Has unearthly level spatial navigation to teleport to within his range


    • The further he is away from his dark energy source (the Darkstar), the less capable he is in being able to absorb and use the dark energy powers. In his quadrant of the galaxy, he had an unearthly level of control/access to the energy; here on Earth, he barely has good level control/access to the energy.

  • Innate/Scientifically Modified Lasimironian Physiology

    • Master Darkstar is a scientifically augmented Lasimironian.

    • The following are the traits and abilities of the yelllow-skinned Lasimironians as well as the identified physiological changes Master Darkstar has:

      • Average Lasimironian:​
        • Fighting - Poor​

        • Agility - Poor

        • Strength - Poor

        • Endurance - Typical

        • Reason - Typical

        • Intuition - Typical

        • Psyche - None

        • Average Lasimironian Capabilities

          • Night, Ultra-Violet and Normal Light Vision

            • Lasimironians can see normally in both normal light and (with their mauve-colored eye membrane in place) into the ultra-violet spectrum and night vision all at a good rank.

          • Skin Density

            • All Lasimironians have poor physical, temperate, radiation and energy protection due to their thick, leathery skin.

            • Their internal organs can also take up to poor damage from poisons or toxins without being affected

          • Nitrogen Breathing/Adverse Oxygen Effects

            • Nitrogen is what Lasimironians usually use to breath in and survive on. Their planet's atmosphere is 80% Nitrogen, 2% Oxygen, and 18% Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide and other trace elements

            • Oxygen, to Lasimironians, is like a narcotic in concentrations over 6% making the Oxygen act like heroine, including dullened pain receptors up to good levels.

            • If on an oxygen high, Lasimironians feel 'empowered' and are 'risk takers', attacking others that they would normally know better than to attack.

      • Master Darkstar (Scientifically Augmented):

        • Fighting - Typical​
        • Agility - Typical

        • Strength - Good

        • Endurance - Excellent

        • Reason - Good

        • Intuition - Good

        • Psyche - Good

        • Master Darkstar's Augmented Capabilities
          • Night, Ultra-Violet and Normal Light Vision
            • Master Darkstar can see in both normal light and night vision(with mauve-colored eye membrane in place) and into the ultra-violet spectrum at a incredible rank (without the membrane).
          • Bio-Protection

            • Master Darkstar has remarkable physical, temperate, radiation and energy protection due to his augmentation.

            • Internal organs can also take up to incredible damage from poisons or toxins without being affected

            • He also has good psionic/mental protection due to the supercharged nature of his brain's defenses/augmentation.

          • Nitrogen Breathing/Adverse Oxygen Effects

            • Nitrogen is what Lasimironians usually use to breath in and survive on. Their planet's atmosphere is 80% Nitrogen, 2% Oxygen, and 18% Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide and other trace elements

            • Oxygen, to Lasimironians, is like a narcotic in concentrations over 6%

              • In order to not be in a perpetual "high", Master Darkstar has to use a filtration system to properly siphon out the excess Oxygen, otherwise the Oxygen will act like heroine, dullening his pain receptors up to incredible levels.

              • If on an oxygen high (breathing the unfiltered Earth's atmosphere), he would feel 'empowered' and more of a 'risk taker', attacking others he would normally know better than to attack.


    • Standard Lasimironians have no innate defenses or knowledge against magical energies and have never been exposed to those powers. Master Darkstar has fought and experienced magical foes, thus forging his armor to counter magical attacks as well (see Equipment).


    • Standard Lasimironians are easily fearful and excitable. Their species 'wears their heart on their sleeve' and basks in emotional turmoil, fear, anxiety extreme mood swings and open love and feelings. It can be overwhelming (and draining) for a standard human to encounter a Lasimironian going through dozens of excitable shifts in emotion in less than a minute's time. Master Darkstar, however, does not suffer from this and is quite the 'stoic' villain...unless he's on an Oxygen high (see above).



  • Armor

    • Remarkable protection against all forms of damage except energy, temperate and radiation damage​

    • Incredible protection against energy, temperate and radiation damage

    • Enhanced Physiological Capabilities to armor wearer

      • Endurance: + 2 levels - max is Incredible​

      • Strength: + 2 levels - max is Remarkable

      • Agility: +1 level - max is Excellent

      • Fighting: +1 level - max is Excellent

  • Darkstar Energy Collector Device

    • Amazing material device that can draw and store up to 5,000 units of darkstar energy over time for Master Darkstar to use and manipulate​

    • On Earth, it takes 60 hours to fully recharge the collector device.

  • Comms Device

    • Unlimited range on-Earth​

    • Remarkable material design

    • Can work up to exosphere only

    • Battery Life: 1 week



  • Leadership (Master)

  • Planetary Conquest (Professional)

  • Dark Energy/Darkstar Energy Knowledge, Sourcing & Manipulation (Professional)

  • Military Combat & Tactics (Professional)

  • Strategic Planning/Operations (Professional)

  • Galactic-Level Weapons (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Melee Fighting (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Holds/Breaks (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Blocking (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: + Initiative ((Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: + Intuition/1 minute of studytime of target (Proficeint)

  • Spatial Navigation (Professional)

  • Lasimironian History/Lore (Master)

  • Languages:

    • Lasimironian (Master)​

    • Soltan (Professional)

    • English (Proficient)

    • Spanish (Proficient)

    • German (Proficient)

    • French (Barely Proficient)

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