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Krrick 'Lkrrklkl

Relatively unknown

Villain/Unknown Species or Planet


50 years









Galactic Expatriates



Don "Major Deej" Finger

29 Aug 2009


Over time, hundreds of thousands of children, that, if alive, can communicate via their hive mind only up to 100,000 miles away




An insect-like humanoid specie from an unknown planet was discovered 20 years ago aboard a Soltan supply starship from one of the Soltan Star Empire's many captured/invaded planets. It only knew of itself and its name of Krrick 'Lkrrklkl.


While aboard the Soltan supply starship, the creature ate nearly half the 250 Soltan crewmembers before the ship was placed on auto-pilot to the nearest sun, all the while transmitting a 'quarantine' alert from the ship. A passing pirate ship intercepted it well before it got to the sun and boarded the ship to salvage it, with the pirate crew now becoming Krrick's 'dinner' as well. The pirate ship became damaged fighting off Krrick and careened to a primitive Soltan-controlled planet below, crashing in a dense jungle. For the next few years, Krrick ate the biomass of the planet's beings and plants and birthed/spawned a colony of its own species on the planet numbering in the hundreds. Krrick also had a hive mind link with all its children (an innate ability with its unique species) with them so long as they were alive and within 100,000 miles of itself.  Eventually, a Soltan battle cruiser came to the planet obtain more slaves only to encounter Krrick and its brood. Krrick and its brood killed most of all the Soltans encountered on the planet.

Worried of a planet-wide infestation of Krrick's unknown species, the Soltans performed a 'nuclear burn' of the planet, destroying all life on the planet in an attempt to wipe out Krrick's species. Krrick, dying from the radiation, found a Soltan equipment case and placed itself inside it and cocooned itself to allow its body to possibly heal. Lucky for Krrick, the Soltans,  known not to 'waste' anything, sent a team in anti-radiation suits to retrieve the lost equipment and supplies left on the planet, which included the case Krrick was in. Soltan bio sensors did not register Krrick while it was in its cocoon due to the thickness of the cocoon shell and as such was not detected when it was brought aboard the Soltan battle cruiser.  When the cruiser arrived with the fleet, Krrick awoke changed. Krrick was now larger and far more powerful...and hungrier than ever before. decided it was time to kill again.

It went through the cruiser slaughtering and eating the crew. With only a dozen crew remaining, the Soltans, with little to no options left, decided to open the inside of the ship to open space, hoping to asphyxiate it or freeze it to death. Soltan Entomologists arrived at the ship in space suits and found the creature in a cocooned shell.  They encased it in a powerful force field cage prison and brought it to a high-powered prison cell aboard the fleet's flagship, the only such location capable of providing the power necessary for containment. Rather than destroy it, the Soltans it. They wanted to figure out how to control it and its breeding to use as a weapon against upstart planets or possibly as prelude weapons to invasion, the only issue being how to control it...and how to kill it.


Krrick was isolated and studied after it emerged from its cocoon in its force field prison aboard the starship. The studies were, to say the least, difficult to perform since anyone or anything they sent to study Krrick was either eaten or destroyed. Eventually, Krrick was subdued (once) and had a highly specialized neural control device implanted into the base of Krrick's brain stem, making Krrick subjective to perform orders only given from Soltan flag-level officers (with a 95% voice accuracy detection program based on programmed flag-level officer voice patterns). The fleet commander was working on using Krrick in a remote galactic civilization as a 'pre-emptive' attack wave, making Krrick attack and kill the small planet's well-defended people while also testing the control implant's full capabilities. That plan, however, got sidelined when an Omega priority call for the starship demanded its attention.  The Omega priority call was basically a 'drop everything and help us now' call from the losing forces sent to invade a distant planet called 'Earth'.

During the Soltan invasion of Earth in 2000, the planet's military and super-powered heroes, several months from the start of the invasion, eventually fought back and were just about to cause the Soltans to retreat from Earth for good when the Soltans sent out their Omega priority call, beckoning for the Soltan flagship (a dreadnaught battle starship) to warp into Earth's orbit to counter Earth's forces; that flagship is the ship Krrick was imprisoned on. Before the flagship had a chance to do anything, the combined might and powers of Earth's militaries and superheroes (and even super villains) sent the severely damaged flagship crashing into Earth's Sahara Desert. There, only a few hundred Soltan crew members survived the crash, as did Krrick and several other (up to then) incarcerated villains in the ship's prison wing.

Krrick was starving and was voraciously fed on the injured Soltan survivors. Eventually, it encountered a fellow freed Soltan prisoner; a man known as Master Universe (AKA Galaxon)Krrick attacked Master Universe, however, during their battle, Master Universe ordered Krrick to 'stop' so as to get it to realize Master Universe and it (Krrick) were working towards the same goals - escape from the Soltans. When Master Universe uttered 'stop', Krrick did just that - stopped. It seems that Master Universe's voice, in his previous life as a flag-level Soltan Officer called Cor Turgo, was still programmed into Krrick's control implant database, thus allowing Master Universe control over Krrick...much to Krrick's disdain. As such, Master Universe now had control of one of the most dangerous creatures existing on Earth; a weapon he intended to use as a weapon as well as his own personal guard dog.

Galaxon, Krrick and several other escaped (formerly imprisoned on the flagship) 'galactic expatriates' that survived the crash made their way clear of the crash site, where, during their journey, werre formed into a team ironically called "Galactic Expatriates", which would work together, under Master Universe's (later renaming himself to "Galaxon") leadership.  Together, the plan was to take over Earth and eventually exact their revenge on the Soltan Star Empire for all they'd done to them.  As far as Krrick was concerned, it'd rather fight and eat all of these other 'Galactic Expatriates', but thanks to orders from Galaxon, it was forced to do otherwise. In time, Galaxon tinkered with Krrick's control implant such that only Galaxon was allowed to control Krrick, deleting all other Soltan flag officer-level voice command database entries.

Unfortunately for the Galactic Expatriates, they've yet to take over Earth or get off Earth to achieve their goals. Together (and at times, separately) they've been thwarted by Earth's heroes and inhabitants. Krrick has enjoyed 'most' of the climate and 'yummy, gooey' human biomass food available, considering Terrans to be 'very tasty'.  Krrick, for the most part, wants to help its fellow expatriates get control of the planet so that Krrick could eventually and secretly birth and form its own massive brood colony on Earth; a colony that would be free to decimate the expatriates and use the Terrans as a delicious food source for many decades to come.

Today, Krrick (identified by its codename "Mantisoid" by Earth's forces) is forced to continue to fight undesirably alongside the Galactic Expatriates, patiently biding its time to get free of Galaxon's control implant and start its own brood colony.  Until then, Krrick will do what Galaxon tells it to do, since it has little to no choice thanks to the control implant. Krrick has attempted, several times, to remove the control implant (painfully unsuccessful) as well as secretly attempt to lay klatches of eggs in an attempt to birth more of it's own kind, but due to a 12-hour recall system programmed into the control implant, Krrick has yet to successfully create its own offspring on Earth...thusfar. It's only a matter of time before Krrick becomes successful and finally creates its own massive colony of its own species; a colony under Krrick's hive-mind control intent on destroying the Galactic Expatriates...and eating Terrans for food for generations to come!




Power Origin: Mutant/Alien

  • Innate Species Abilities (Species vs. Mantisoid)

    • Strength, Endurance, Fighting and Agility

      • Strength - (Species) Typical, (Mantisoid) Remarkable

      • Endurance - (Species) Good, (Mantisoid) Incredible

      • Fighting - (Species) Good; (Mantisoid) Excellent Level

      • Agility - (Species) Excellent; (Mantisoid) Incredible Level

    • Armoring and Protection

      • Natural Body Armor

      • (Species) Typical physical, energy, toxic/toxin protection; (Mantisoid) Excellent physical, energy, toxic/toxin protection

      • (Species) Typical physical, energy, toxic/toxin protection; (Mantisoid) Excellent physical, energy, toxic/toxin protection

      • (Species) Good mental, radiation protection; (Mantisoid) Remarkable mental, radiation protection

      • WEAKNESS: COLD If temperatures drop below freezing (normally 32 degrees F on Earth), it will do double damage to its body and frame, dramatically slowing its physical actions down a level for each drop of 10 degrees below the freezing temperature.  Eventually it will be incapable of movement since its body chemistry is liquid in nature.

    • Toxic/Toxin Venom, Claws and Teeth

      • Toxic/Toxin Venom

        • Two different types of venom can be spit/extruded from its mouth at a range of 10 feet max for the following purposes/effects:

          • Digestive acid

            • Extrudes (<1-2 foot range) good strength toxic/acidic at its victims through its mouth.

            • Toxic acid eats through any typical or lesser protections/armoring by two levels every several seconds until the armor/surface is converted into one of two states:

              • Non-biological: dissolves/oxidizes into nothing (slight (feeble) heat at a byproduct)​

              • Biological Mass (Biomass): turns into mutrient-rich goo used to feed itself and/or larve/hatchlings

            • Only last for a total of 18-20 seconds before the acid's properties go basic (nullifies acidic effect)

          • Paralysis Poison

            • Good poison that, when spit from its mouth/maw (<1-2 foot range) upon impact with a target's exposed or unprotected skin/body, imparts a good poison that:

              • Affects a body's nervous system causing it to seize up (immobilize) for up to 6 minutes, pending on target's enduance beyond typical levels

              • Causes a poor level toxic poison to affect the target over time for the next 6 minutes until the target is dead or able to be immunized/vaccinated against the toxin (typical anti-toxin to counter)

      • Claws

        • Incredibly strong material. A strong grip or swipe of its sharpened claws could cut an soft steel I-beam in two.

      • Teeth/Maw

        • Its teeth, jaw and maw are incredibly strong in material strong, teeth as well as mouth area

        • Jaw can stretch open and outward enough to encompass a several-inch-diameter mouth apperature.

    • Flight

      • With its species wings (typically poor in material strength, for Mantisoid, good in material strength), it can  fly in air

      • Speed: (Species) typical airspeed (60 mph); (Mantisoid) Excellent airspeed (200 mph)

      • Max Altitude: (Species) 600 feet (AGL; (Mantisoid) 2000 feet AGL

        • Altitude Limitation:  Cannot fly very high due to the effect of cold temperatures on the species/Mantisoid.

    • Heightened Senses

      • Sense of movement, radar and sight: (Species) good; (Mantisoid) excellent

      • Hearing: (Species) Feeble; (Mantisoid) Typical

      • Sight - Normal, thermal, night and telescopic vision: (Species) good ; (Mantisoid) Remarkable.

    • Breeding

      • It is capable of making itself 'pregnant' laying eggs within a week

      • All children are controlled by Mantisoid's remarkable level hive mind (acts like remarkable mind control)

      • Can only lay eggs again at the earliest of three weeks from laying its last egg klatch

      • Egg Stage

        • Can birth a random numbered egg klatch of up to a max of (Species - 10; Mantisoid - 40) eggs at a time

        • Takes 1 week to go from Egg to Hatchling/Larvae Stage

        • Eggs must remain in an uninterrupted 120 degree temperate zone for over a week

          • any change of 20+ degrees for more than 2 hour produces a 20% chance for each affected egg's failure/egg death

          • 20% chance checked every 10 minutes if the negative condition to the eggs continues after the first 2 hour period

        • Must be in a humid location (>70% humidity)

          • any change of 20% less humidity for more than 4 hour produces a 25% chance for each affected egg's failure/egg death

          • 25% chance checked every 10 minutes if the negative condition to the eggs continues after the first 2 hour period

        • Egg shells are (Species - feeble; Mantisoid - poor) material

      • Larvae/Hatchling Stage

        • After a week of successful gestation/egg stage, the eggs hatch into larvae that eventually develop into child-like versions of the species within 2 weeks of hatching

        • Takes 2 weeks to go from Larvae/Hatchling Stage to Prepubescent Stage

        • Must remain in same location/conditions as during egg stage of same results can occur to the larvae/hatchlings as during the egg stage

          • 10% chance checked every 30 minutes against each larvae and/or hatchling if the negative condition to the larvae/hatchlings continues after the first 2 hour period​

        • Larvae/Hatchlings have to feed on liquified biomass at the volume of 4 lbs/day

          • < 2lbs/day = death​

      • Prepubescent Stage

        • Takes one month to go from Prepubescent Stage to Adult Stage

        • Will now be able to fly and leave nest to hunt for own food

        • Pubescents will grow 2 feet in height and length to 4 feet in height and length

        • All abilities are decreased by one entire level (compared to their adult innate species abilities) during this stage until they become adults

      • Adult Stage

        • See "Species" levels/specifications for adult Innate Species abilities in Powers (this whole entry).

        • Lifespan is 1 year's time (Earth time, that is; about 360 days)

    • Feeding

      • It will eat only biomass; this includes plants, grass, flesh and excrement

      • Standard consumption: (Species) 6 lbs of biomass/day, otherwise a loss of endurance/day until death; (Mantisoid) 20 lbs of biomass/day, otherwise a loss of endurance/day until it automatically places itself into a Cacoon (see below).

      • It and its species considers flesh "very tasty" (like a steak or lobster dinner or a rich dessert)

      • Will attack and break a victim's back or neck and eat them from the head to their feet, pieces at a time.

      • It does NOT eat non-biomass armor or protective coatings, but can bite/break-off at this to get to the "yummy, warm biomass" inside.

      • If it so desires, it can secrete a good strength immobilizing resin around its 'dead or immobilized' victim to carry or store the cocooned victim/food to eat later.

    • Cocooning

      • It can cocoon itself in a shell-like membrane that provides it amazing protection against all forms of attack should it perceive potential death or a means of protecting itself from a more powerful attacker.

      • Takes at least 10 minutes to fully cocoon itself.

      • If dying (last level of endurance), its body goes into an automated mode cocooning itself even it it is unconscious. If will not stop unless its limbs are immobilized/held against its full/remaining strength.​​



  • Comms Device

    • Unlimited on-planet range​

      • Cannot reach beyond Exosphere

    • Translation device for any and all Earth languages as well as Soltan language

  • Tracking Device

    • Used to track to base and/or other Galactic Expatriates' location with a tracker​

    • Range: 100 miles

    • battery life: 2 weeks

  • Control Implant

    • Brain stem implanted neural control device that exacts an incredible amount of pain to Krrick's nervous system if it disobeys the order of a Soltan flag-level officer.

    • Master Universe AKA Galaxon has 'modified' the implant so that only he is the one the implant acknowledges as the Soltan flag-level officer, thus being the only person/being that can control Krrick.

    • Implant can detect Galaxon recorded voice commands versus actual voice command with 95% accuracy

    • If the creature doesn't receive order within a 12-hour cycle, the implant will activate itself and continue to exact the pain until Krrick is either dead or the implant recognizes Galaxon's command voice within 95% accuracy

    • 'The Atomic Option':

      • If Krrick  was able to get away from Galaxon or if Galaxon simply dies, the implant's atomic power core would automatically activated upon completion of an annual-length countdown since the implant had last manually has a special code entered into it.

        • The 'Atomic Option', when activated at the countdown completion, would automatically open the power core to Krrick's body, flooding it with unearthly levels of alpha and beta radiation over a minute's time.

        • Two options to stop the Atomic Option;

          • Surgical removal of the Control Implan

            • Result in a 75% chance of permanent high level brain function damage (leaving it a quivering, immobilized and/or lobotomized husk) or death to the implant's host

          • Manually enter the special code only known by Galaxon into the actual Control Implant device itself

            • To manually enter the special code, the implant must be surgically accessed at the base of Krrick's brain stem.

            • To get at the implant's controls to manually input the code exacts excruciating, amazing levels of pain over time to Krrick, unless Krrick is ordered to 'not feel' the pain during the procedure by Galaxon (who uses the control implant's primary function to do so)

            • Galaxon performs this procedure every year to Krrick...mere minutes before the countdown ends (just to mentally torture Krrick even more).



  • Hunting (Master)

  • Environmental Awareness (Professional)

  • Aerial Combat (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Master)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Holds/Breakaways (Proficient)

  • Stealth (Professional)

  • Living Biomass Sensing/Identification (Professional)

  • Language:

    • Krrick's species language (Master)

    • Soltan (barely proficient)​

    • English (barely proficient)

    • Body Language (Master)

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