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Madame Menagerie

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Black CatJanet Jackson
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Catherine 'Cat' Suljic




mid 30s









Catseye (gang)



Don "Major Deej" Finger

6 Jan 2021


father, deceased

mother, deceased




A day came that no one expected; a day that most didn't think possible. A day that led to the creation of the gang now called 'Catseye'; that day was 6 January 2000 during the Soltan Star Empire's invasion of Earth.- the day a spoiled young Indian girl would later become the infamous female gang leader known as "Madame Menagerie".

Catherine 'Cathy' (or 'Cat' to her close friends) Suljic, an American born girl whose parents had recently immigrated to America from their native India, grew up in wealth and privilege thanks to her parents' austere careers in jewelry and rare commodities.  Cat knew her parents worked with some 'questionable' people, some who wore concealed firearms in shoulder holsters.  Cat, for the first 15 years of her life, was raised to be a spoiled princess getting anything and everything she ever wanted, no matter the cost.

That's when the Soltans invaded Earth. On January 6th, her home was obliterated by a powerful destruction beam that wiped out nearly everything and everyone on their city block. Her parents were basically disintegrated in the blast, however, luckily, Cat survived but was knocked unconscious thanks to a severe blow to the head, followed by her being blown over and landing nearly two blocks from where she was blasted from.  Cat woke up in a makeshift field hospital, filled with hundreds of screaming patients writhing in pain and suffering. Lost limbs. Whole torsos shredded. Blood everywhere. Amidst all of this, piles of dead bodies, reaching 10 feet in height surrounded her as she tried to take in the horror of what she was seeing.

Cat snapped that day.

Cat, already suffering from a traumatic head wound and now shock, meandered away from the field hospital and wandered the obliterated warzone-like streets in a daze, her mind nearly vapor-locked in perceiving what was going on around her. After an hour of shuffling around New York City's damaged streets (and miraculously evading all the major battle zones), she finally began to come out of her delirium when she saw something she thought was hers; a toy set of cat ears on a headband. She'd loved a similar cat-eared headband when she was a little girl, running around the house and pretending she was a cat with her headband. As she reached down to get this headband (which was in poor condition with debris, soot and fuel oil all over it), a Soltan trooper saw her and shot at her. Cat's mind only processed that this 'thing shooting at me was keeping me from getting what I wanted', and as such, shot forward and jumped up on the surprised Soltan.  The Soltan tripped and fell back and in a fluke, was emaciated on a protruding steel girder lodged in the street. Cat went back and got her cat ear headband and went off into the darkness of an evacuated building. Several kids hiding in the area saw what she did, and truly believed she was gifted or a very dangerous girl to cross. For the next couple of days however, Cat stayed put inside a bombed-out building, trying to process what was happening, as well as dealing with the associated shock she was already in.

After a couple of days, Cat realized she was hungry, Cat went out to scavenge for food. In her searching, she started collecting things; food, weapons, armor, diamonds (from abandoned jewelry stores), money (from damaged bank vaults and store cash registers), and more important to her - pets.

Cat always had, according to her father, a 'menagerie' of pets. Cats, dogs, horses, birds, gerbils, insects and even a pet lioness (kept at the zoo, but owned by her parents). She loved her animals, however, when they displeased her, she was quick to call for their 'destruction' with animal control and animal shelter officials.  She learned how to train most of her pets, to which she seemed to almost have a natural talent for.  During the Soltan Invasion, she trained those pets to 'fetch' whatever it was she wanted and used them to protect her and a handful of other young people she eventually found and teamed up with (most of which were the ones who saw her kill a Soltan that one day).  They called themselves 'Catseye' after Cat had found one such marble and believed it to be their lucky charm against evading and fighting Soltans.  It seemed that the Catseye marble must have had some effect, because by invasion's end several months later, not only was Cat and her friends and pets still alive, they'd killed over three dozen Soltans themselves and managed to collect and horde the equivocal of nearly $400 million of merchandise and cash, all of which they went on to create their own new cat burglar gang with.

When things settled down after the Soltans retreated from Earth, Cat was legally granted her parents inheritance (nearly $100 million itself). Coupled with her share of the gang's money from looting during the Soltan Invasion ($80 million), she was not only able to get her own penthouse overlooking Central Park, she decided to keep doing what she was doing - stealing whatever she wanted. As such, she created the 'Catseye' gang again, this time adding more new gang members. She used them as employees for her 'business front' she created to hide their illegal activities; the front was called "Cathy's Pet Dining Experience" (something Cat always wanted to make a business for anyway).


With this new business front, she would attract wealthy (if not ignorant) clients for their spoiled 'fur babies' and pets wherein her gang members, trained both as 'Pet Dining Experience' employees and as cat burglars, would either raid rich homes while her clients were involved in their 'pet dining experience' or she would at least have their homes scoped out for a future robbery.  As such, Cat's plans for all of this went off without a hitch, netting over $25 million their first year and an average of about $40 million each year thereafter.  As such, she was fair with her gang members. Cat, on some occasions, would still go out and do the robberies herself, however, recently, she started using a new disguise.  Putting on a wig and a gaudy costume, she called herself "Madame Menagerie".  Using her well trained pets, she was able to get them to get through security areas, fetch valuables and at times protect her from security guards and/or the police.

Over those next couple decades, the Catseye gang has expanded.  It primarily operates out of New York City, but it has branched out internationally, performing many high-end robberies and burglaries that have give the "Catseyes" quite a reputation in crime.

To this day, no one knows the connection between Madame Menagerie or Catherine Suljic, CEO of 'Cathy's Pet Dining Experience'.

Today, although older and getting a tad bit slower in her reactions, Cat has amassed a fortune in crime and has not once been caught yet. Surprisingly, her 'Pet Dining' business is actually doing well, bringing in its own cool $5 million a year in profits for her alone.  Her pets continue to aid her in her thefts and burglaries, and even though she doesn't need certain 'shiny and expensive' things, she still goes out of her way to 'appropriate them', since, according to Cat, "I'll always get what I want".




Power Origin: Natural

She has no powers.



  • Pet Control Gloves

    • Has a series of control buttons and devices along length of gloves that are used to activate sonics, implanted chips and/or implement some form of training tool for her trained pets to recognize and perform to. This includes individual commands for, say, her cats, with one control being 'steal shiny', while another control would be 'return home', for example.

    • Range - 25 miles

    • Battery charge allows for 10 hours of operations

  • Armored Bustier/Vest

    • Provides typical physical, temperate, energy, toxic/toxin and radiation protection

  • 9mm Pistols (2)

    • Can do typical shooting damage in semi-automatic mode

  • Spare Magazines (2)

    • Carries two additional 9mm pistol magazines

  • Flash-Bang Grenade (1)

    • Good flash damage; poor force/explosion damage

  • Professional Thief/Burglary Kit (1)

    • Lockpicks, electronic scramblers, remote access cards etc.

  • Communications Headband

    • Couples earwig to comms headband using cat 'ears' as antennas for transceiver communications of up to 25 miles range (unlimited if within range of cellular tower and/or satellite comms)



  • Pet Training (Master)

  • Pet Control (Master)

  • Pet Control Equipment and Devices (Professional)

  • Pet Foods/Pet Food Dietician (Professional)

  • Food Services Manager (Professional)

  • Pet Services Manager (Professional)

  • Poisons (Professional)

  • Poison Delivery Systems (Professional)

  • Acrobatics (Professional)

  • Theft/Burglary/Larceny (Professional)

  • Security Systems (Professional)

  • High Society (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Fighting (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: + Initiative (Proficient)

  • Marksmanship (Proficient)

  • Black Market (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • English (Master)​

    • French (Professional)

    • Spanish (Professional)

    • Swedish (Professional)

    • German (Proficient)

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