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Hir Yur

Gold Dragons Are the RarestSonya Belousova
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Hir Yur













Jīnguāng (Mother, deceased)

Zuìhòu (Father, deceased)

Chóngxīn (sibling, status unknown)

Xīnguāng (sibling, status unknown)


Champions of China



Don "Major Deej" Finger

20 April 2008




The history of Hir Yur and her Gold Dragon specie's lineage is older than human history, and unknown to all except a select few in China.

Back when dinosaurs still roamed the Earth and the air was filled with toxic and volcanic gases, Gold Dragons, as a species, came to be.  Over the millennia, the Gold Dragons became smarter; smarter than most of the creatures on the planet. The Gold Dragons, which numbered in the thousands, created their own society in what is now China.  These 'civilized' dragons unfortunately learned how to apply the equivalent of man's seven deadly sins, to which the Gold Dragons fought and killed each other for to have more; more stature, more pleasure, more females to breed with, more rare metals to horde, more power to wield.  The Gold Dragons were devious and ferocious in their demeanor and fighting, eventually enjoying in murdering their own kind, grinding their victim's bones of their own kind to consume in an elixir so as to absorb more magic and/or 'power' (this why there are no (or extremely rarely found) Gold Dragon bones on Earth today).

By 3,000 BC, there were only 200 or so Gold Dragons left. Most of the Gold Dragons broke up into factions. The predominant factions were the Auric and Blackwing clans. While all of the Gold Dragon infighting was happening, humans become a danger to the dragons. Humans learned how to cast metal weapons, the only weapons strong enough to pierce through a dragon's hide under the scales. The humans also learned how to hunt and fight in packs like an army, while the dragons instead separated themselves through their incessant fighting and distrust of one another. Eventually, the humans started dwindling down the Gold Dragons especially after they learned the secrets of the Gold Dragon bone elixir and the empowerment it did to them. As such, some of the Gold Dragons realized things had to change. They had to band together and get smarter and better than the humans. In order to do so, the Gold Dragons had to change their ideology from one based on the seven deadly sins to that of logic, reasoning, wisdom and patience. Unfortunately not all Gold Dragons embraced this new ideology.  By the Iron Age, the Gold Dragon population, for all their vaunted efforts, dropped to less than 50. This is when the Gold Dragons went into hiding, while some decided another tactic: befriend and manipulate humanity instead using the 'deadly sins' to entice humanity.

From the Iron Age on, Gold Dragons realized their size made them easily viewable and a large target. Learning magic from the humans, the Gold Dragons learned Alteration magic and changed themselves between their enormous Gold Dragon forms to either a standard human or a hybrid version where they were the size of a human, but retained the capabilities and powers of their full formed size, including a massive set of wings.  Stories and tales have been told throughout the ages since then of Gold Dragons, their shape-shifting abilities, their immense power...and their riches in massive mounds of coin and jewels that the Gold Dragons were rumored to sleep on in their full-sized form. The Gold Dragon numbers still dwindled, but thanks to those Gold Dragons that kept with the old ways and manipulated the humans to do their bidding, many of those that followed the new enlightened ideology soon found themselves hunted and or dead. As such, humanity wanted everything the Gold Dragons had and cared little for their near-extinct status in the world.


For the last millennia, the Gold Dragons rose in numbers and dwindled. The Knights of Camelot fought and slayed a Gold Dragon in one of their tales, as did Ali Baba and his 40 Thieves.  Nonetheless, the Gold Dragons survived, but for each new Gold Dragon born, two died. The ideology previously mentioned about logic, wisdom and patience became a cornerstone for the Auric faction of the Gold Dragons, while the Blackwing faction instead decided to follow the old 'deadly sins' ways. Eventually, it came down to only those factions by the 20 century.


By the 1900s, there were only 10 Gold Dragons left in the world. After certain villainous accounts and actions during the 20th century, the Gold Dragon count dropped to 5 by 1998. With their species options running out, the last remaining female Gold Dragon (titled as 'Mother of the Gold Dragons'), of the Auric faction, prepared to become pregnant. Since the new millennia was about to unfold, the year of the 'Metal Dragon', 2000 would potentially usher in a new chance to repopulate and prevent their extinction.


There were, by 1999, the remaining two factions of Gold Dragons left; the Auric faction and the Blackwing faction. The Blackwings demanded the mother (who was of the Auric faction) to mate with them (the Blackwing faction) to propagate their line, however, it was discovered the Blackwing factions intended to kill the Aurics off through a secretive human sect called "Scorpius", and as such, the mother instead chose to populate with one the last male in the Auric line. The Blackwings swore vengeance upon the Auric line. Regardless, the mother finally got pregnant and shortly thereafter laid not one, but THREE Gold Dragon eggs. Jīnguāng (translation: 'Golden Glitter') (the mother Golden Dragon of the Aurics) and her husband, Zuìhòu (Translation: 'The Last') were ecstatic over their good fortune. That good fortune instead tuned into a fate far worse than they could have ever expected; a fate brought on by the invasion of Earth by the Soltan Star Empire in January 2000.


The Soltans did their homework before the invasion. They knew about Gold Dragons and that the magical properties of their bones alone could be made into Gold Crystals that could fuel hundreds of the Soltan techno-magically designed starships for decades.


The Gold Dragons never had a chance.


When all was said and done, all of the living Gold Dragons were slaughtered or witnessed to had fallen before the Soltans...all except the eggs.  The Mother Dragon's three golden eggs were taken from the mother and were to be delivered as a gift to the Soltan Emperor. To do so, the eggs had to be transported back to the home world of Solta, hatched, raised and possibly cloned to be slaughtered and have their bones ground down to use for starship fuel for the rest of the Soltan Empire's expected infinite existence. Luckily for the Gold Dragons, one more stroke of luck prevented the complete extinction/removal of the Gold Dragons from Earth.

Thanks to a long story that only a handful of people know of (and are sworn to secrecy about), one of the Gold Dragon eggs vaulted by the Soltans was swapped out with a fake golden egg.  To this day, it is unknown if that egg, or the other two real Golden Dragon eggs ever left Earth and taken to Solta. There was no record of which Soltan starship the eggs were to be transported on, and in the final days of the invasion, several Soltan Starships were destroyed and/or grounded while they were on Earth. Whatever few remaining Soltan Starships that were able to escape were in severely bad shape, wherein most of those few remaining ships took their retreating troops to restage on the opposite side of Mars, where, to Earth's knowledge today, those same Soltan Starships remain, unable to travel back to Soltan without the necessary magical energies needed to make the trip. The one 'real' Golden Dragon egg that was stolen back from the Soltans was done by a Chinese superhero known today as "Master Zhang".

On the start of the Chinese New Year in 2001, Hir Yur, the known 'last' Gold Dragon on Earth, was hatched by a team of Chinese scientists, scholars and doctors.  Using what is believed to be hundreds of thousands of scrolls of information about the Gold Dragons, written by the Gold Dragons over the millennia, the Chinese scholars, scientists and doctors raised, fed, trained and adapted Hir Yur into humanity's cradle...or more to the point, the Chinese Communist Party's cradle.  She was taught the ways of both Communist China and that of being a Gold Dragon, as stated and written in the Gold Dragon scrolls. They were able to control her by using surgically implanted devices located at critical nerve and articulation points that, should Hir Yur decided to eat/kill or misbehave her handlers, they would simply push a button on a remote control and she would instead writhe in agony from the effects of her torturous Chinese implants.  She quickly learned to behave and by 2015, at about 14 years of age, she became controllable and pliable as well as becoming a quick study in how to be a vital weapon of the Chinese government trained in being an epic weapon for China.  Hir Yur was taught how to use Alteration Magic, just as her parents and her decedents had, to change into any of her three forms, which she continues to use and master to this day.

Today, Hir Yur is a Chinese state-controlled puppet of an extinct Gold Dragon species.  Although China wants nothing more than to have her get pregnant and produce more Gold Dragons, a Gold Dragon's physiology doesn't allow for birthing until she's at least 50 human years old (and of course the fact that she'd also need a male Gold Dragon to complete the tasking, which, to anyone's knowledge, doesn't exist anymore). As such, the expected longevity of a standard Gold Dragon is 500 years, so as far as the Chinese are concerned, they'll wait.


She is a bright, wise and patient young woman/Gold Dragon who is a die-hard communist China superhero working for the state. In battle, she is decisive and direct. She has no issues with slicing open, eating or barbequing other humans should they displease her or her handlers. She has quite the appetite when in her large dragon form (wherein the Chinese government has entire hillsides of sheep and goats for her to decimate in large quantities should she get that hungry).  She loves her teammates and the orderly Chinese government's way of doing things; she dislikes the chaos of democracies, free society and anything not structured.


On a side note, Hir Yur does, at times, get emotional, only for her to usually calm herself down and carry on without further incident. Her team's training has taught her to get past her dragon-like anger and rage and instead follow the last known Gold Dragon well as communist China's philosophies.




Power Origin: Natural/Magic (Alternation Magics)

  • Alteration (Alteration Magic School) (All Forms)

    • Can remarkably alter the baseline enormous Gold Dragon reptilian winged body to two other forms:

      • Human Form

        • Can alter body mass, size and features to that of a normal 20 year old Chinese woman

        • Can maintain this form so long as Alteration spell is applied within a week's time (150 hours)

        • In this form, she has no powers other than:

          • Alteration

          • Gold Dragon Senses/Sensing

          • Magical/Psionic Masking

      • Hybrid Form

        • Body mass and size to that of a humanoid-style body but with Gold Dragon features such as golden scaly skin, wings and tail

        • Can maintain this form so long as Alteration spell is applied within several week's time (1000 hours) 

        • In this form she has all the same powers and abilities as those associated to her Gold Dragon form

        • In this form, she has her Gold Dragon powers at 1/2 of their full capabilities of her Gold Dragon form

      • Gold Dragon Form

        • This is her default form

        • Body mass and size are that of a 50-foot long metallic golden-colored scaly skinned dragon body with large wings, long neck and a tail

        • Can maintain this form indefinitely 

        • In this form she has the following powers:

          • Physical Enhancements

            • Body becomes a 50-foot long golden colored dragon body

            • Has excellent fighting and agility

            • Has amazing strength

            • Has spectacular endurance

          • Protection/Resistances

            • Body Armoring (Scales)

              • Remarkable magnetic protection

              • Incredible physical, toxic/toxin protection

              • Amazing energy, temperate and psionic/mental protection

              • Spectacular radiation protection

            • Flesh Under Scales

              • Typical physical, toxic/toxin protection

              • Excellent energy, temperate and psionic/mental protection

              • Incredible radiation protection

            • Wings and Senses

              • Excellent physical, toxic/toxin protection (wings and senses)

              • Incredible psionic/mental/magical protection (mind/brain)

              • Amazing energy, temperate and radiation protection (wings and senses)

          • Claws/Fangs

            • Can rend/cut/crush any and all materials up to amazing levels​

            • Claws are fantastic material strength against all forms of damage except psionic/mental (only amazing)

          • Fire Breathe

            • Can emit up to incredible fire/heat damage in a 20-degree arc at a range of 200 yards​

            • Can emit once every 30 seconds

          • Gold Dragon Senses/Sensing

            • Can sense other Gold Dragons within a one-mile range (cannot differentiate individual Gold Dragons)​

            • Can see through the Magical/Psionic Masking of other Gold Dragons

          • Heightened Senses/Vision

            • Has remarkable level of hearing, smell, taste and sight

            • Can see in normal, thermal and darkness (night) vision​

            • Can see into the Astral plane within 100 yards of her position

          • Flight

            • Using her large wings, she can hover and/or fly up to 200 mph max to a max altitude of 40,000 feet​

            • Wings

          • Prehensile Tail

            • 25' long tail, covered with metallic gold scaled armor (see above for protection)​

            • Can act like a separate appendage

            • Has same strength

          • Magical/Psionic Masking

            • Gold Dragons can magically and mentally mask themselves from any and all things

            • Can only have this power if properly trained using Gold Dragon magical training scrolls

            • Provides an amazing level magic and psionic/mental invisibility​


            • Gold Dragon Elixir

              • A Gold Dragon's bones when ground down to a fine powder and mixed with several magical herbs and water, when consumed by a living being (with a soul), will obtain the following abilities:​

                • For every 30 ounces of the mix consumed:​

                  • Enhance magical protection a whole level (Max: Spectacular)​

                  • Enhance senses a whole level (Max: Amazing)

                  • Magically/Psionically masks a person to an Amazing level

                • Elixir's effects last for 180 days for every 30 ounces

                  • Effect length compounds for each 30 ounces (i.e., 90 ounces=540 days, 120 ounces=720 days, etc.)

                  • NOTE: The effects begin to fade over the last 24-hour period of the elixir's (compounded) duration until the effects are completely dispelled by the end of said last 24-hour period (example: for a 180 day duration, the elixir's effects would diminish the last day (starting on Day 181) and would be completely gone by the end of day Day 181).​

            • Gold Crystal

              • A Gold Dragon's bones when ground down to a fine powder, heated into a three-element composite crystalize matrix produces the a "Gold Crystal' that can be used for the following:​​

                • For every pound of the Gold Crystal created:​

                  • Provides 1,000,000 units of stored magical energy​

                • Elements needed for creating 1 lb. of the Gold Crystal include:​

                  • Gold Dragon bone powder (0.5:1 ratio)

                  • Rose Quartz (can use Dragon's Blood in place thereof for similar effects) (19.75:1 ratio)​

                  • Limestone (10:1 ratio)

                  • Diamond (cannot substitute) (0.25:1 ratio)

                • Once the crystal's stored magical energy is spent, it reverts to a hunk of smoky Rose Quartz (good material) with no capability of being recharged/reused again​



  • Champions of China Uniform

    • Worn while in Hybrid form (and on rare occasion, in human form)

    • Uniform Protection

      • Provides poor physical protection

      • Provides typical energy, temperate and radiation protection​

    • Belt

    • Survival Pack​ (1)

      • 2 days rations​

      • wire saw (remarkable mat'l)

      • mirror

      • matches (20)

      • thermal blanket (poor thermal protection)

    • Emergency Beacon (1)

      • 25 mile range

      • 3 day battery once activated

      • Chinese military frequency

    • Smoke Grenades (2)​

      • Black smoke grenades lowers visibility by 2 levels​

      • Lasts 30 seconds each

    • Hir Yur 'Champion Coin' souvenirs (50)

      • Hands out to kids and fans (mostly at bequest of the government)​

  • Chinese Government Control Implants

    • The Chinese government implanted remote-controlled devices inside of Hir Yur's body to use to control her through pain​

      • Implants

        • 20 total​

        • Each implant has the following capabilities:

          • Can be activated by a remote control device up to 100 yards away​

          • Incredible material strength vs all forms of damage

          • Placed in nerve clusters, spine, brain and major articulation joints (shoulders, hips, neck, etc.)

          • When activated:

            • Induces amazing psycho-stimulated level of pain (negates ALL protections, masks and resistances)

              • If she fails in her ability to get past this pain, she may go into either a maddened rage (10% chance) or become highly submissive/docile (90% chance)​

            • Physically translates into good actual pain/damage every several seconds (no resistance)​

            • Effects will continue until a remote control deactivates the implants again, otherwise, pain/physical damage/psycho-stimulus effects will continue indefinitely

      • Implant Remote Control

        • Currently, there are only 5 people 'known' to have a remote control for activating the implants:​

          • Master Zhang​

          • Champions of China government agent/liaison

          • Chinese Premiere

          • Chinese Prime Minister

          • Secretly listed superhero in the Champions of China (unknown who it is)



  • Gold Dragon Lore (Proficient)

  • Alteration Magic (Proficient)

  • Chinese History & Lore (Professional)

  • Government (Proficient)

  • Military (Proficient)

  • Stealth (Professional)

  • Mental Barriers (only in human form) (Professional)

  • Meditation: + Psyche/Day (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Melee Fighting (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Block/Deflect (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: + Initiative (Professional)

  • Aerial Combat (Professional)

  • Acrobatics/Tumbling (Professional)

  • Spying (Proficient)

  • Spycraft (Professional)

  • Ventriloquism (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • Chinese (Master)

    • Gold Dragon (Proficient)

    • English (Proficient)

    • Russian (Proficient)

    • Japanese (Professional)

    • Korean (Proficient)

    • Mongolian (Professional)

    • Hindi (Professional)

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