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Heated Resistance

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Mary (Heath) Sullivan

Relatively known















Don "Major Deej" Finger

16 Aug 2010


Michael Sullivan (husband, deceased)

Michael Sullivan II (son, deceased)

Cameron Heath (brother, deceased)

Nigel Heath (father, deceased)

Porsche Heath (mother, deceased)

Jonathan Heath (Uncle)




In 1990, Mary Heath was born to Nigel and Porsche Heath of Oceania.  Her parents were scientists, along with her uncle, Jonathan Heath, working indirectly for Governor Goldstein, the island nation's leader. Together with other brilliant scientists, Mary's parents advanced the natural, biological and mutagenic sciences further than ever before. Their discoveries were considered revolutionary in many respects. The interesting part about their work was they thought they were working on things that the world had 'requested' them as premiere scientists of Oceania to help them discover to 'help save the world'. As with all media and information in Oceania, it was severely controlled and processed to what exactly Governor Goldstein chose to have known or be said, disguising most of his militant socialist nation as 'an advanced, world-class equal on the world stage par with the super-powered nations of the United States, Russia and China'. This was as far from the truth as ever, since Oceania was decades ahead in all forms of science and technology, keeping said science and tech for their own selfish purposes, primarily to bolster Oceania as one of the most dangerous nations in the world.


Mary's parents and uncle, although smart people, were oblivious to the nature of the work they did and its deadly uses and applications that Oceania was using against others around the world. Mary was raised and 'home schooled' by her scholarly parents. Mary, however, was a bit more of a troublemaker than the scientist Oceania wanted her to become.

Mary always wandered off to explore around Oceania. On many occasions she saw atrocities that would curdle a normal person's blood. It was always written off as 'bad people doing bad things against the innocent people of Oceania'. Mary took what they said to be gospel and as such, thanks to the similar words from her parents, dismissed these 'atrocities' as those associated with terrorists trying to 'take the utopia that was Oceania' away from them. During this time in Mary's youth, she befriended another child named Michael Sullivan. The two of them became the best of friends. Mary's mother even helped home school Michael thanks to Mary's requests.

By the time they were teenagers, Mary and Michael fell in love. Mary was trained to be a combat engineer while Michael was taught to be a mechanical engineer.  Mary loved to fight and mix it up with others, thus her position and role. Mary always thought that what she was doing was 'right' for her Oceania country. Thanks to a twist of fate, Mary eventually learned the 'truth' about her 'benevolent' nation of Oceania.


While Mary was off finishing the last of her training on another Oceania Island, Michael was called upon to perform engineering repairs to storm damaged high tech mini power generators used to project one of many multiple layers of force fields around the island.  The hurricane's strength damaged additional shield generators, causing them to temporarily fail, wherein Michael was blown out into the sea, as were several other engineers. Mary was devastated at the news when it was reported that Michael (and his fellow engineers) were pronounced dead. For Mary, the grief was nearly least for a year, that is.

After a year's time, Mary had slowly become quite the combat engineer, leading her teams in rapid repairs to technical equipment, especially 'defensive' flameshooter turrets, electrical blast turrets and electrical power generators. During one of her assignments, she was abducted by a band of freedom fighters calling themselves "The Liberators". Amongst these freedom fighters, Mary discovered that Michael Sullivan, the man who was the love of her life and presumed dead, was actually alive...and now working with the freedom fighters.

After a few days of discussion (and getting Mary up to speed on what Oceania really was), Michael took the opportunity to take Mary outside of Oceania to a GUARD submarine that was waiting off the coast.  From there, they went to Great Britain where Michael turned over some tech and intel to GUARD, while Mary was educated to what the world really was.

Mary was overwhelmed at all the lies told to her by Oceania and its 'benevolent leader', Governor Goldstein.

Mary puked a few times after seeing what Oceania's atrocities and crimes were on video, world news feeds and actual in-person discussions.  Mary walked about London, where she was told by Oceania's media, that London was 'a warzone and wasteland of chemical warfare waged against the same terrorists that keep attacking Oceania'. Instead, Mary saw families and children happily playing in parks, people not having to follow supremely strict laws and rules and the freedom of making their own choices. She'd been lied to by Goldstein and Oceania. The world wasn't against them; Oceania was against the world.

Upon returning back to Oceania through the dangerous path back in, Mary demanded she be allowed to fight beside Michael, which she was allowed to do. She fought Oceania like a mother protecting her child...which she actually was; she was now pregnant with Michael's baby. In her last two months of pregnancy, she was placed on hospital duty for the safety of her unborn child. That's when Michael came back from a battle badly wounded. 

When the doctors said there was nothing more they could do to save Michael, Mary demanded they be married there on the spot.


Several minutes after Mary and Michael were married, Michael died.

Mary gave birth to a son, Michael Sullivan II, but sadly, he died of complications within the first month of life. He is buried next to his father in Oceania.

Mary, after recovering from this, spent months in the workshops, devising a new system of electrical and flameshooters and plasma field generators made portable on combat armor. She tried to make more than her prototype, but the materials needed to fashion such a suit were rare and very difficult to mass produce. Mary, however, tested the equipment her way - in the field against Oceania troops, with a devastating Oceania.


She killed over three dozen Oceania troops in just that one field test.


One of Mary's fellow Liberators called her 'Heated Resistance', and as such, the name stuck. Mary fought harder and stronger than most, avenging her deceased husband and son. Eventually, Mary worked out a plan to help  free her parents and uncle from Oceania's grasp and show them what she had seen and what she knew about the evils of Oceania.

That plan instead turned into a trap.

The Champions of Oceania, a band of Oceania's super-powered loyalists (or brainwashed victims), set a trap for Mary and caught her and her squad. Under interrogation, Mary was asked to give up intel on the Liberators base and operations or watch each of her relatives die one by one. Sadly, Mary watched as her parents were executed one after the other. In the end, after trying to threaten the Champions would kill her Uncle Jonathan, Uncle Jonathan himself stood up, casting off his 'restraints' and told the Champions to 'stand down'...and that obviously she wasn't about to give them info at the expense of 'just an uncle' after letting and seeing her own parents die due to her own decision not to turn on the Liberators.


Mary's Uncle Jonathan was actually the 'master planner' of the plot to capture well as get rid of her doting parents; parents who'd 'underperformed' since Mary's initial capture by the Liberators


As Mary screamed at and cursed her uncle and the Champions of Oceania, the Liberators arrived and rescued Mary (and took out a few Oceanians along the way). The uncle, however, survived and has since become one of the island's preeminent scientists...and awarded medals of valor for his loyal actions in fighting the 'terrorists', all of which Oceania's media stated that dozens of 'brave Oceania protectors' were viciously killed and mauled, as were Mary's parents...and Mary. Of course, the media also stated that all the terrorists were killed thanks to the superior efforts of the Champions of Oceania, who 'thwarted' the entire 'barbaric assault' against Oceania.

Upon Mary's return with the Liberators to the Liberators' hidden sewer HQ, Mary swore ultimate vengeance against her uncle and became an enraged weapon of hate against anything associated with Oceania (other than children; she'd never kill children, although Oceania's media currently shows doctored imagery of 'Heated Resistance' killing innocent babies in their cribs).

Today, Heated Resistance is still fighting for the freedom of what was once the islands in and about St. Helena, currently being called Oceania. She fights with an unbridled fury and leads others into combat like a warrior born. She is short tempered, quick to action, yet as stealthy as a stalking cat when she needs to be. She is a relentless force that will do all she can to destroy all that is Oceania. Currently, Mary has no one in her life and is still having a hard time letting go of her only and dead husband Michael. She carries a picture of both him and their son with her wherever she goes. 

God help anyone from Oceania that gets in Heated Resistance's sights.




Power Origin: Natural

She has no powers.



  • Armor

    • Chest, Shoulders, Hips, Gloves, Plasma Generator/Jump Pack, Boots

      • Provides good physical protection

      • Provides remarkable temperate and energy protection

      • Provides incredible radiation protection

    • Bodysuit

      • Provides poor physical protection

      • Provides excellent temperate and energy protection 

      • Provides remarkable radiation protection

  • Electrical Blast Gauntlets

    • Can discharge excellent electrical bolt/blast​

    • Max range: 200 yards​

    • Can be adjusted to act as a:

      • 'shocker' (immobilization/holding) at a good level at a max range of 100 feet or...

      • 'chain lightning' effect (stun/immobilize) at a good level for an area of effect (AoE) at a max of  25 foot radius from self

      • Can be used to disrupt electrical or electromagnetic fields up to remarkable levels (within 30 feet of self)​​

    • Each glove has a max of 600 units of power that can be used for the above actions

    • Each glove requires 5 hours to fully recharge

  • Plasma Generator/Field

    • Creates a protective plasma heat aura across the armor and out and away from her​

    • Generator is on her back in 

    • Field burns/melts anything entering the field up to amazing material, so long as the speed of the projectile is less than Spectacular speeds (Mach 3), thus creating a 'plasma shield' against anything up to remarkable damage

    • Field can be expanded to a max of  being in a 12-foot radius of herself, however:

      • For each 2-feet of extension range beyond the baseline (up to) 3-foot radius, the field's protective strength lessens by an entire level (5-foot radius = excellent protection; 7-foot radius = good protection; 9-foot radius =typical protection, etc.)

    • Plasma generator will overheat after 5-minute of operation max and fail; less if it's damaged.

    • Requires remarkable resources to repair.​

  • Goggles

    • Provide live feed info, data feeds and visuals on a Heads-Up Display on the inside of the glasses.

    • Nigh vision and Infra-Red vision (plus polarized Normal vision)

    • Medical data feed and integrated medical library available as well as loaded in helmet's data drives

    • Material provides good physical protection, remarkable temperate and energy protection and incredible radiation protection

  • Communications

    • Incredible encrypted transceiver with a 25-mile range

    • Battery lasts 2 days before recharge is needed

  • Jump Pack

    • See 'armor' for pack material protection

    • Can fly up to typical air speed (60 mph)​

    • Max Range: 10 miles

    • Max Altitude: 1,000' AGL

    • Loses 1/4 airspeed and range for each additional 20 lbs. of weight beyond normal equipment loadout



  • Electrical Engineer (Professional)

  • Mechanical Engineer (Professional)

  • Combat Engineer (Professional)

  • Plasma Energy/Generators (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: + Fighting (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: + Initiative (proficient)

  • Stealth (Proficient)

  • Military Operations (Proficient)

  • Military Weapons (Proficient)

  • Armoring (Proficient)

  • Navigation (Proficient)

  • Aerial Combat (Proficient)

  • Driving (Proficient)

  • Oceania Lore & History (Master)

  • Languages:

    • Oceaniaspeak (Master)

    • English (Master)

    • Swahili (Proficient)

    • French (Proficient)

    • Spanish (Barely Proficient)

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