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Mawn Gair

Relatively unknown



50 years (lifespan: 150)









Star Garnet, H'Havoq Mawn Gair

Galactic Expatriates



Don "Major Deej" Finger

3 Sep 2010



None mentioned




Mawn Gair is an alien from the Soltan-dominated world of Zemuria. Mawn Gair proved herself as a ruthless fighter and tactician, earning her a rare position in the Soltan Star Command. After proving herself for years in glorious victories, she eventually earned the rank of "H'Havoq", a unique planetary representation title, honoring her efforts and her species for her service in the Soltan Star Command. As such, she was recruited into the employ of one of the greatest leaders ever in the Soltan Star Empire - Cor Turgo AKA Master Universe (AKA, eventually, as Galaxon).

As H'Havoq Mawn Gair, she led soldiers for Cor turgo and the Soltan Star Empire in invasion after invasion. Her field battle skills were remarkable at best. She always led from the front and had considered Cor Turgo a legend in the making. She swore her allegiance to him early on in as Cor turgo rose to power and prominence in the empire...much the the chagrin of the existing Soltan Empire's leaders. In a campaign to rid Cor Turgo of his ability to take over as Grandmaster of the Soltan Star Empire, the existing empire's Grandmaster set into motion a complex plan to discredit, embarass and kill Cor Turgo and his troops, stopping Cor Turgo's rise to power and preventing him from becoming sone type of martyr.  Mawn Gair was aboard Cor Turgo's battle fleet that was sent to the Kragstarian planet that was rumored to be a 'powerful, difficult species that was a severe threat to the Soltan Star Empire'.  The Kragstarians, in truth, had barely reached a pre-industrial era with no desire or ability to even know who the Soltan Star Empire was. Instead, the invasion was a setup and ambush used to assassinate Cor Turgo and his military followers, wherein Cor Turgo's fleet, upon entering Kragstaria orbit, was destroyed by dozens of nuclear missles; missles that not only destroyed the entire fleet but also destroyed the Kragstarian planet's atmosphere, making the surface of the planet barely livable. Amazingly, Mawn Gair survived the nuclear assault...but only thanks to a passing alien species that fed on radiation.

Mawn Gair was already in a troop transport with hundreds of troops ready to make planetfall upon reaching orbit when the nukes hit. The transport luckily was shielded from a majority of the force and devastation wrought by the nuclear explosion, however, the troop transport was severely damaged, left adrift, careening out into space with no engines and only enough power for several days of basic equipment operations and life support. 60% of the troops died from exposure and/or radiation from the initial damage. The few remaining troops, Mawn Gair got them to work to at least try to save themselves...which surprisingly, they did.

Mawn Gair and her troops were able to get the transport's engines barely working, enough to maybe get them to a point where the transport might be able to enter the Kragstarian atmosphere and attempt a crash landing...somehow.  Sadly, the positional thrusters failed a day out from the planet, once again, making the transport lose attitude control, leaving an already dying transport of soldiers into an uncontrolled descent into a fluctuating atmospheric burn.  In simple terms, after all they did, the ship was going to burn up and crash into the Kragstarian planet anyway days after surviving the nuclear onslaught.  As the ship was burning up, Mawn Gair stood on the bridge of the transport alone screaming obsenities against the Soltan Star Empire for their treason against Cor Turgo, the fleet and of course, herself as the transport started to disintegrate in its fiery descent.


Moments before the transport exploded on impact (on the opposite side of Kragstaria that Cor Turgo was able to survive in his own planetfall descent), a whimsical dark energy alien creature that feed off of radiation (that was drawn to Kragstaria's massive radiation bloom as a result of the nuclear explosions) merged with Mawn Gair to 'talk' to her about its love of radiation. Mawn Gair, amazed at the timing of this occuring, told the creature to leave her or it'd die with her, only for the being to simply state it could 'change that'. With it merged with her, the creature used its dark energy to take Mawn Gair's body out of the burning ship and safely down onto the planet's surface. There, due to the lack of oxygen (because of the ripped up atmosphere from the nuclear assault), Mawn Gair began to die. The creature, not wanting her to die, forced itself to permanantly ingrain its 'being' into her to save her, only telling her as it's conciousness faded out as part of the final merge that Mawn Gair must, one day, return to the creature's section of space to 'spawn' once in its lifetime; a location it didn't tell her as to where this was nor when this needed to happen. With the final merge, Mawn Gair was newly empowered with dark energies and the ability to not have to breath oxygen. She was able to incredibly survive the rigors of cold and heat, allowing her short times to which she could egress into space...but only for minutes at a time; anything over an hour would slowly begin to affect her body's chemistry regardless of her new powers.

With that, Mawn Gair was now stuck on a damaged, pre-industrial planet.

In time, she learned how to use her powers to ascend into orbit and get aboard the damaged remnants of the destroyed Soltan Fleet.  In a miraculous find, Mawn Gair was able to find a band of engineers still alive in a severed engineering section of an small assault ship. Together, over the next month, barely surviving on minimum life support and rations, they Soltan engineers were able to jury rig the severed ship section to warp to Solta Prime, wherein, they intended to tell their story of betrayal of the existing Grandmaster and his puppets in the Soltan Star Empire. When the ship dropped out of warp in Solta Prime's orbit, it was instantly obliterated by a waiting blockade of Soltan Star Empire assault ships that had tracked Mawn Gair's ship since it'd left Kragstaria. The ship and the Soltan Engineers that had labored hard to achieve their own survival died instantly at the guns of their own people.  Mawn Gair did, however, survive, flying in space long enough to use her powers to severely damage two assault ships before she had to make her way down to the planet before her endurance failed her.

After crashing down through Solta Prime's atmosphere, she passed out from her injuries, lying in a shallow crater outside the planet's capitol city. There, the Soltan troops contained and imprisoned Mawn Gair in a super powerful prison.  There, Mawn Gair was interrogated and starved of radiation (which she needed as sustenance now).  Mawn Gair's hate for Solta and the Empire had reached a fever pitch especially when she found out Cor Turgo had survived and had attempted a coup of the current Grandmaster (now calling himself Emperor) in an attempt to tell the empire what the truth that the Grandmaster slaughtered Cor Turgo, the Kragstarian invasion fleet and millions of innocent Soltan troops, all because the new 'emperor' was afraid of Cor Turgo.  Mawn Gair heard of all of this...inlcuding when Cor Turgo was said to have nuked the capitol to get at the Emperor (which Mawn Gair knew Cor Turgo would never do) and was sentenced to a triple-nuclear death sentence on a remote moon. Mawn Gair was taken to the Soltan Dreadnaught flagship called the Sanero Sango, where she was to be taken far away from Solta and 'tossed into a sun' as part of her death sentence.


The flagship with Mawn Gair on it was called to an Omega level priority call to a planet the Soltans had 'attempted' to invade called "Earth".  It seems the planet, the first ever to do so in the Soltan Star Empire's recorded history, was defeating the Soltan invasion forces. When the Sanero Sango arrived in Earth's orbit, it was summarily attacked and severely damaged by Earth's forces, causing the ship to crash onto the planet in its Sahara Desert. Surprisingly, Mawn Gair not only suvived the crash but was freed of her prison. Within minutes of her escape, she discovered that her leader, Cor Turgo, and several other 'galactic expatriates' who'd also been imprisoned about the Sanero Sango had survived the crash landing as well. Mawn Gair happily greeted Cor Turgo and once again affirmed her dedication and life to him, so long as Cor Turgo intended to get revenge against the treasonous Soltans that had caused them their current plights.  Cor Turgo agreed and as such, Mawn Gair, once again became Cor Turgo's "H'Havoq Mawn Gair", leading whatever few slaves, troops and Soltan Scorpions that survived the crash.

Today, H'Havoq Mawn Gair, called 'Havocmonger' by Earth's media and agencies (not knowing what her actual Soltan title/name meant), continues to lead the troops, slaves and Soltan Scorpion troops for Cor Turgo, now called 'Galaxon'.  She is a brilliant tactician and a remarkable fighter. Her newly acquired powers aid her in being one of the most dangerous beings on Galaxon's new team of "Galactic Expatriates". 

Mawn Gair requires radiation to survive as sustenance thanks to her merging with the space creature.  She usually carries vials of radioactive materials on her to feed off of. She is 100% dedicated to Galaxon, but has little care for the rest of the Galactic Expatriates and their 'lack of discipline and foresight'. She sometimes feels the urge to fly out into space on strange occasions, but is unaware of where to go and for that matter, how far she'd have to go.  She believes its the creature's 'spawning urge'; an urge that is still low, but is starting to build up more each year. As it is, Mawn Gair and the Galactic Expatriates have yet to figure how to get anywhere beyond Earth's orbit. They are stuck on Earth, which Galaxon intends to conquer as part of his master plan before he takes them all to Solta Prime to exact their revenge; a revenge that is inteded to lead Galaxon to destroy the empire's current Emperor and set himself up as the new "Galaxon" rulership of the Soltan Star Empire. Mawn intends to follow him until the 'urge' can no longer be controlled. She has yet to tell Galaxon of her 'spawning urges' and fears doing so, believed that he'd rather kill her that let her leave his side.




Power Origin: Science/Natural (due to unknown space creature's being merging with Mawn Gair)

  • Dark Energy Eyebeams

    • Can emit a beam of good dark energy from eyes, dealing moderate Negative Energy damage. Ebon Eye slows target's attack rate and movement speed by an entire level for over a minute. Range 10 feet.

  • Dark Blast

    • Dark Blast sends a focused excellent dark energy beam from her hands towards a target. Range: 200 yards.

  • Dark Energy Aura

    • Can create a body-tight aura around herself providing the following:

    • Good protection against physical, psionic/mental attacks

    • Excellent protection against energy, dark energy, temperate attacks

    • Remarkable protection against radiation attacks

    • Cannot extend aura outward from her own body.

  • Radiation Siphoning

    • Can siphon and/or grain radiation (all forms) from a targeted source or being at an excellent rate. Doing so helps retain endurance. Doing this will also heal (at the most 20% of) lost health in one siphoning, pending on the level of radiation siphoned.

    • Can siphon up to 200 yards away.

  • Dark Detonation

    • Can hurl a remarkable level blast of dark energy that violently explodes on impact, damaging all foes near the target. All affected targets have their attack rate and movement speed slowed by an entire level for over a minute's time. Some foes may be knocked down.

    • Range 300 feet.

  • Havoc Blast

    • Can explode from her center self in a full 360-degree incredible outward blast of dark energy, sending nearby foes flying.

    • Can only use this power once every 4 hours.

    • The Havoc Blast deals incredible damage to all nearby foes, although the damage does vary.

    • Affected foes will be knocked down and their attack rate and movement speed will be slowed by a whole level for at least a minute.

    • Activating this power requires about 15-16 seconds of time.

    • Once activated, her endurance level instantly drops three levels, regaining an endurance level each hour thereafter if allowed to rest.

  • Increased Metaphysical Abilities

    • In her merged form, she has the following enhanced abilities:

      • Physical Enhancements

        • Incredible endurance, remarkable strength, excellent fighting and agility

      • Dense Skin

        • typical protection against physical, psionic/mental attacks

        • Good protection against energy, dark energy, temperate attacks

        • Excellent protection against radiation attacks

  • Flight

    • Can fly up to 600 mph in atmosphere; 3000 mph in space

  • Environmental Life Support

    • Does not require to breath nor eat. Can survive in a non-oxygen environment (water, space, etc.), however, can only be in outer space for an hour before it starts to affect her.

    • WARNING: Can survive in space for up to one hour before checks against her endurance are required every minute thereafter. Should she feel the effects of space against her, she can lose an entire level of endurance, cause the checks to be done twice as often for each endurance level lost.

WEAKNESS: Radiation Sustenance

  • Requires radiation for sustenance.

  • Alpha is like 'eating grass'; Beta is like eating a salad; Gamma is like a standard lunch meal; Cosmic is a 5-course feast.

  • She carries vials of alpha, beta and gamma in her belt to consume as needed (see Equipment).

  • If she cannot feed at typical levels of alpha per day, poor levels of beta per day, feeble per gamma per day; feeble per cosmic per 3 days). Anything less causes a loss of an endurance level each day.



  • Earwing

    • Encrypted communications transceiver with 25 mile range on-planet and direct comms with team's orbital HQ and Brazilian HQ.​

  • Radiation Vials

    • Stored in belt​

    • Alpha radiation source Vial (2)

      • typical radiation per day, once a day

      • drops level each time siphoned minimal level

      • Amazing material vial strength against all forms of damage other than psionic/mental or magic

    • Beta radiation source Vial (2)

      • typical radiation per day, once a day

      • drops level each time siphoned minimal level

      • Amazing material vial strength against all forms of damage other than psionic/mental or magic

    • Gamma radiation source Vial (1)

      • typical radiation per day, once a day

      • drops level each time siphoned minimal level

      • Amazing material vial strength against all forms of damage other than psionic/mental or magic

    • Cosmic radiation source Vial (1)

      • Poor radiation per day, once a day

      • drops level each time siphoned minimal level

      • Amazing material vial strength against all forms of damage other than psionic/mental or magic



  • Military (Master)

  • Space Combat (Professional)

  • Tactical Warfare/Planetary Invasion Operations (Professional)

  • Leadership (Professional)

  • Soltan Star Empire/Command (Professional)

  • Radiation (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Melee (+Fighting) (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Thrown Weapons (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: + Initiative (Professional)

  • Aerial Combat (Proficient)

  • Stealth (Proficient)

  • Pilot (planes, starships, etc.) Proficient)

  • Starship Engineering (Proficient)

  • Extraterrestrial/Soltan Weaponry (Proficient)

  • Starship Operations (Professional)

  • Languages:

    • Zemurian (Professional)​

    • Soltan (Professional)

    • Dozen other Soltan-controlled planetary languages (Proficient)

    • English (Proficient)

    • Arabic (Proficient)

    • French (Proficient)

    • German (Barely Proficient)

    • Chinese (Barely Proficient)

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