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Doctor Tox

Oceania Champions Champion of Oceania Ba
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Sarah Tochs



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Dr. Teluria

Champions of Oceania



Don "Major Deej" Finger

11 Mar 2012




Dr. Tochs was a renown scientist at the Johns-Hopkins Medical Center for Disease Control in the United States.  The Doctor had earned several awards in her efforts for discovering and detaining several strains of bird flu and toxic recombinants found around the world.  She was a premiere specialist in the field of toxicology and and acidic recombinants.

A few years ago, a jealous co-worker decided to sabotage one of her more dangerous experiments in toxic and acidic recombinant, allowing the compound to go airborne and mutate.  As Doctor Tochs was displaying her new process for displacing toxic and acidic recombinants, the jealous co-worker added a mutagenic derivative, wherein the entire lab filled with toxic and acidic vapor.  Everyone in the lab was dying, however, in a heroic feat, Doctor Tochs grabbed the new dangerous solution and ran with it to a secure room and went into lock-down, saving most of those in the lab from certain death.  While in lock-down, she was exposed to the solution for nearly 5 days.  Her body changed; her mind warped.  Interestingly enough, she gained new toxic and acidic powers.

Upon learning what her co-worker did, she broke out of containment and killed her.  Several security guards died trying to stop her.  Dr. Tochs ran from the facility, planning to go a disease control center out of South Africa where a colleague of hers might be able to help her.  She commandeered (ok, hijacked) a Learjet and forced the kidnapped pilot to fly to South Africa, unfortunately, her pilot, on the last leg of the flight, died of Dr. Toch's bodily emission of toxic gasses, causing the plane to instead crash just off of the African coast near Ascension Island, home of the new militant socialist nation of Oceania

Days later, she awoke in a bio-chemical lock-down ward.  She demanded to be taken to her colleague in South Africa, however, Oceania's Governor Goldstein instead offered her an opportunity to work from Oceania.  With mental persuasion from one of his favorite mentalists, Governor Goldstein 'convinced' Dr. Tochs to instead stay on Oceania and head up their Chemical and Toxicological Warfare Program, all of the 'good' of the world...and to get back at the nation that considered her a 'villain' (Goldstein showed her fake news articles from the United States branding Dr. Tochs as a war criminal and a mass murderer).  Dr. Tochs agreed to start her new life with Oceania instead.


Since then, Doctor "Tox" as she has renamed herself, has done the will of Governor Goldstein and has also become a member of the "Champions of Oceania" super-group. 

In truth, the US Government had originally dropped all charges against Doctor Tochs, but as a result of her new affiliation and actions with Oceania, she is now wanted by the United States and the World Court for her crimes against humanity.




Power Origin: Science


  • Acidic Touch

    • Doc Tox has an excellent caustic and acidic touch that, at it s ultimate power, can, over time, eat through an inch of steel in less than a minute.


  • Toxic Vapor

    • Dr. Tox's skin is always emanating toxic vapors. Only her specialized costume allows any form of protection other than an inch from her body (see 'equipment' of costume features).

    • Anyone within three feet of  Doctor Tox without some form of industrial breathing protection will become nauseous and sick from her toxic vapors.  After 20 minutes of exposure, a victim may die from the airborne toxin exposure. 

    • Using her gauntlets, Doctor Tox can fire an good concentrated liquid/chemical stream at a range of 10 feet.


  • Toxic Breath

    • Doctor Tox can also exhale her 'toxic breath' to all within 10 feet to receive good toxin damage every few seconds. 

  • Non-Sustenance & Resistances

    • As a result of her new biology, Doctor Tox does not need to eat or breath, however, extreme cold and heat have nearly double the effect on her and her body's system. 



  • Costume

    • When worn, the material absorbs her toxic vapor emanating from her body. Thus preventing anyone other than an inch away from her body to be unaffected by the doctor's toxic body vapor.

    • Dr. Tox can press a button on the costume to allow the suit to 'vent', thus allowing her full toxic body vapor to stream outward from Dr. Tox's body.

  • Radio Communications (Helmet)

    • Allows for closed channel, encrypted two-way communications. Range: 25 miles (although it can piggy-back on existing wireless/WiFi networks).

  • Optical Recorder/Transmitter Visor/Helmet

    • Allows color recording and transmission of all images in front of wearer's visor.  Battery pack and mini-transmitter located on ear pieces.  Battery charge can last for 10 hours. Transmitting range: 25 miles (although it can piggy-back on existing wireless/WiFi networks).

  • Respirator

    • To prevent her toxic breath from emanating outside of her body, she wears an inverted respirator to prevent others from breathing in her toxic and acidic air/particulates.

    • this can be selected to allow Dr. Tox to 'spew' her toxic breath outside of her mask (see powers above)

  • Antitoxic/Antiacidic Gauntlets

    • When not in combat, Dr. Tox, in order for her to pick up or touch things, she must wear special gloves with a disintegrating field that prevents acid and toxins from her body to permeate whatever she touches.

    • When she turns off the field in her gloves, she can use her powers to the fullest degree; when the glove's energy disintegration field is on, she cannot project any of her powers from her hands.

    • She doesn't wear these in combat.



  • Toxicology (Master)

  • Poisons (Master)

  • Chemistry (Master)

  • Lab Management (Professional)

  • Chemical Research and Development (Professional)

  • Synthetic toxic absorption/filtration processing (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Grabs/Holds (proficient)

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