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Doctor Detroit

Daniel Dean Troit
Medical Division Director (MDD)

Codename: "Doc"

Almost HumanBladerunner 2049 S/T
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Doctor Troite is a human encased in an android body who is now the head of GUARD's Medical Division.

In 2000, Doctor Dan Troite was a renown American surgeon who specialized in unique medical procedures (think TV series "House").  His brilliant deductions and incredible medical analysis made him an invaluable resource in combating some of the most wild medical cases on the planet.  As such, he was a multimillionaire who traveled the world in order to perform his job.

A few years ago, the President of the United States mysteriously fell ill after a bitter territorial dispute with the Atlantic Kingdom's dictator, King Dolphin.  Medical forensics could not identify the President's ailment The President slipped into a coma within an hour.  With no one else to turn to, the US Government contacted Doctor Troite to help the President.  Within hours, Doctor Troite  to determined the President was suffering from a poisonous reaction to a little known deep sea creature's venom. Since there was no anti-venom available anywhere in the free world for this, it was deduced that the venomous fish had to be captured extract its poison and create an anti-venom; the problem was, that the anti-venom had a seriously short half-life (10 minutes), meaning that the poisonous deep sea fish would have to be caught and processed for anti-venom while still deep in the ocean.  To do this, G.U.A.R.D.'s SEAGUARD and their "Seaguardians" division was brought in.


This was considered Plan A.

The only other option was Plan B; a full blown war with the Atlantic Kingdom to force King Dolphin to give the anti-venom, which everyone knew he wouldn't.

Plan A it was.

Plan A was to take the comatose President's body in the Seaguardians SSX-1 submarine, The GSS Paragon City; there, the sub would have to exceed crush depth to get to where the venomous deep sea fish was, bring it aboard, create the anti-venom and inject said anti-venom into the President in less than 10 minutes...which all had to be done in less than 12 hours, deep in the militant front yard of the Atlantic Kingdom's domain, or the President would die. 

Easy, right?

Everything went like clockwork until the SSX-1 arrived in the Pacific Ocean's Marianas Trench.  The trench was the only know location for the poisonous deep sea fish needed; it was also a trench that bristled with hundreds of Atlantic Kingdom warships and troops. 

As the Seaguardians in their SSX-1 battled through Atlantic Kingdom's warships and super-powered villains from their Atlantic Guard, a specialized deep sea diver from SEAGUARD found the poisonous fish needed and brought it back into the sub amidst SSX-1's ferocious undersea battle.  While concocting the anti-venom, the doctor and the deep sea diver both were poisoned by the fish.  Ignoring his poisoning, the doctor made the anti-venom.  There was only one problem; there was only enough anti-venom for two.

The doctor injected the deep sea diver and the President.  Moments later, the doctor started succumbing to the poison as the deep sea diver and the President started getting better.  The doctor had less than 15 hours to live, of which, 14 would be required to decompress from their deep sea journey.  With the specialized deep sea diver incapable of diving again, the chance and option of getting and finding another poisonous fish, creating anti-venom and administering it to the doctor were deemed impossible (though it wasn't through not trying; but those tales of what the Seaguardians did that day will be told in other passages), since the sub was already severely damaged.  The doctor had very little hope of survival.

The only solution that was possible to save the doctor's life was to transfer the doctor's memories and consciousness into the mainframe of the SSX-1's supercomputer then cryogenic freeze the doctor's body and when the opportunity presented itself later, attempt to integrate the doctor's mind and repaired body back together once again, once the body was cured of the poison.

To do this, the only person qualified to perform the operation was the Seaguardian's "Eng".  Using her incredible intellect and tinkering skills, Eng was able to successfully transfer the doctor's consciousness to the SSX-1's supercomputer for storage.  However, while attempting to cryogenic freeze the doctor's body, a ship-shuddering blast from an Atlantean undersea warship jostled the SSX-1 enough to shoot the frozen body across the space and crash into the ship's frame, smashing the doctor's body into dozens of frozen pieces.  The doctor's body was lost, yet his consciousness remained in the sub's computers.

After the SSX-1 limped home from their ordeal, the President awarded the Seaguardians a Presidential Unit Citation and promised to provide whatever funds were necessary to aid in the doctor's recovery.  With few options available, everyone, including the doctor, agreed to place his consciousness in an android body.  With his conscience ingrained in a new composite material body, the doctor has learned to use the android body better than he used his old flesh one.

As a result of all that transpired, the doctor decided to stay with GUARD and to try and 'give back' to them and the world after all GUARD and the Seaguardians had done to save him.

Today, "Doctor Detroit" is GUARD's Medical Division Commander, and although not completely human, he has learned the value of humanity.

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