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Derek W. Washington




late 20s








DeeDubDub, Doc

The Allied Fighters



Don "Major Deej" Finger

31 Oct 2008








Iraq. Afghanistan. Chechnya. Haiti.  Syria. 

This ex-Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) has seen it all. 

War.  Bloodshed. Violence. Death.

In 2006, Derek Washington completed his EMT training with the US Army and soon became the most valuable medic on the battlefield.  He had a 'zero loss' for patients, regardless of their combat-related wounds.  He wasn't able to save severed limbs, but he was able to keep those near-death, alive. 

His secret: he is a mutant healer. 

Staff Sergeant (SSGT) Washington received dozens of commendation, medals and honors for his heroic and life-saving efforts. He was the most requested medic in all the US Army. That all ended last year.

Last year, SSGT Washington took a 'leave' from the Army and, against formal authorization, traveled to the war torn villages of Syria.  There, he did all he could to save and heal hundreds and hundreds of Syrian war victims.  On his last day before he had to get back to the US Army or be considered AWOL, he went into a village that was chemically gassed.  While trying to save the gassed victims, he was overwhelmed by the gas himself, knocking him unconscious.  he'd saved the gassed victims, however, the militants didn't take kindly to a foreigner being where he wasn't supposed to be. Washington was tortured for weeks for information of US military involvement (which there wasn't any).  Finally, two months later, he was traded in a prisoner exchange for a known hard-line radical militant.  When he returned to the US, he was prosecuted for being AWOL and entering a foreign exclusion area without authorization. 


He was sent to Leavenworth Federal Prison for 6 month and dishonorably discharged thereafter.

Destitute, jobless, friendless and with no family, he began living on the streets.  He used his powers to help the homeless and unfortunate, at times protecting them from violent gang youth attacks and those who felt it necessary to play 'knockout' games with the indigent. 

He fought and protected them until he ran across one old man who was seemingly attacked in a dark alley.  As he fought his way to the victim, he instead found dozens of gang youths beaten and defeated before the old man's feet.  The old man was the legendary Major Invader in disguise. 


Impressed with Washington's fervor and response, Major Invader offered Derek a new life with the Allied Fighters.

Today, Washington is a member of the Allied Fighters' Omega Squad, helping his teammates survive some of the most brutal combat he's ever seen...but at times when nobody's paying attention, he still goes out at night and fights for the homeless and less fortunate.



Power Origin: Mutant Healing

  • Tissue Regeneration and Healing/DNA-aligned regrowth

    • Can help to regrow limbs, arms, hands, fingers etc,; not heads, brains

    • Using his amazing touch and/or healing energy field, he can heal biologically-based beings at rates dependent on range:

      • Touch: 500x healing rate

      • < 6 feet away: 300x healing rate

      • Between 6 feet and 20 feet: 200x healing

      • Between 20 feet and 100 feet: 100x healing

        • using his power at this range has a potential dangerous side effects of losing 90% of his own health)

    • LIMITATION: Can only heal the equivalent of 50 normal people in a day before he'll require at least 12 hours of sleep to recover.

      • If this is exceeded, he may go into a coma

  • Self-Regenerative Healing

    • Can heal himself at a fantastic rate (750x), but only while consciously attempting to heal himself (not unconscious)

  • Malignancy Detection

    • Has an amazing ability to pass his hand over a body/being/biological and denote any malignancies (cancer, tumors, dying cells, etc.)  and its relative location



  • Suit

    • Provides Poor protection from physical, energy, and radiation attacks.

    • Provides good protection from temperate attacks/conditions

  • Helmet

    • Remarkable material strength

    • Contains direct MedNet TM Interface for visual/audio and vitals; connects to any medical/triage center within 250 miles.

    • Goggles provide night vision, excellent flash resistance and a MedNet TM Heads-Up Display (HUD) with vocal/twitch interface devices

  • Earwig

    • Standard Allied Fighter field communications device

    • Audio transceiver with a 250 mile range

  • Field Medical Pack/Belt

    • Contains countless field medical equipment items such as bandages, morphine, scissors, cut-stapler, gauze, ointments, etc.)

  • Triage's Medic Chopper

    • Doc can remotely call/pilot an ambulatory drone with VTOL capabilities

    • air speed: 400 mph

    • flight time: 1 hr/recharge at a 100% drain rate

    • contains two removable gurneys/stretchers allowing him to transport 2 personnel and himself

    • contains several additional compartments with additional medical equipment, neck collars, crash cart/paddles etc.


  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) (Master)

  • Triage (Master)

  • Military Medicine (Master)

  • Military (Professional)

  • Pharmaceuticals (Professional)

  • Drone Pilot (Professional)

  • Marksman (Proficient)

  • Baseball (Proficient)

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