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Lucia (Mariposa) Levante





Married or Widowed







Silvia 'Silver' Fortunata




Don "Major Deej" Finger

(As Silver Fortunata) 27 Sep 2008; (As Canis Prime) 11 Aug 2013



Lorenzo Levante (husband, deceased?)

Pata Levante (son, deceased?)




Lucia Mariposa was born in Sicily, Italy to the Mariposa Crime family. Her parents were respected Mafia members that were killed by the Solano Family when the Solanos came back to Sicily from the United States in the 1980s killing the entire Mariposa Crime Family - except Lucia.


Found amidst the dead bodies of the Mariposas, the Fortunata family, revered drivers and servants for the Mariposa family, raised Lucia as one of their own. They named her Silvia Fortunata so as to ensure no one would know who she was.  Thanks to the death of the Fortunatas' employer (the Maricopas), they had to find work elsewhere. As such the family became black marketeers for the local crime gangs. They earned a tidy profit, enough money to send their children, including Lucia, off to college. Lucia earned her Masters in Business (MBA) years later at the top of her class.  It didn't take but only a couple of years later before her adopted family got into trouble with the authorities, leaving Silvia as the only functional leader in the family. As such, she worked hard in appropriating silver and other rare metals through the Gold Syndicate, earning a hefty sum for her ventures, eventually capable of paying off those needed to release her foster family, thus earning the title "Silver Fortunata".  Although grateful for Silvia's actions, most in the Fortunata clan didn't want her and her 'modern woman' ways running things. As such, for a hefty bonus, Silvia agreed to instead turn the family business back over to the Fortunatas and embarked on a new start in life as a capital adventurist and professional black marketeer in her new home in the United States.


There, in the United States, Silvia worked with and for several other criminal organizations, learning from each and understanding their ways of doing business. During this time, with the Arachnoknights, she fell in lose with Lorenzo Levante, a captain in the Arachnoknights.  They married, with Silvia changing her first name back to Lucia and taking the Levante name. They also had a son.  It was  a happy time for all three of them until federal officials raided their home.  Lucia, Lorenzo and their son, Pata, were being taken away in separate police vans when the Arachnoknights attempted to rescue them.


It was a botched rescue. Both Lorenzo's and Pata's vans went up in a blaze of fire thanks to stray shots from an Arachnoknight gunship.  Lucia nearly lost her mind witnessing the loss of her loved ones, yet, she was still able to escape on her own, boarding the Arachnoknights' rescue craft, but instead of flying off with them, she fire-bombed the craft, killing a dozen Arachnoknights in the process, all for revenge in them killing her family. Lucia escaped from everyone, but at the cost of becoming an enemy of the Arachnoknights and becoming a federal escapee.


Lucia eventually found work with CANIS, then at the time, a 3rd-rate black marketeering operation that had world wide contacts, but lacked any form of organization.  In just a few years (and thanks to the acquisition of Lucia's powerful psionic helmet), Lucia Lorenzo became the new CANIS PRIME of CANIS. In so doing, the Arachnoknights recalled theeir mark against her, but swore that if she ever crossed the Arachnoknights that CANIS would go down in flames. Lucia agreed to the truce and in a few years made CANIS one of the most dominant crime cartels in the world, bringing in an average annual profit of over $1.3 Billion in stolen goods and services.


During this time, the Solano Family leader, Teflon Don Solano, was supposedly killed, with the clan reportedly giving up its right as a crime family. Lucia, not fearing repercussions from the Solanos now, finally told the world who she truly was - Lucia Mariposa, the last living Mariposa of the Sicilian Mariposa Crime Family.  She proved who she was with DNA verification and as such became a celebrity in the criminal world nearly overnight. Sadly, a day after her DNA revelation, the Solano Family leader, Teflon Don Solano, was discovered to be alive. Teflon Don reasserted his crime family back into the top 5 crime cartels in the world nearly overnight. Soon thereafter, Teflon Don was informed of whom the new CANIS PRIME truly was, to which Telfon Don simply stated, 'then she better not hope to cross me or she'll end up like all the rest of the Mariposas...dead'.


Today, Lucia Mariposa continues as CANIS PRIME, the top leader of CANIS.  She has made many enemies, but she has also garnered the trust and respect of all in the CANIS cartel, ensuring profit sharing to all who participate in their 'profitable ventures'. She is a tough woman who makes her own educated decisions and has an incredibly vicious business and mortality streak in her. Killing others means nothing to her. She lives to prove that she has earned the right to lead a major criminal cartel/family, even though her family cartel, the Mariposas, are no longer existing today. 

On a side note, recently, a new recruit showed up to work with CANIS. It was one of the drivers for her son's police van that was supposedly obliterated by stray shots from the Arachnoknights. In a torture room, the ex-driver confessed that the 'exploding vans' were part of a setup to make the authorities think all those inside the vans were supposed to be dead. As far as where Pata and Lorenzo were now, the ex-drover only stated that he was told to never tell anyone that they all 'got out alive'.


Where are Pata and Lorenzo today?


Are they in custody or captives of the Arachnoknights or maybe something else entirely?


One has to wonder if maybe Lorenzo and Pata decided that 'Silver Fortunata' AKA 'CANIS PRIME' AKA 'Lucia Mariposa' was someone that they'd maybe rather hide from than be embroiled in her position and power.


As far as Lucia knows, they're still alive...and out there...somewhere.




Power Origin: Natural

She does not have any powers.




    • Provides remarkable physical, energy, temperate, toxin/toxic protection.

    • Provides amazing radiation protection.

    • Provides incredible thermal shielding making the armor/body temperatures blend into the environment, masking the armor's heat and/or thermal signature.

    • Encrypted worldwide communications/internet and video package in helmet (amazing quality)

    • Tactical Heads-Up Display (HUD) linked with tactical computers and sensors (Increases fighting and agility by a factor of 3)


    • Provides incredible flash protection

    • Provides incredible thermal and night vision


    • Mental Bolt​

      • Remarkable focused psionic/mental energy bolt with range of 300 yards​

    • Psychic Wave​

      • 90-degree forward arc from head Excellent level psionic/mental energy wave; affects all in ares of effect for 200 yards.​

    • Mind Spear​

      • Hyper-focused incredible mental arrow that takes up to 15 seconds to conjur​

      • Range of 400 yards, travels at a rate of 400 yards in several seconds

      • Once psionic frequency of target is identified, the spear's agility is unearthly

    • Psychic Armor​

      • Generates psionic full body and mind protection at amazing levels​

    • 'Fergetaboutit' Mind Eraser​

      • When activated, all within 400 yards of her location will receive an incredible psionic wave of confusion, lasting up to 4 minutes. After the 4 minutes, the target(s) has (have) a one-time 10% chance to remember anything that happened 4 minutes PRIOR to the Mind Eraser and up to the 4 minutes of the actual Mind Eraser's activated time.​

      • One activation per charge.

      • Targets are known to sometimes have demented dreams about their 'lost' memories, but can only recollect 10% of a 'twisted' version of those lost memories via those dreams, and nothing more

      • Requires a professional in psionic mind surgery at an amazing level to reveal any lost memories.

    • LIMITATION: Power source is un-generated and instead, charged and stored. The headgear only allows 2000 units of energy per action total per charge. It takes 6 hours to recharge the headgear fully.

  • GRENADES (8)

    • Remarkable toxic, smoke, explosive, frag grenades


    • Various rifle and/or hand-held guns with energy power packs (Remarkable energy damage)

    • 20 shots per power pack

    • Carries 2 power packs


    • Can teleport CANIS PRIME (and only CANIS PRIME) to any CANIS Mediporter at any of their CANIS facilities around the world (defaults to the closest one, but can be 'dialed in' for extended range) with a working Mediporter.

    • Unit burns out after use.​


    • Uses and remotely operates/accesses any one of a dozen unique craft (airplanes, helos, mini-subs, spacecraft, motorcycles, etc.) to call to her location or use as a decoy.​

    • Each transport carries at least 2 forward-firing energy rifles (excellent rank, 200 yard range), 1 rear-firing energy rifle (same stats), an incredible smoke generator and a one-shot incredible energy shield against all forms of attack except psionic and magic (shield dissipates after 40 points of shielding is surpassed).

    • Each vehicle has a nitrous, hyper-velocity implant allowing for a one-shot increase in vehicle speed by 400% for 30 seconds; resultant activation has a 20% chance of damaging engine beyond repair once the 30 second cycle is completed.

    • Each transport has a holographic representation of CANIS PRIME that can be transmitted to make it look like she is driving/controlling the transport (when she is actually operating it remotely).

    • Contains incredible explosives for vehicle self-destruct that can be timed, remotely set off, set for impact or booby trapped to explode.



  • Psychology (Professional)

  • Operations Specialist (Master)

  • Accounting/Finances (Professional)

  • International crime organizations (professional)

  • Federal Laws (Professional)

  • International Trade Laws (Professional)

  • Military (Proficient)

  • Military Weapons (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Melee fighting (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Thrown weapons (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Professional)

  • Navigation (Proficient)

  • Professional Driver (Professional)

  • Pilot (single engine jet, private) (Proficient)

  • Speedboat Captain (Proficient)

  • Submarine Operator (Proficient)

  • Motorcycles (Proficient)

  • Business (Professional)

  • Leadership (Master)

  • Logistics (Master)

  • Black Market (Master)

  • Traps/Escape Routes (Proficient)

  • Metallurgist (Proficient)

  • Archaeologist (Proficient)

  • Antiquities (Proficient)

  • Art (Proficient)

  • Dendochronologist (Proficient)

  • Packing/Shipping (Proficient)

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