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Anton Mikhailov





Widowed x 3












Don "Major Deej" Finger/Sean Nunley

(As Arachonaut) 24 May 2009; (as Canis Major) 11 Aug 2013


Alena Mikhailov (wife, deceased)

Darya Mikhailov (wife, deceased)

Roza Mikhailov (wife, deceased)

Vladimir Mikhailov (son, abducted - location unknown)




Anton Mikhailov was a Russian military officer until 2000 when the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth and obliterated his entire military force he was in charge of. As a Captain in the Russian Army, he initially had only 200 troops at his command, however, as the other military leaders and forces began to dwindle, Anton took on the leadership and had at one point (according to him) over 1,00,000 troops to command...sadly of which, most died and/or deserted in the face of a far superior enemy.  By invasion's end several months later, Anton and a small handful of rebels were the only survivors of his '1,00,000' troops, calling their survival a victory against the Soltans.  When Anton demanded to be made a General of all of Russia after the invasion, the Russian leaders (what was left of them) tried to assassinate AntonAnton barely survived, but was believed dead until years thereafter.

In his months recovering from the assassination attempt against him, Anton plotted and assassinated those who had attempted to assassinate him. He tried to 're-demand' his 'earned' position as a General, only to have another attempt made on his life. With that, Anton decided the Russian military was not for him.

For the next decade and a half, Anton worked with every major criminal organization (Arachnoknights, Gold Syndicate, Aegis Alliance, Maritime Marauders, etc.), leading its troops and units, winning massive accolades for his efforts in each organization he was part of. Thanks to his leadership, Anton was always able to minimize troop loss and maximize on criminal efficiency.  Each organization he worked for spoke highly of him.

During this time of 'upward mobility', Anton married. Three times. Each time, he killed his wife for either being unfaithful or for being disloyal. With his last wife, in 2015, Anton's son, Vladimir, was abducted by the Nanny when the Nanny saw Vladimir killing his third wife.  To this day, Anton has not found the Nanny or his son and continues the search for them to this day.

A few years ago, Anton moved on to CANIS.  There in CANIS, Anton seemed most at home. In a few short years, he became the ultimate Enforcement structure leader (an organizational position of his making) as CANIS MAJOR. As CANIS MAJOR, Anton was ultimately in charge of all militant/military-related matters within CANIS. He coordinated as a co-leader to CANIS with CANIS PRIME, who, for the most part, is in charge of the business structure. Together, they co-lead their criminal cartel, bringing in an average of over $1.3 Billion a year in profits, all evenly and fairly split amongst their business associates and troopers.

Today, Anton is still CANIS MAJOR of CANIS.  He is a moody yet provocative figure of a man. He is stern and commanding. He likes to tell stories of his victories and conquests and includes many Russian tales of glory in the process. Anton admires good leadership and, at times, even performs honorable acts of military mercy against dying heroes by not giving the killing blow if they are deemed 'a worthy adversary'. He enjoys giving away a plot/plan, however, he has been know to lie about these plots/plans to confuse the enemy...or lay a trap for them (which Anton loves to do).




Power Origin: Natural

He does not have any powers.




    • Provides incredible physical, energy, temperate, toxin/toxic protection.

    • Provides spectacular radiation protection.

    • Provides amazing thermal shielding making the armor/body temperatures blend into the environment, masking the armor's heat and/or thermal signature.

    • Encrypted worldwide communications/internet and video package in helmet (amazing quality)

    • Tactical Heads-Up Display (HUD) linked with tactical computers and sensors (Increases fighting and agility by a factor of 3)


    • Provides amazing flash protection

    • Provides amazing thermal and night vision

  • MACE​

    • Made of unearthly material

    • Energy Bolt​

      • Remarkable focused energy bolt with range of 300 yards​

    • Energy Wave​

      • 90-degree forward arc (from head of mace) excellent level energy wave; affects all in ares of effect for 200 yards.​

    • Sniper Beam​

      • Hyper-focused incredible energy beam that takes up to 15 seconds to conjure​

      • Range of 400 yards

      • Shielding​

      • Generates 10 foot radius protective energy field around mace center​

      • Provides amazing protection

    • Blinding Attack

      • Generates an incredible flash of light and energy (feeble, yet potential stunning energy damage)​

      • Intensity lasts as long as activated

    • LIMITATION: Power source is un-generated and instead, charged and stored. The headgear only allows 2000 units of energy per action total per charge. It takes 6 hours to recharge the headgear fully.

  • GRENADES (8)

    • Remarkable toxic, smoke, explosive, frag grenades


    • Retains dozens of traps and devices in his shoulder devices

    • Traps and devices include:

      • Hand held Electrified Stun Device (1)

        • remarkable electrical attack on contact​

      • EMP device (1)

        • amazing electro-magnetic pulse (EMP)

        • range: 1/2 mile

      • Electro-Immobilizers (4)

        • Devices that when activated on ground or adhered to a surface, will immobilize a person/object within 6 foot radius at remarkable levels

      • Trip Mines (20)​

        • Incredible explosives​

        • Can be dropped or adhered to a surface

        • Can be set with timer or proximity or contact detonation

      • Shield Beacon (1)​

        • Extendable cylinder that produced an amazing protective shield vs. all forms of damage except magic​

        • Lasts for 10 minutes before independent power supply runs out

      • Sticky bombs (4)​

        • Incredible sticky immobilization glue/web

        • Can be dropped or adhered to a surface​

        • Can be set with a timer, proximity or contact detonation


    • Various rifle and/or hand-held guns with energy power packs (Remarkable energy damage)

    • 20 shots per power pack

    • Carries 2 power packs


    • Can teleport CANIS MAJOR (and only CANIS MAJOR) to any CANIS Mediporter at any of their CANIS facilities around the world (defaults to the closest one, but can be 'dialed in' for extended range) with a working Mediporter.

    • Unit burns out after use.​



  • Psychology (Professional)

  • Russian Lore (Proficient)

  • Russian Mafia (Professional)

  • Arachnoknights (Professional)

  • Gold Syndicate (Professional)

  • Maritime Marauders (Professional)

  • Aegis Alliance (Professional)

  • Operations Specialist (Master)

  • International crime organizations (Proficient)

  • Federal Laws (Proficient)

  • International Trade Laws (Proficient)

  • Military (Master)

  • Military Weapons (Master)

  • Tactics/Strategy (Professional)

  • Military History (Professional)

  • Training/Teaching (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Melee fighting (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Thrown weapons (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Escape/Hold (Professional)

  • Martial Arts; + Initiative (Professional)

  • Navigation (Professional)

  • Professional Driver (Professional)

  • Pilot (all craft) (Proficient)

  • Speedboat Captain (Proficient)

  • Motorcycles (Proficient)

  • Business (Professional)

  • Leadership (Master)

  • Logistics (Master)

  • Black Market (Professional)

  • Traps/Escape Routes (Master)

  • Art (Proficient)

  • Packing/Shipping (Proficient)

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