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The Last StandTwo Steps From Hell
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2 Dec 2008



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Captain Christopher “Chris” Carson was once a dedicated soldier in the Canadian Army that had earned the unique privilege of operating the Canadian government’s greatest battle armor ever created from Project: Canadian Shield, but today is an expatriated criminal who has instead become one of the greatest supporters of fellow expatriate Colonel Chanteau, leader of the United Canadian Empire and is now considered to be a super-powered global terrorist.

In the late 1990s, Canada had been working on a militarized field combat battle suit for the Canadian Army under Project: Canadian Shield.  The suit underwent years of testing and refinements, but cost increases and power generation were always severely limiting factors while the suit was being developed and engineered.  By 1998, the suit was 400% over budget.  The project was shutdown and the suit was stored in a vault at a military site outside of Ottawa, Canada.  In 2000, the need for the suit was greater than ever before.

In 2000, the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth, attempting to enslave the human race and pirate the planet’s resources.  For the first several months, the world’s military, governments and super-powered beings fought a hard and losing battle. In the last few weeks of the invasion, new weapons were devised to use against the Soltans, however, to get close enough to them to use the weapons was a factor.  That’s when an engineer from Project: Canadian Shield broke into the vault in Ottawa, recharged the battle armor, modified the suit’s weaponry with the “Soltan Killer” weapons and went out to take down the Soltans.  In the end he killed over 600 Soltan soldiers and took down 10 transport ships and 1 star cruiser (it was already on the ground for maintenance, but he destroyed it on the ground).  Unfortunately, the unnamed engineer died in a final battle outside of Ottowa from an electrical failure, electrically zapping him to death inside the suit.

After the Soltans retreated back into space, the Canadian Shield armor was recovered and taken to another military base.  There, contractors worked for another several years to perfect the battle suit, once again, having power generation issues in the design. 


Finally, the battle suit was ready for field testing with a power generator that was capable of providing 50% of the power needed to run the suit.  The test pilot was Captain Christopher Carson of the Canadian Army. Captain Carson was a war hero of the Soltan Invasion and had even worked under another fellow Canadian war hero, Colonel Chanteau, for a few months during the invasion.  He considered Colonel Chanteau to be a dedicated albeit unusual leader who used every ‘non-military’, ‘non-tactical’ maneuver to defeat the enemy.  As far as Carson was concerned, Chanteau was a genius and a true hero.  Carson volunteered to test pilot the Canadian Shield battle suit as per Chanteau’s recommendation.

Over the next year or so, Carson helped test the battle suit and provide inputs for the engineers and designers.  On the day of the final test, a test that had the deputy prime minister present, Carson was informed that Colonel Chanteau was arrested by the Canadian government for creating a ‘cult of personality’ amidst his ranks and conduct unbecoming an officer.  Carson was shocked over this.  As Carson tried to inquire about the charges, he was ordered to forget about Colonel Chanteau and focus on the final test.  When Carson pressed for more info about Chanteau, Carson was told if he didn’t go out and do his job he’d be court-martialed just like Chanteau.

Carson did not take well to that threat.

During the final test, Carson did NOT do his best; as a matter of fact, he emphasized the weak points of the battle suit and made it and him look weak and unmanageable.  By the end of the test, Carson’s commander came over to him screaming that he was fired from the project and that he’d be lucky to hold onto his rank before the commander was done with him.  Carson, who had a burgeoning disrespect for others that were not like Chanteau, put the armor away for the night, however, he kept the key to the vault the suit was kept in.  Why he did this, he didn’t know, but his actions would actually lead to a complete reversal of his career and life over the next 24 hours.

That night, Carson went to a military bar outside of city.  There, he overheard a couple of fellow officers talking about Chanteau.  He walked over to them and asked them what the scoop on what happened to Chanteau.  One drink led to another and in a few hours, Carson had learned that over 200 of Chanteau’s men were going to break him out of the military prison.  Carson made the decision to ask to join them.  Since they didn’t know him, they said they appreciated the offer, but they were unsure of his intentions.  Instead, Carson told them about the Canadian Shield battle suit.  By the time Carson was done describing what the suit could do, he was initiated into the jail break.  They let him know that what he was doing would be considered treason and that he’d be a criminal like the rest.  Carson didn’t care.  As far as he was concerned, the Canadian government taking down a war hero like Chanteau was treason to him. With everyone in agreement, the plan was set and the countdown began.

The next day, Carson was ordered to the commander’s office for a formal reprimand.  Carson was told he’d be sent to a remote base north of Hudson Bay where he, as a Lieutenant, pending forthcoming administrative signatures from the upper echelon of his demotion from Captain, would serve out his remaining service time.  Carson smiled, saluted and acknowledged the conversation. With a perfectly executed about-face maneuver, he left the commander’s office and went straight to the Canadian Shield vault.  At the vault, the guards there were told not to admit Carson to the vault.  He said he had personal gear in there and he needed to retrieve it prior to his transfer.  One of the guards said he’d get the gear for him instead.  As the one guard turned to enter the vault, Carson attacked them and knocked them unconscious. He then took the key he kept the night before and opened the vault.  He brought a truck around to the vault and using a loader, loaded the battle suit, its support equipment and all its plans and data onto the truck.  He then placed the two guards inside the vault and locked it again.  Within minutes, Carson had stolen the Canadian Shield battle suit, assaulted two fellow army personnel and committed treason of the highest order.

That night, in an old abandoned gas station garage, Carson had recharged and rigged the Canadian Shield armor for battle. At 2300 hours, Chanteau’s men would be at the military prison to break him out.  Carson’s job was to keep a path open for the troops to get in and get out with the Colonel and several other incarcerated followers.  Carson arrived just as the prison break began.  Using his suit’s armor and shield to cover the felonious troops’ actions, Carson made himself a true shield to the jail breakers.   As Chanteau and several others escaped the prison, Carson used the Canadian Shield battle suit much like a bulldozer, smashing anything and everything in their path.  At the end of the fence line, the troops had vehicles as getaway cars.  Carson had the truck with all the Canadian Shield equipment in it.  He entered the back of the truck, depowered the suit, exited the suit, tied it down for transport and drove with the jail breaker convoy on side roads to their next destination – Wolfe Island.

After hours of driving, they made their way to Wolfe Island, a location Chanteau used in the Soltan Invasion as a vast munitions and storage depot.  There, Chanteau and Carson finally met face to face since the invasion.  Chanteau considered Carson a brave hero for what he did and told him it would be an honor to have him join his movement. Carson agreed.

Since then, Carson continues to operate the Canadian Shield battlesuit.  Doctor Phlebotinum, a scientific genius also working with Chanteau, actually created a powerful new generator for the Canadian Shield armor, bringing it to 100% capacity, as well as modified the energy shield and the power distribution system, enhancing the wearer’s fighting abilities. He was then made part of Chanteau’s new world movement, the “United Canadian Empire” and was made a founding member of the militant group’s super-powered team, the “UCE Enforcers”.

A few years ago, Carson in his Canadian Shield battle suit was part of a master plan to take over all of New England using nuclear weapons as a motivator.  Carson wasn’t too happy over the plan and had some issues with this tactic, however, before he could voice a different, less ‘nuclear’ plan, he was threatened by the UCE Enforcer’s team leader, Enforcer Alpha, who informed Carson that if he didn’t like the way the UCE was doing things, he could leave…without his armor.  Carson since then has been thinking if he made the right choice following Chanteau, now calling himself “Emperor North”.

Today, Carson continues his role as the brutish tank of the UCE Enforcers, however, his heart and soul are in turmoil on whether the UCE was truly revolutionary…or a true terrorist organization.




Power Origin: Natural with Technology

Canadian Shield is a normal human being whose powers come from his Canadian Shield Battle Suit (abilities listed in EQUIPMENT).




Canadian Shield battle Suit Mark III

  • Physical Enhancements

    • Increases the bearer's capabilities against the armor wearer's capabilities as follows:

    • fighting - increases up to three fold (max: incredible level)

    • agility - increases up to four-fold (max: incredible level)

    • strength - increases three-fold (max: incredible level)

    • endurance - increases five- fold (max: amazing level)

  • Armoring

    • Remarkable protection against all forms of physical, temperate, toxic/toxin attacks

    • Incredible protection against all forms of energy attacks

    • Amazing level against all forms of radiation and ECM attacks

    • Armor has been tested to operate satisfactorily in watery depths down to 700 feet of depth.

    • Armor has been tested to operate in space, but can only do so for 50 minutes before systems begin to fail.

  • Kinetic Power Generator

    • Self-contained kinetic engine generator that will continue to power the suit so long as it doesn’t stay idle for over 2 hours.

    • Generator also stores up to 4,000 units of power, generating 40 units every several seconds if max storage gets lowered, as long as the armor is moving; no movement=no charging/generating

  • Energy Shield

    • Can activate a powerfully spectacular energy shield on either the right or left gauntlet (not both)

    • Provides spectacular protection against all forms of damage except psionic/mental and magic

  • Helmet

    • Contains a remarkable array of communications equipment, visual sensors, auditory enhancers and aural enhancers

    • Provides same armoring as listed above

  • Visor

    • Can see into normal, infra red, thermal and night vision spectrums/augmentations​

    • Provides incredible flash protection

  • Rocket Boots

    • Allows flight up to 10,000 feet AGL in altitude at a maximum speed of 600 mph for a maximum duration of 15 minutes.

  • Sensors

    • His suit is also equipped with a built-in remarkably accurate radar and sonar system, capable to detecting moving objects up to 30 miles away within direct sensor range.

  • Life Support

    • Armor can seal itself and provide 2 hours of oxygen before the armor bearer runs out of air

    • Suit heaters provide normal remarkable thermal protection, but can also be bypassed to allow incredible heating capabilities if the suit is used in space or in deep/frigid underwater conditions

  • Leaping

    • Pending on the armor bearer's strength, the armor allows for powerful leaps based on strength enhancement capabilities.​




  • Military (Professional)

  • Canadian Air Force (Professional)

  • Pilot (Jets/Military) (Professional)

  • Military Research & Development (Professional)

  • Soltan Invasion (Professional)

  • Canadian History (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Melee Fighting (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun Attacks (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Holds/Escapes (Proficient)

  • Military hand-to-Hand Combat (Proficient)

  • Military Weapons (Proficient)

  • Marksmanship (Proficient)

  • Electrical Engineering (Proficient)

  • Military Vehicles (Proficient)

  • Leadership (Proficient)

  • Security (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • English (Professional)

    • French (Professional)

    • Icelandic (Proficient)

    • Japanese (barely Proficient)

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