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The Canadian

Mind Heist: Beyond ControlZach Hemsey
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Jack Hudson

Known, but not well



late 20s








The Cosmic Mountie

The Allied Fighters



Don "Major Deej" Finger

30 Jul 2018


Karen Hudson (wife, deceased)

Sarah Hudson (daughter, now in foster care)




Jack Hudson was a Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Lieutenant who, one night while hunting down a killer out by Hudson Bay, was shot and laid dying on the shore of the bay. He was overcome with a light blue glow with voices speaking to him through the ether. Rather than die, he was possessed by what can (at this time) be best described as a 'spirit of Canada.


This same spirit did the same thing to another First Tribe Canadian who, by chance, was also in the RCMP at the start of World War II (1940). That spirit stayed with his host until the war's end, where neither were ever seen again.


Days after Jack's possession, he awoke, floating 2,000 feet in the air over Hudson Bay hundreds of miles from where he'd 'died'. He has no idea how he got his new powers and instead seemed to drift in and out of 'sensing' others and things around him, with the spirit 'guiding' him and his knowledge through a transient neural interface. Jack eventually made his way back home and told his RCMP bosses what had happened, only for them to tell Jack that he'd have to be 'let go'.

Due to the lays under the UN's Super-powered Registration Action (SRA), Jack was 'let go' from his RCMP duties and forced to register. The Canadian authorities had no idea how to understand Jack in his interweaving interactions. Instead, in disguise, the legendary Major Invader took Jack 'off the hands' of the Canadian government and instead brought Jack into the Major's latest iteration of the Allied Fighters, trying to help Jack understand his new, cosmic-based powers as well as do good in the world.

With no other name from the possessing entity other than "The Canadian", Jack continues his heroic duties with the Allied Fighters and is actively being  trained in Zeta Squad.

NOTE: "The Canadian" spirit/being in Jack's body has a tendency to just 'leave' and wind up dozens in not hundreds of miles away in Canada, communing with creatures and plants and seemingly 'associating' to whatever occurrences are in and about that seem to cause the spirit 'concern' or distress.



Power Origin: Initially, normal; now: Science/Cosmic (once Jack Hudson was possessed)

  • Energy Aura

    • Can mentally turn on and off an excellent ranked cosmic energy-based field

    • While on, the field provides excellent protection against all forms of damage including magic and mental

    • Can be expanded out to a maximum 20 foot radius from Canadian's body with a diminish protection level to typical.

    • Light blue aura; eyes glow when field is on also.

    • Aura auto-activates also when he uses his energy blasts


  • Energy Hover/Flight

    • Can hover at feeble speeds up to up 2,000 above ground level ASGL)

    • Eyes glow when flying and energy aura automatically envelops him


  • Energy Blasts

    • Can emit cosmic/energy blasts from his hands up to a good level to max range of 200 yards

    • Can up to excellent power blast (2 round build-up), however, Canadian's endurance may be an issue, possible stun effects on Canadian after the blast emits if his endurance isn't up to the task.


  • Communion with 'Canadian Living/Inspirited' Beings & Creatures

    • Can directly communicate with animals, plants, trees (living things) and inanimate objects that have had a living spirit added to them all at an excellent level.

    • Range: about 200 yards


  • Limited Healing

    • Typical ability to heal himself or others by touch

    • Can only do one 'healing' pass at a typical level every minute; more than that takes away his own health (which he can do)

    • Cannot normally heal more than his own amount of health in one day; if he does, he looses a level of endurance for each 15% beyond his max health he pulls from.


  • Energy Detection

    • Can detect energy sources of a typical level or greater up to 2 miles away.

    • Energy Detection is always on, making him seem 'distracted' most of the time as he's 'sorting out' the various energies, biological versus mechanical versus weather-based versus cosmic versus hot/cold-based versus bio-mass (city/town populace) and animal mass (herd)

    • Eyes glow when he's focused on a particular detected energy (focused effort)



  • Uniform

    • Jacket

      • provides typical temperate protection and poor physical protection

      • shoulder pads can transform into snowshoes

    • Boots

      • provides good physical and temperate protection

    • Gloves

      • Provide good temperate protection and poor physical protection

  • Handcuffs (2)

    • Incredible material; good hold​

  • Energy Handgun (1)

    • Power packs provide 40 good energy shots/pack

    • Carries 4 Handgun power packs and 1 in the gun

    • Incredible material strength

  • Baton (1)

    • Incredible material

  • Allied Fighters Earwig (2)

    • Radio transceiver with 250 mile range in Earth's atmosphere



  • RCMP (Professional)

  • Guns (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts (Slam/Stun) (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts (Fighting-Unarmed) (Proficient) 

  • Martial Arts (Wrestling: Escapes, Holds, Dodging) (Proficient)

  • Marksmanship (Professional)

  • Canadian History (Professional)

  • Horse-riding (Professional)

  • Tracking/Trailing (Proficient)

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