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Voodoo People (Pendulum Mix)The Prodigy
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LeRoy Laurence





Single (now)







Hogun LeRoy, Black King

Masters of Maleficence



Don "Major Deej" Finger

14 Feb 2007



None known




LeRoy (meaning 'The King') Laurence is a practitioner a very dark form of voodoo - human sacrifice. In Haiti, he was a feared Voodoo Hogun. Criminal elements would seek him out when they wanted someone 'taken out' or to disappear.  For two decades, LeRoy ruled his corner of the dark voodoo trade like a kingpin...that is, until Hurricane Katrina hit Haiti.


Hurricane Katrina obliterated the Haitian island, destroying homes, buildings and roads, killing thousands of people.  LeRoy, in a mad scramble to haul his several hundred pounds of rare and unique potions and ingredients, was ripped from his residence and whipped into the storm’s fury with the winds eventually tossing him out into the open Caribbean Sea, where he clung to floating debris before he passed out from his wounds.  Days later, the United States Navy, assisting in the hurricane recovery, found LeRoy amidst the floating debris off the Haitian coast.  They brought him aboard their hospital ship, where his immediate injuries were treated, however, due to his head injury, he required surgery that the hospital ship could not provide.  He was evacuated via helicopter to the only state not overwhelmed with hurricane relief efforts, yet capable of performing the required surgery – Kentucky. 

After several successful surgeries to relieve the pressure on LeRoy’s brain, he awoke in a Louisville, Kentucky intensive care ward, adorned with hundreds of flowers from locals trying to show support for LeRoy, their only resident hurricane victim.  Stunned at his location, settings and condition, LeRoy was met by a fellow Hogun of voodoo, however, this man was a white-magic Voodoo practitioner, named Mogambo Bindula.  Mogambo, who was born in Freetown, Liberia, had lived in Haiti for several years before he gained his doctor’s license and moved to Louisiana and eventually Kentucky.  Mogambo was brought in when LeRoy’s doctors denoted LeRoy’s voodoo tattoos and wanted to have someone there when LeRoy awoke to explain things and assure him not to be fearful.  LeRoy, however, was far from being fearful; he was livid over being taken from his home in Haiti and treated by the ‘white man’s’ medical practices.   Mogambo assured LeRoy that if it wasn’t for the ‘white man’s’ practices, LeRoy would not be alive today.  After calming down, LeRoy feigned sleep to instead plot what he needed to do next. Once Mogambo left, LeRoy realized he was penniless in a land of money, and trapped in a location he had no clue how to navigate, nonetheless fit into.  He decided to plot a way to play into Mogambo’s good graces and bide his time to find a way to get home, even if he had to kill everyone who got in his way.

Once able to leave the hospital, Mogambo invited LeRoy to stay at his home with his wife and four children.  Mogambo, a practicing physician at the Louisville Memorial Hospital, dabbled in an online ‘voodoo’ practice with his wife, aiding their clientele in love potions, ‘paths to success’ spells, and voodoo remedies for those terminally ill patients looking for other forms of remedies.  During his stay at Mogambo’s, LeRoy regained his strength and began to learn what had transpired in his own country, Haiti, after the hurricane.  Using the internet for the first time, LeRoy discovered his home and property had been turned into a refugee camp where thousands of Haitian hurricane victims were now squatting – on HIS property.  Angered, LeRoy fomented a plan to get back to Haiti and make the squatters pay for their audacity.

Within a year's time, LeRoy had accumulated enough funds from the Kentucky locals (putting on a cheery, yet creepy smile, to those that donated their funds) through online and TV interviews and charity drives organized by Mogambo and his family. When all was done, Mogambo and his family insisted on flying back with LeRoy to Haiti (much to LeRoy’s chagrin; he wanted to fly back on his own).  Once there, Mogambo surprised LeRoy with TV interviewers and cameramen who wanted to record LeRoy’s return home for a Kentucky TV station.  Irritated yet unwilling to create a scene, he allowed them to record his journey home; with any luck, they’d record the results of his plans for those squatters and let the world know that LeRoy was a force not to be trifled with.

The next day, LeRoy, Mogambo, Mogambo’s family and the TV crew arrived at LeRoy’s overrun estate.  Using every ounce of control, LeRoy greeted the squatters, telling them he was ‘happy’ to help those in need of his property.  LeRoy walked around his property not to greet the squatters, but instead to ensure his hidden supplies of voodoo ingredients were undiscovered.  Out of twenty secret stashes, only several survived the storm and squatters invasion.  Denoting their location and condition, LeRoy told Mogambo it was ‘too emotional’ for him, and that he’d rather take time for himself overnight on his property and rejoin Mogambo and the TV crew the next morning.  Mogambo and the TV crew acquiesced, leaving LeRoy to his own unhindered malicious machinations.

The next morning, LeRoy wanted to use the remainder of his Kentucky charity funds to provide a feast for the squatters.  Engaging the squatters, he got dozens of volunteers to help cook the feast for the squatters.  Later that night, after everyone had eaten their fill, LeRoy requested for a toast, using his own ‘special java juice’ his mother once taught him to make.  LeRoy demanded that no one drink the toast until he said so, showing ‘unity’ in overcoming the disaster. During the toast, LeRoy eerily mentioned that ‘those that won against the hurricane’s death may have to face death once again, sooner rather than later’.  At that point, in unison, all the squatters drank his special java juice.

His ‘special java juice’ was poison.

Thousands of squatters began to die, as did the TV crew (cameras were set up and rolling, recording the entire event) and Mogambo’s family.  Mogambo, realizing what was happening, inducing himself to vomit the poisonous contents, and attempt to do the same for his family; Mogambo, rather than die that day, passed out, while his family died at his side.

As the squatters and LeRoy’s acquaintances died around him, LeRoy cackled a vicious and evil laugh, cursing them and stating that they would soon be ‘serving him’ for their crime of squatting on his lands. Relief workers found the bodies later that night with LeRoy sitting in the middle of the circle of the dead, performing a voodoo ritual.  When the police arrived later, LeRoy gave up without a fight and was taken into custody.

By morning, the Kentucky TV crew’s footage was seen around the world, with LeRoy now considered the greatest ‘mass murderer’ of the 21st century.  The thousands of bodies were buried in a mass grave within days, while the bodies of the Kentucky TV crew, Mogambo’s wife and children’s were taken back to Kentucky and buried there. Out of all the dead, only one person survived LeRoy’s murderous revenge – Mogambo Bindula. Mogambo was found to be in a coma and was taken back to Kentucky for treatment.

LeRoy never spoke a single word from the the time of his arrest until the day of his trial, when, during sentencing, he finally said that his revenge was far from complete and that his “Loa” (voodoo god) would claim the souls of even more from this night forward.

That night, those thousands of souls that had been poisoned by LeRoy came back to life – as zombies.

That gruesome night resulted in hundreds of deaths as the zombies, hungry for flesh, attacked and ate their victims.  LeRoy was ordered to cancel the spell on penalty of death, for which LeRoy agreed to only if the authorities released him.  Minutes later, LeRoy was taken from prison back to his property where he said he’d need his voodoo ingredients there to counter the spell.  Instead, LeRoy lied to the authorities and instead got them sick with a poisonous powder.

Now LeRoy was free, back on his property, and in control of thousands of zombies.

Over the next week or so, the police and military tried to stop the throngs of zombies, however, LeRoy used his dark voodoo magics to increase his hordes by hundreds more, drawing dead bodies from graveyards all across Haiti.  Even when the United States tried to help, an entire Seal Team was accosted and turned into zombies.  Haiti soon became a quarantined land.  Walls went up between the Dominican Republic and Haiti, only for thousands of new zombies on the Dominican Republic side to rise and add more zombies to their ranks.  All hope was gone for those that remained in the quarantined Haiti and the Dominican Republic, now renamed “Zombie Island” by the media.  All hope…except for Mogombo Bindula, who was now awake from his coma…as a half undead/half alive man.

Mogambo, still in control of his faculties, wept over the loss of his family and vowed to help stop the monster that was LeRoy.  A Mystiguard representative from the international protection force known as G.U.A.R.D. worked a plan with Mogambo to stop LeRoy.  It was a dangerous one, but the only plan anyone was able to pull off without further casualties.

Mogambo was flown back to Haiti.  There he was released into the zombie infestation zone where the other zombies considered him as one of their own and didn’t try and stop him.  After miles of walking, Mogambo arrived at LeRoy’s compound.  Mogambo was armed with several weapons and mystical tools needed to stop LeRoy and end the zombie plague, however, before the zombies could be stopped, LeRoy had to be killed first. Mogambo advanced on LeRoy as LeRoy was performing yet another zombie-raising ritual.  In the middle of the ritual, Mogambo, rather than go with GUARD’s plan, overcome with rage and anger, leaped at LeRoy, cursing him to Hell.  LeRoy was knocked into the middle of the ritual fire, where several smoky pots surrounding the fire exploded into tendrils of dark energy.  Mogambo was able to scurry free of the tendrils, but not before he saw LeRoy, screaming in the center of the ritual fire, turn into a zombie right before him.  All the zombies surrounding the compound (as well as the rest of the island) fell to the ground as lifeless corpses.  LeRoy, on the other hand, stood up in the center of the fire, cursing at Mogambo, stating that he’d interrupted the ritual at the worst moment, and that now LeRoy was a living zombie.  The only benefit for LeRoy was that he was now fused with his Loa’s dark energies.  In a pitched battle with Mogambo using Mystiguard’s arcane weapons, guns, and knives against LeRoy, while LeRoy used dark energy blasts and magics, Mogambo finally got the upper hand in the fight and was able to enshroud LeRoy in one of Mystiguard’s counter-magic nets, negating LeRoy’s voodoo magics and dark powers, albeit temporarily. LeRoy was captured and all zombies across Haiti and the Dominican Republic dropped to the ground, officially ‘dead’ once again, yet strangely, Mogambo remained in his new state as a living, cognizant zombie.

Mystiguard hauled LeRoy away and placed him in one of Aeroguard’s Sky Prisons, keeping him far away from any dead bodies that he’d be able to reanimate.  Mogambo was asked to join Mystiguard, but declined.  His current location and status is unknown.

After properly burying the Haitian and Dominican zombie corpses (and exorcising their tint of dark voodoo magics), Haiti’s quarantine was lifted, but the island remained forever scarred with its “Zombie Island” status. Tourism and businesses left the island, turnig both Hauiti and the Dominican Republic into a cesspool of disease, poverty and despair.

As part of GUARD's obsession with renaming prisoners or events with codenames, LeRoy was placed into Project: Bokor; the mystical study of zombies and reanimated bodies.  LeRoy was actually pleased with the project’s name and started calling himself ‘Bokor’ as a result.

Bokor’s actions drew the attention of an ancient sinister cult known as the Dark Overlords.  The Dark Overlord’s cult leaders were ordererd by their demon overlord (from and stuck in another dimension), Lord Stygian, who wanted a means by which one could ‘reanimate’ any of Stygian's demons in his otherworldly army. Bokor, having the  knowledge to perform this, was broken out of prison and tasked with helping in a 'crossover' event wherein Lord Stygian wouild enter Earth's dimension and use Bokor and several other evil super-powered beings to ehlp him take control of Earth. Rather than allow Stygian to take over, the leader of this 'avante guard' of the Dark Overlords instead betrayed Lord Stygian, which Bokor agree to join in to do.  In the end, Lord Stygian was possibly killed, never entering Earth's dimension, but at the same time, the enormous mystical powers of Stygian and his dimension were lost instead of taken, thus leaving the 'avante guard' with no direction, no 'overlord', or for that matter, purpose. Instead they all agreed to work together to aid in taking over the world but no longer as "Dark Overlords", but instead as the Masters of Maleficence.

Today, Bokor still uses his Haitian compound as his base of operations, complete with a few hundred zombies to defend himself with. He teleports to the Masters of Maleficence base location called "The Crypt" in the United States several times a month to access his special herbs and potions he keeps there, as well as work towards the Masters of Maleficence takeover of the world.

As a footnote, one mystery still remains related to Bokor; the Kentucky graves of Mogambo’s family and those of the Kentucky TV crew that died in Haiti were found disturbed with the bodies missing from their grave sites.  This was reported hours after LeRoy’s first zombie night.  Their bodies have yet to be found…as well as Mogambo Bindula, who has not been seen since his lat encounter with LeRoy.




Power Origin: Magic

  • Necromancy

    • Bokor has the unearthly means to create hundreds of zombies from any body that has been dead for 1 hour or more, but not less than 15 minutes. To do so, he must perform a brief voodoo ritual of 20 seconds to bring any and all dead bodies (humans or animal) back from the dead within a 200 foot radius.

    • Once raised fro the dead, Bokor can control, order, manipulate and force his zombies to do everything he wants them to do, so long as they stay within a 25 mile range.  Once past 25 miles, the zombie officially becomes 'dead' again, or until Bokor comes back into range.

    • Bokor is usually surrounded by several zombies at any given time

    • Each zombie raised and/or controlled by Bokor operate at 3 times less of what was once their capabilities.

  • Immortality

    • Bokor cannot die other than through an unearthly means of removing or permanently negating Bokor's magic either through white or dark magic; magic that requires hours of preparation and ceremony and conducted by highly practiced Hoguns, mages and/or witches.

    • He no longer is required to eat, breath or sleep.

  • Vision/Senses

    • Can see in normal light, infra red and ultraviolet spectrums​

    • Can see the spectral trails of the dead/undead (unearthly tracking)

    • Can sense imminent death of someone/thing up to 1 hour in the future (doesn't mean the imminent death is set in stone, but that death is coming for someone nearby). Being has to be within 20 feet of Bokor for his to sense this.

  • Black Magic/Dark Energy

    • Black Magic/Dark Energy Blasts

      • Rated to inflict up to excellent magical or energy damage (not both).

    • Dark Tendrils

      • Can cast dark energy tendrils from the ground up to 200 feet away for a 10 foot square area, wherein the dark tendrils can grab hold and immobilize or hold a target (or targets) with excellent strength. Tendrils can stay active for up toa minute, unless recast.

    • Black Magic Demons

      • Can create several small blackened demons, all of which each only have poor capabilities and zero reason or psyche. These demons only operate at the command of Bokor and can exist for up to 2 minutes befor they 'disappear' or they are recast/continued to stay. 

    • Enshrouding

      • Bolor can darken the area up to 100 feet in radius from his location, dropping visibility byt a factor of 2. This lasts only for 20 seconds, and has to be recast to remain operational after the initial 20 seconds.

    • Dark Portals

      • He can teleport to anywhere in the world, but has to have a mystical beacon created at the site he wishes to port to first. Once the beacon is set, Bokor can teleport to any and all active beacons. The portal created is 7 feet in radius and stays open only until Bokor uses magic to close the portal himself.



  • Loa Staff

    • Unearthly magical material

    • Can fire mystical bolts of good or better magical/energy damage

    • Can be used to enhance control of the undead in volume, distance and strength at a remarkable level

    • Can be used to enhance the undead's capabilities by an additional level/factor.

    • Can capture and animate the spirit of a 'dead' person who no longer has a body and can attach said spirit to be controlled by Bokor for up to 2 hours time. 

  • Cape of the Black King

    • Ancient voodoo cape that provides remarkable protection from all forms of attack, so long at the cape is worn.

    • Prevents anyone trying to control Bokor as a zombie at an unearthly level

  • Crescent of Blood

    • Prevents any form of mental manipulation up to and including incredible ranks to anyone who wears/wields it.

    • Allows wearer to see into the astral plane (but only with concentration and no distractions)

  • Painted Voodoo Symbols

    • Provides protection for the following up to an excellent rank:

      • Teleportation

      • Mind Control

      • Magical Tracking

  • Skull-head Smokers (8)​

    • Worn on belt

    • When smashed (poor material), a cloud of dark, thick choking smoke arises and permeates a 10' x 10' area in less than 3 seconds, expanding outwards from there at a reduced level per each 10 square feet.

    • The smoke stays active for up to 2 minutes unless ventilated from the area.

    • Can cause lung irritation at a poor level, stunning those affected into a coughing fit.



  • Voodoo (Doctorate)

  • Haitian History/Lore (Master)

  • Necromancy (Professional)

  • Crime/Cartel Operations (Professional)

  • Alchemy (Master)

  • Poisons (Master)

  • Biology (Professional)

  • Herbal Medicines (Master)

  • Ward/Beacon/Voodoo Symbol Creation (Master)

  • Stealth (Professional)

  • Jungle Wildlife and Living (Professional)

  • Languages:

    • Haitian

    • Spanish

    • French/Creole

    • English

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