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SR-71, Blackbird, Habu




Don "Major Deej" Finger

Oct 1991






BREAKING NEWS:  Recent secretive images and documents have been leaked by a defecting G.U.A.R.D. contractor, Ward Summers concerning the secretive being only known by the press codenamed of "Exospectre". 


Ward Summers recently leaked thousands of pages and images of classified materials relating to secretive GUARD operations worldwide. Summers is currently in hiding, but is believed to be under asylum in Russia.


Not only have the leaked documents stated that the "Exospectre" exists, but that it is also part of the highly publicized Nobel Prize-winning Search & Rescue organization known as the "Aeroguardians".

These new  "Exospectre" images were tagged with the following text:  T-HYB: EB/EA.  No one knows what these letters represent, but they are believed to have some association to this stealthy character.

It is highly believed "Exospectre" is used for high speed  (exceeding MACH 3) reconnaissance and interdiction missions requiring stealth in intelligence gathering and/or rescuing people. 

The Pentagon, nor G.U.A.R.D., have conceded that this 'Exospectre" exists and have routinely informed reporters since this leak developed that there is no such thing as a human 'SR-71 Blackbird'.



Powers: Presumed none, but unknown

Origin of Powers: Technologically-Based




    • Full body and head protection from effects of flight, cold, heat and wind.

    • Provides amazing protection from physical and heat damage.

    • Provides fantastic protection from radiation, toxins or cold damage.

    • Provides incredible protection from energy and magic attacks.

    • Suit's armor and engine pack dissipate heat to cool off rapidly or, if applicable, heat up the surface, creating a complete armored surface area temperature of +/- 10 degrees F from ambient air temp; rate of cooling=10 degrees F/ second.

    • Armor's exoskeleton provides the wearer remarkable strength, amazing endurance, remarkable agility/targeting and excellent fighting capabilities (computer assisted melee/combat).


    • Left and Right gauntlets can emit excellent force blasts up to 200 yards range against targets assigned by helmet's GUARD Tracking System (GTS).

    • Targets past 200 yards will have energy effects halved per each additional 20 yards to a max range/feeble effect rang of 280 yards.

    • Gauntlets can fire so long as engine pack generator is operational

    • Gauntlets can be overloaded only ONCE each to one remarkable energy blast before the gauntlet circuits fail. 25% chance of Engine Pack failure if overload comes from the Engine Pack.



    • Blackbird's illusion cameras and circuitry can create up to 3 versions of himself, by which he can associate tactical actions, independent computer controls, or direct control via mnemonic helmet array up to a range of 1 mile.

    • Requires an enemy to have incredible perception to identify the illusion as an illusion.

    • Each illusion contains a concentric force energy holographic charge, allowing for the illusions to fire typically ranked force blasts once per every 12 seconds, otherwise movement, flight and response functions of the illusions are incredibly realistic.

    • The armor's illusion control also creates a stealth field around the armor to make it blend into the sky like a chameleon.  Requires incredible perception to see through the stealth field.


    • Same protection stats as armor (above)

    • Satellite multinational comms two-way network with unabridged range in atmosphere up to Exosphere.

    • Satellite computer microwave data feed at a1 TB/sec rate anywhere in the world.

    • Calibrated mnemonic control sensors used for flight control, equipment and weapons operations.  No one else is authorized to operate armor (fantastic level security system will scuttle armor with self-fusing destruct protocol if armor's use or security is compromised).

    • Can receive transmit radio, microwave, and infrared signals (and data) from transceiver in helmet. Max range of 150 miles.

    • Visor provides fantastic physical protection, polarized lenses, a Heads-Up Display (HUD) screen, night vision, infra-red detection (10 miles), and amazing flash/blinding protection.

    • Built-in loudspeaker can emit 200 dB transmission that can be adjusted for bullhorn or tight beam transmissions ranges out to a max of 1 mile.

    • Control, video and telemetry from each AeroDrone up to 100 mile range (see Stealth Drones for more details).

    • US, NATO and United Nations military unclassified and classified data and communications feed access.


    • Remarkably potent sensor array package to include Radio Direction Finder (RDF) equipment, NAVSAT and SARSAT direct links for ego-satellite live feeds and updates.

    • Worldwide weather algorithm sensor array for advanced (amazing) weather forecasting.

    • Biorhythm, infrared thermal and bio-electric sensors for searching for living beings and animals within 100 mile range.

    • Armor sends telemetry on Exospectre's vitals and condition for medical logging and remote analysis or to select personnel via satellite, microwave or cellular transmissions.

    • Cameras and video recording and live feeds are transmitted and viewed in HD quality imagery with up to 5 camera ports on the armor, complete with GTS tracking and mnemonic controls (amazing accuracy, clarity and control).  Can record up to 20 hours of data.


    • Amazing physical and thermal protection; fantastic toxic/toxin/acid and radiation protection

    • Feet warmers/coolers (battery powered good for 12 hours)

    • Provides amazing jet-powered flight speed of Mach 1.2 for up to 2 hours (up to 1600 miles) before fuel is drained.

    • Can provide short ramjet speed flight for 30 seconds up to Mach 3, but has a 10% chance every 10 seconds of burning out. Can only be achieved if flight speed is at least 400mph before the ramjet is activated.


    • Fantastic material casing

    • Emergency Locator Transmitter Beacon (25 mile range); 7 day battery

    • Engine pack provides amazing computer-assisted flight controls for hovering and sustained flight

    • Max. Flight speed: Self - Mach 2.7 with max load of 1000 lbs.; Mach 3.2 by self

    • Flight range: 7500 miles

    • Power generator:

      • when in flight, pack can generated 1500kW of power for external sources or for gauntlets and or helmet

      • when not in flight, only generates enough power for armor operation (sans gauntlets and flight) for 24 hours of operations

      • Engine Pack has internal batteries that require 24 hours to fully recharge

      • Generator can overload for 1 minute to provide 2000kW of power for the overload duration, but doing so will destroy the Engine Pack (Excellent level explosion)

    • Stores 2 Stealth Drones and associated telemetry transceiver arrays for each drone. Suit wearer (or remote controller) can launch drones from slots inside Engine Pack


    • Suit holds up to 16 excellent level explosive missiles.

    • Remarkable control, GTS fly-by-telemetry feature.

    • Max. Speed: Mach 4; range 4 miles


    • Remarkable material hover/fly drones (20" x 12" x8" when unfolded)

    • Each drone contains same stealth tech as the armor (see Illusions/Stealth above) and can create the same type of stealth field, but only lasts for 10 minutes (power issue)

    • Range: (when fully charged) 120 miles

    • Video Camera with HD, thermal and infra-red vision with remote Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) with 600X zoom (1000X digital)

    • Amazing sensor telemetry package

    • Each drone carries 2 excellent level missiles; max speed: Mach 4, range 4 miles.

    • Remarkable flight controls with pre-programming; excellent with direct remote control

    • Emergency Locator Transmitter Beacon (250 mile range); 30 day battery


  • Pilot (Master)

    • 3x agility in aerial maneuvers and combat

    • 3x knowledge of flight, flight dynamics, aircraft, aviation, engines, aerospace

    • 30+ contacts in flying and aviation fields

    • +2 resource levels for performing aviation duties for pay

    • Rated: All aviation rates and licenses, including certified master flight instruction (CMFI)

  • Military (Professional)

    • 2x knowledge of military operations, equipment and standards

    • 20+ contacts in military

    • -1 resource for working with military for pay

  • High Tech Engineering (Professional)

    • 2x knowledge of state-of-the-art technology and engineering

    • 2x knowledge of jet engines, rocket engines and ramjet engines

    • +20 contacts in high tech engineering field

    • +2 resource levels for working in this field for pay


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