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Don't Get In My WayZack Hemsey
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The Allied Fighters



Eric Finger & Don Finger

20 Jan 2017






Battleline was first seen saving a west coast United States community from a mob of destructive extremist protesters.


A unsanctioned violent protest occurred and quickly got out of control.  The extremists walked the streets in mobs burning cars, businesses,  homes and even beating innocent people in the street, including several elderly and disabled people.  The city was being terrorized, and yet the mayor and the police were too afraid to act.


That's when Battleline flew in.


Stating civil ordnance laws and the right to him performing citizens arrests, the, at the time, no-named armored giant of a man stood between a suburban neighborhood and a mob of over 100 extremists protesters.  When the mob started advancing, the armored man, using his metallic armor boot and plowed a deep groove across the width of the street's asphalt pavement in front of the mob.   He then stepped back, with weapons bristling from shoulder , arms, waist and back, all pointing at the mob.  He told them if they crossed the line, they'd have to do battle with him.  The mob cursed and jeered at him, threw rocks, knives, Molotov cocktails and even fired several shots at him, but the armored man stood his ground...and after 30 minutes of that, the mob quietly dispersed with no further violence and property damage.


The media called him "Battleline" based on the line he made in the asphalt street that day, stopping the mob from destroying a community.

News got out about this and over the next month, several other sightings were reported of a 'large grey armored man' helping save people from a burning building, stopping an armed hostage situation and even helped medics fly a kidney to a dying patient for a successful transplant 400 miles away.

From all indications, it seems that Major Invader of the Allied Fighters has recruited Battleline into the Allied Fighters.  Currently, Battleline is in the group's training squad known as Zeta Squad.




Power origin: Natural/Technology


He has no super-powers; all of his unique abilities are related to Equipment.





  • Super Strength

    • Incredibly strong; capable of smashing through solid steel.

  • Flight

    • Can fly using gravimetric device up to 500 mph at a maximum altitude of 35,000 feet for a range of 450 miles before suit requires recharging.

    • Can carry up to 10 tons of additional weight, but is reduced to half speed, half range per each ton.

  • Stealth Systems

    • Provides excellent stealth from audible, radar and heat sensing sensors

  • Computer Equipment and Systems

    • Has remarkably powerful computer system will multi-satellite access across the globe.  Thousands of programs run per second listening for broadcasts needing help or in tracking him.

    • Is protected from any monstrously strong EMP burst/weapon

  • Armored Protection

    • Has fantastic protection from physical and energy damage, monstrous protection from temperature-related attacks and unearthly protection from radiation based attacks

    • Environmental Controls provide 4 to 5 hours of comfortable conditions in the suit; after the 4-5 hours, the controls loose their abilities slowly, increasing levels of temperature in the suit every 5 minutes until it is remarkably hot inside the suit.

  • Tracking/Surveillance Systems

    • Suit contains a remarkable series of sensors and modes allowing him to see thermal/heat, Night-Vision and normal vision with flash protection

    • Contains a Heads-Up Display (HUD) for targeting and computer imaging

    • Long-Range Communications through breaching all forms of frequencies allows worldwide communications anywhere unless he is in an EMP affected zone.

  • Gauntlet Blasters

    • Incredibly strong energy blasters with a range of 400 yards

    • Can fire up to 400 times before each gauntlet's individual power supply is spent and would require recharge.

  • Shoulder Missiles

    • 12 amazingly strong concussion missiles with a range of (targeted) 2 miles and (un-targeted) 500 yards

  • Chaff dispenser

    • 4 payloads of excellent level heated magnesium flares for heat/thermal seeking missile countermeasures

  • Waist mini-guns

    • 2 mini-guns housed in a round waist disk, targeted with armor's tracking/fire control system

    • Fires for excellent-level shooting damage a several second full auto burst (for a total of 3 full auto bursts per disk),

    • Fires for good-level shooting damage in 1-second burst (can do this 18 times)

    • Disks can be changed out for the following uses:

      • Rubber bullets (stun vs. shooting damage)

      • Armor-piercing (can shoot through remarkably strong or weaker material)

      • Incendiary (every fifth bullet, when impacted, ignites a magnesium tip, creating a good-level fire)

      • Trackers (remarkably strong glue with a transmitter that emits a tracking signal for each 'bullet' for a range of 100 miles)

  • Flamethrower

    • Arm-mounted incredible plasma/thermal fire blaster with a range of over 400 yards

    • Can shoot only 10 bursts (several seconds per burst)

  • EMP Weapon

    • One-shot device with monstrously strong EMP burst that will disable all electronics for up to 75 seconds within 750 yards of the emitter.

    • Emitter can be removed and remotely triggered.

    • Any electronics that are not protected with remarkable levels of electronic surge protection will be automatically destroyed/unservicable.

    • Wipes all standard computers, servers and hard-drives within the EMP burst's range.

    • Cars and vehicles will not be able to run or start in the 75 second EMP burst time-frame; they can be restarted manually thereafter.




  • Marksman (Professional)

  • Combat Computer Systems/Trackers/Fire-Control Systems (Professional)

  • Aerial Combat (Proficient)

  • Mathematics (Proficient)

  • Weapons Manufacturing (Proficient)

  • Aeronautical Engineering (Proficient)

  • Mechanical Engineering (Professional)

  • Constitutional & Civil Law (Proficient)

  • Government/Civics (Proficient)


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