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  • There is only one species of Avians.

  • Avian is a magically altered humanoid specie from Earth created in 4000 BC.

  • Current Avian Population on Earth: 280-320

  • Most Avians reside on Avian Island.



The history of the Avian race/specie is lost in time, however, there are many stories and truths only coming to light in the last 10 years.

The race was created over 4000 years ago by a powerful magician. He altered humans with bird wings, however, their bodies and bones were not initially adaptable for flight or the weight of the wings. After several generations of Avian inbreeding, the future generations began to grow stronger bones and muscles, better vision and hearing and an innate ability to fly and navigate.

In what is known to be over a dozen 'purges' of Avians from civilization because there were 'different', the most notable purge is said to have been around 78 AD wherein the Avians were said to have congregated to leave through a dimensional door to a new home away from normal humans, however, when Mount Vesuvius blew, it is believed that nearly all Avians either perished or somehow 'disappeared' as a result.

A handful of remaining Avians took refuge on a remote island in the Azores, where, for centuries since, the Avian species have remained hidden and apart from normal society.

Several Avians, in the last several decades, had left the confines of Avian Island and ventured forth into modern civilization. Notable amongst them was a World War II superhero called "Kingfisher".  He admitted he was an 'Avian' but told no one where he'd come from.  He died before he could be further pressed about his Avian ancestry.

Recently, a vigilante called "Deathawk" and a cultist called "Anahita" have appeared in the super-powered community identifying themselves as 'Avian'.


Inherent Abilities


    • Enhanced Physical Capabilities

      • Typical fighting (up to excellent max)

      • Good agility (up to remarkable max)

      • Typical strength (up to excellent max)

      • Good endurance (up to remarkable max)

    • Senses

      • Remarkable telescopic vision

      • Excellent hearing

    • Strong bones/skeletal frame

      • Provides poor physical, magical, energy, temperate and toxic/toxin protection

      • Provides typical radiation protection

    • Wings/Flight

      • Allows to fly up to 350 mph at a max altitude of 9000 feet

      • Allows to carry up to 150 lbs of additional weight; all additional weight over 25 lbs, she loses 1/4 of her speed, strength and altitude

Inherent Abilties
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