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Arcania (Original Motion Picture S/T)Steven Wilcken
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Arcania Masters


Hero (U.S. Citizen)










Atalante Aegis, Arcana Paragona

The Challengers



Don "Major Deej" Finger

25 Dec 2006



  • Abigail Atalante AKA Abigail Masters (mother, deceased)

  • Master Paragona AKA Perry Masters (father, deceased)

  • Josiah Masters (brother, deceased)

  • 2 unnamed brothers (deceased)

  • 3 unnamed sisters (deceased)




In January 2000, Earth was invaded by the Soltan Star Empire. Two disparate and powerful magicians lost everything, but in the face of death, created something unique that today embodies the term 'hero' in every aspect - it was their only daughter, ARCANIA.

In 2000, the Soltans' first wave of attacks were focused on all the magical centers with the intent of obliterating any and all forms of magical resistance on Earth.  The Soltans deemed magic as a 'dangerous' manipulated energy and as such, with the right training and fortitude, could make a normal human an extremely powerful warrior.  As such, it didn't take but four hours into the invasion before nearly 75% of Earth's magical sites, facilities, hidden cities and magical schools were all destroyed. Some resisted; some lived to fight another day. That is where we started with this story; the teaming of Abigail Atalante and Master Paragona.

Abigail Atalante was a young women in her 20s, completing her Arcane Mastery school based out of a secretive magical society's underground city under Greenwich, England known as the "The Citadel".  An hour before the Soltan Invasion, Abigail left the confines of the Citadel to experience a snowfall that day above ground. She'd also been dating a fellow student, Dario Sanders, and as such both walked hand-in-hand along the snowy sidewalks of Greenwich...until the Soltan bombs fell.  Within seconds, both Dario and Abigail were knocked unconscious by the concussive blasts of the  bombs, leaving them passed out for the next 10 minutes. The only thing that woke them was a massive psychic/magical telepathic holler to all citizens of the Citadel to find shelter from the invaders elsewhere since the Citadel's defenses were now activated and there was no way to enter the Citadel in any way.

Abigail and Dario stumbled to their feet only in time to see a patrol of Soltan soldiers bearing down on them in the middle of the street.  The lead Soltan had a device that detected magic users and items, leading the Soltans straight to Abigail and Dario. Before they could even summon defensive shields, Dario was shot through the stomach.  Bleeding profusely, Dario, with ever iota of his being, created a portal (not a normal spell authorized in their schooling or magical community) and told Abigail to jump through.  Abigail wouldn't leave him, thus it took Dario to reposition the portal to underneath Abigail, causing her to fall through the portal instead. As Abigail disappeared through the portal, Dario was shot several more times, closing the portal and ending Dario's young life.

Abigail fell into a mob of frantic people in Czechoslovakia next. They were all running away for the same reason - Soltans.  After picking herself up (and realizing she had no idea where she was), she began to run with the large mob of fleeing humanity.  Sadly, that's when the Soltans fired off plasma bombs and mortars into the fleeing crowd.  Doing all she could to keep her wits about her, Abigail created two large magical shields over the people next to her, trying her best to protect them. Thanks to her actions, she saved hundreds of people from the initial Soltan assault...however, she also outed herself as a magic user to the fleeing masses...and the Soltans.


After Abigail's group found their way into an old tunnel system under their town, Abigail was thanked, as well as hated, for what she did. Hated, because they thought the Soltans were after her exclusively, and as such, believed that they should give her to the Soltans so as to let the others go.  After a heated discussion, the townfolks instead decided Abigail was not to be scarified and instead, to be considered a hero for what she'd done.  For the next several hours, the group rested as well as scavenged for any materials to help them survive and fight.  It didn't matter though, since a regiment of Soltan Troopers attacked the tunnels.  Only Abigail, three women, two men and two children were able to get away alive, but just barely.

Abigail's new group traveled over 50 miles into the mountains to what one man in the group called 'a perfect place to hide from the alien evil'. That's when they came upon the Temple of Arkaenus, a hidden, dark magic temple that the man knew of in his youth.  There, however, they saw the same thing as before - Soltans.  The Soltans had taken over the Temple and seemed to be 'draining' several sphere-like monuments of their supposed magical energies.  Sadly, this meant their hoped-for hiding place was compromised, and left through the thicket of the nearby woods.

While leaving the Temple, the group ran into a strange, dark figure who forcefully proclaimed himself to be Master Paragona, the leader of Arkaenus...before he collapsed from injuries he'd received from the Soltans.  The group grabbed up 'Master Paragona' and took him to an old rustic house several miles from the Temple.  There, they all rested for the next couple of days, all the while bandaging up this new group member.  When Master Paragona awoke, he almost leveled the house with his powerful magics; magics that created a dark shadow about his body and face when he used his magics.  Abigail tried to calm him down, but instead he got more agitated, leading Abigail to forcefully and magically lift and press him back into his bed, exclaiming that if he dared to pull that 'crap' anymore, she'd 'shove him down into the nearby outhouse hole and hold him there making him wish he'd died and gone to Hell instead'.  After a few moments of awkward expressions and silence, Master Paragona finally stated 'Hell...or an outhouse hole for choices, eh? If it's all the same to you, I'd rather be mauled by fluffy, cuddly puppies if that's an alternative', Abigail and others in the house all broke out in abrupt laughter, laughing so hard it brought tears to their eyes.  Master Paragona apologized and with a more human tone, shared the knowledge that he and his order were obliterated by the Soltans days before, leaving him the only survivor to his knowledge, thus, by default, making his the master of the Arkeanus sect (for which he was originally 532nd in line for). After introductions and further updating of each other's experiences since the invasion, both Master Paragona, who called himself "Perry" for short, and Abigail seemed to fall in love almost immediately.

Finally, after their few days of rest, Perry attempted to create a portal spell (much the same way Dario did back in Greenwich), but sadly, thanks to Soltan magical dampeners in the area, the spells didn't coalesce correctly, instead, opening in strange locations like from the bottom of a lake (thus nearly drowning everyone in the cabin) to space (where one man was nearly pulled into).  As such, they knew they had to move and fast, as the Soltan patrols were now getting closer each day to the house.

Finally, on the night before the group was to hike over the mountains to a more secure location, the Soltans attacked the house with mortars and bombs. Abigail and Perry, as much as they tried to save the others, failed.  In a last ditch attempt, Perry was barely able to create a new magical portal. Both Abigail and Perry jumped through the portal just before a bomb went off before them.  The portal dropped them out of the air, over one-hundred feet above the surface of the Pacific Ocean. They splashed down into the water, with no land anywhere in sight.  Using their magics, they used their shields as rafts and arcane blasts as propulsion. They traveled for the next two days until finally they found a remote island of just over ten square miles in size. They were saved.

There on the island, Abigail and Perry decided to stay. There was more than enough food, freshwater and even a beautiful grotto of mineral waters to bath and cleanse in. As such, both fell in love and even initially decided that as far as they were concerned, they might possibly be the next 'Adam & Eve' of the world due to the Soltans. Young and in love, the two agreed to be 'joined' in the eyes of their respective beliefs.  Together, each had never known bliss as much as they had together then...that is, until they noticed the Earth's magical energies were beginning to wane.

In the month of August 2000, they felt the magics about them diminishing from everything; as such, they believed the end of the world was upon them and that the Soltans must, somehow, have drained off Earth's magic (they also noted each other's diminished magical powers, as well).  As they felt the last ergs of magical energy leave, they believed their lives would end before the sunrise. In what they thought would be a final 'moment' together, they had sex. During this, the magical energies of Earth were violently returned to the planet at over 400 times its recent capacity, all free from the Soltan's siphoning machines. As such, the massive surge of magical energies coalesced over each other as they were in there moment of intimacy; an intimacy that led to their daughter, Arcania, being born nine months later.

Even after both Abigail and Perry 'felt' that a new, positive balanced had been restored, neither wanted to leave their "Eden". As such, for the next 17 years, Abigail and Perry lived together, conceiving their new daughter, Arcania.  As such, Abigail also gave birth to an additional three sons and three other daughters. By 2017, the "Masters" clan, as they now considered themselves, were their own magical sect as well.  Both Abigail and Perry taught their children each school of magic they'd learned; Abigail with her Arcane Magics, Perry with his Spirit and Death Magics.  As such, with no one to tell them otherwise, both parents also dabbled into areas of magic that were 'disallowed' in their own sects; those of Holy and Dimensional magics.  Although they had no frame of reference, it turned out that the Masters were able to concoct healing spells and life control runic magics.  This, of course they taught to their children as well, all of whom were a sponge of learning; in fact, too much so. Arcania herself, quickly learned to master healing spells with the deftness of a master by age 16.

One of the middle children, Josiah, was a moody, prickly boy to deal with.  He disliked being on the island and sought several times to try and conjure up a portal to take them where he wanted to go (which both parents stated 'no portals made without us, nor created for use to anywhere other than the areas of the island').  At the young age of 11, he thought he could take himself to his father's old Temple of Arkaenus, which Josiah thought was the coolest place to ever be (even though his father, Perry, told him otherwise of).  As such, Josiah, after dozens of attempts in secret, finally created a stable portal; a portal that opened directly into the actual grounds of the Temple of Arkeanus; a temple that was now populated again by those of the darker side of the Arkeanus order. When Josiah attempted to say 'Hi' to them, they nearly blew his arm off with dark magical bolts of energy.  Josiah ran back through the portal, but because he was unfocused, he couldn't get it to close. As such, over four dozen Arkaenus mages poured through the portal and took control over the portal's opening, killing Josiah in short order.

Moments before all this, Abigail 'felt' Josiah's leaving the island. As such, she and Perry whisked across the island to Josiah's location only to watch as Josiah was killed right in front of them.  Perry immediately disintegrated two Arkaenus mages with dark energy bolts, while Abigail attempted to bind and contain the others. Sadly, Abigail and Perry were overpowered in less than a minute, as even more Arkaenus mages poured onto the island via the forced-open portal.

When Abigail and Perry awoke, they saw all but two of their children wrapped in sacrificial garbs, dead with sacrificial daggers sticking out of their hearts, all while dozens of Arkaenus mages chanted about 'Arkaenus Laws disallowing the unholy creations of the joining of Arkeanus and the Conglomerate magics'. Before Abigail and Perry could get their wits about them, they lost another child to sacrifice, leaving only one left alive for the next few seconds - Arcania.

Arcania was also wrapped in anti-magic garbs, bound and gagged, after the Arkaenus mages surprised her and her other siblings.  She watched as each brother and sister was killed before her, unable to do anything to stop their deaths.  When Arcania's parents finally awoke mere feet from her location, Arcania tried everything she could to break free and save the rest of the family.  Moments before one of the foul Arkaenus mages was about to plunge a sacrificial dagger into Arcania's heart, her mother, Abigail, exploded from her bonds with dark green energy, sucking the life force out of three of the mages next to her, killing them outright. The mage with the dagger instead wheeled around and threw the dagger into Arcania's mother's heart just as Arcania broke her bonds. In a massive display of spectacular arcane energy, Arcania fried over a dozen Arkaenus mages.  Her father, Perry, then created a portal underneath Arcania, sending her to New York City as he died in full sight for Arcania to see.

Arcania freaked out and exploded her manipulation powers outward, creating havok on her landed location in Times Square. In her grief, she attempted to create a portal back to the island, but in her distress and emotional state, it wouldn't form.  By this time, the police surrounded her, trying to contain her, only for her to instead react, knocking away the police and other people within her range, throwing cars around and ripping up the street in her grief and anger.  At this point, Arcania was contained in a strange, yet familiar magical bubble field, created by another mage named "Vantage".  She fought to try and get free, but Vantage instead told Arcania she needed to calm down first. Sadly, Vantage had to use a sleep spell to finally stop her powerful reactions.

When Arcania awoke, she was in a strange orange-skied dimensional pocket with islands of rock floating in the sky all about her.  There Vantage was able to calm her down long enough to get Arcania's quick story.  As such, in quick time after this, Vantage used a series of portals to take Arcania to the island she said she was from (they had to do a few hours of island hopping to actually find her island). Once there, Arcania found the remnants of her family, all dead.  She was the only survivor.

Arkaenus deemed the island of no value and closed the portal after they'd all left. To ensure no one could track them, they even masked the portal's endpoint.  Try as he might, Vantage couldn't access the portal's endpoint, but that didn't necessarily matter; Arcania was told by her parents where the Temple of Arkaenus was.  Once her family was properly buried, Arcania demanded Vantage aid her in her vengeance. Vantage agreed to 'discuss this later' after taking care of her family's interment.

A few days later, Arcania and Vantage discussed their options, most of which included assistance on a far grander level than just the two of them.  He recommended the Knights Arcanus, GUARD's Mystiguard division, and even a few unique heroes and villains to at least present the opportunity of winning this battle.  Arcania refused and instead, created her own portal for herself and brought herself to what was once the nation of Czechoslovakia, now divided up into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Deep into Slovakia, Arcania traveled until she 'felt' the feeling of old, dark magic.  When she arrived at the site, she quickly realized the Temple had been 'moved'.  All that was left was a 30 foot deep hole where the temple and its surrounding grounds once stood. Seconds later, Vantage showed up, obviously shadowing her moves in the region.  Rather than be upset, Arcania talked to Vantage asking what direction to go from there.

He recommended life over vengeance.

With a sad heart, Arcania agreed with Vantage, but told his that the day Arkaenus popped up again, all bets were off.

Over the next few months Vantage introduced Arcania to the rest of the world. New York, Paris, London, Mumbai, Moscow, Buenos Aires, and much more. She learned the important things like what 'hot dogs' were, how to play Cricket, understand this thing called "politics", and of course, complex human interpersonal relationships (dating, but not with him). Eventually, Vantage recommended she attach herself to a super-group to not only use her abilities for the benefit of mankind, but to aid her in tracking Arkaenus' movements or appearances.  He also took her to Greenwich, England to visit her mother's magical society in The Citadel, however, when Arcania arrived she and Vantage were told that it was illegal for her to every step foot on any 'Conglomerate' property ever, due to her mixed Arkaenus blood. Thus, without her own magical family and only one friend (Vantage), she instead agreed to follow the rest of what Vantage said.

Vantage, using his amazing resources, helped to get Arcania a name, a social security number, a drivers license (no, she still doesn't know how to drive a car...) and a fake birth certificate. He then introduced her to Major Deej, leader of the Challengers super-group out of New York, to which Arcania liked a lot (especially the hustle and bustle of New York City).

Today, Arcania is still a member of the Challengers group in New York City.  She has learned to live a 'normal' life, and has gone through at least several new boyfriends.  She is a tad mysterious when she wants to be, catty at times, but respectful to all who try to make a difference in helping others (and quite mean to others than don't). The Challengers' mantra of 'challenge yourself everyday' actually fit into Arcania's desire to integrate better into her new 'normal' and 'superhero' friends and families.  She hasn't heard anything new about Arkeanus, but its only a matter of time...


  • Arcane Magic

    • Capable of excellent levels of arcane magical power use at a maximum range of 20 yards.

    • Most commonly used magic/spells:

      • Arcane bolt

      • Immobilization field

      • Hold/Levitate

      • Healing (self and others)

      • Shields

      • Wards

      • Flight/hovering

      • Teleportation (max: 20 miles)

      • Hurling Objects from Void (random objects)

      • Resurrection

      • Damage transfer (health)

      • invisibility/Group (max 4) invisibility

      • sound reduction

      • magical detection

      • astral detection


  • Atalante Clan Tiara

    • Increases all magical powers to an additional level while worn

    • Only works if worn by a blood member of the Atalante Clan

  • Sash

    • 18 foot long arcane cloth made from amazing magical strength resistant to any physical physical below fascinating levels​

    • Used to levitate and use as a blinder, a whip, a grappler, agrabber, a binder, etc.


  • Arcane magics (master)

  • Arcane magical lore (professional)

  • Conglomerate knowledge (proficient)

  • Arkaenus knowledge (proficient)

  • Magical energy sensing/detecting (Proficient)

  • marksmanship (proficient)

  • Tailor/clothes-maker (proficient)

  • Survival (professional)

  • First Aid (professional)

  • Island living/foods/animals/shelter (proficient)

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