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Winter Knight

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Winter s KnightNox Arcana
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Olaf Ormsson

Shamus O'Rourke

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Midwinter's Knight

Knights Arcanus



Don "Major Deej" Finger

20 Dec 2007


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In 1078, a legendary Alteration Magic Mastersmith, Olem Norstrom, forged an arcane weapon of unequal power and strength - the Mace of Norstrom (see equipment below). 


The mace was awarded to one of the most worthy Viking warriors of the day - Olaf Ormsson


With the mace, Olaf had fought in dozens of battles against invaders, raiders, witches, warlocks and even aliens. At one point, however, he and the city were met by a powerful mage from Briton and a powerful magic city called 'The Citadel'.  They requested his aid in battling demons that had taken refuge for over a century and were about to take over the entire continent and Briton.  The Vikings, who never do anything without a price, demanded that the 'powerful' mages of the Citadel reward Olaf with immortality, then, he would be one of the greatest warriors and defenders of all time.  The Citadel's Elders agreed, stating that they had 'just the spell' for him...when the war against the demons was of course completed.

Olaf, now called the Winter Knight, banded with the other knights provided by the Citadel's Elders.  The formation of knights was the 10th in their history; a formation known as the "Knights Arcanus".

Together, they fought as true warriors for over two years, destroying tens of thousands of demons and basically fighting them until there were supposedly no more left to fight.  In the end, half of the Knights Arcanus survived the war.  The elders, appeased with the quelling of the demon war issue, dismantled the Knights Arcanus once again as had been done to previous groups when the danger was over.

Olaf, not understanding 'why' they needed to disband, demanded they 'stay together' to prevent any other atrocities or demons or whatnot in a much quicker way than having to wait for another reformation.  The elders said their word was law and if he, Olaf, as a knight decided to argue against the Elders, it was his right, but he'd have to do so as a member of the Conglomerate (the Citadel's magical order), and not as a knight.

Olaf agreed.

After months of debate, the elders did not change the law, and the Knights Arcanus remained disassembled.  Olaf was furious, but seemed to have exhausted his options.  His fellow ex-knights supported his efforts, but were not allowed to speak against the elders unless they wished to ever become knights again in the next reformation should one occur again in their lifetime.  Olaf packed his things and asked for the immortality spell he was promised for joining the knights.   The elders stated that since Olaf was no longer a knight, he was not privy to the deal that was made FOR a knight, and as such would not receive the immortality spell.

Olaf drew his blade and stabbed one of the Elders (Ruby) through the heart.

It took seven ex-knights to finally dog-pile him enough to put him in restraints; by that time he'd murdered another Elder (Opal) and two additional clerics, while severely wounding several of his fellow knights (he cut off the arm of the Knight of Gibraltar).  The Alterations magic Elder used a spell to trap Olaf's soul into the Mace of Norstrom, which was a perfect location for storing one's immortal soul.  The mace was then taken by the order's Master at Arms and placed in a vault deep in the Citadel's defended location.

That mace remained there until January 2000.

The alien Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth in January 2000 and immediately went after all the magical defenders, cities, schools and vaults within the first 2 hours of the invasion.  The vault, at that time, was the responsibility of current Master at Arms, Samuel Shane - a man that would later be known as the Samhain Knight.

During the invasion, the Citadel had already closed itself off and activated all its magical defenses, telling the city's populace that they'd 'wait out the storm'.  This didn't sit well with many in the Citadel that had family and friends trapped outside the Citadel with nowhere to go and no one to defend them.  The call for a 20th Reformation of the Knights Arcanus was denied the the Conglomerate Elders, stating that they 'foresaw' the Citadel's eventual survival so long as the Knights Arcanus was not formed.  Samuel Shane took offense to that and instead began arming the citizens with every single weapon they could carry from the vault.  Samuel knew every weapon there and knew each of their capabilities, ergo, when Samuel grabbed the Mace of Norstrom and added it to the weapons collection, he knew what he was doing, much to the deep dissatisfaction of the Conglomerate Elders.  Ordered not to reform and to put the weapons back in the vault, Samuel and his new dozen knights left through a secret portal, with armloads of weapons, the Mace being one of them, and went to a secret base to spearhead the 20th Reformation of the Knights Arcanus.

Days later, one Conglomerate civilian, a Butcher, was offered the Mace, but was told of what the dangers were.  Olaf's soul would take possession of the Butcher's body and would not release it until either the Butcher died or Olaf's soul was ripped form the mace.  The Butcher didn't hesitate a second and took up the mace.  A swirl of snow and cold took over the room.  Knowing the records about Olaf, he had all of his knights in the room ready to do battle should the need arise.  The Butcher emerged from the blinding snow in the room, but this time, dressed in battle armor as 'The Winter Knight', with Olaf now in full possession of the Butcher's body.

Olaf demanded to know what was happening.  Samuel, now Samhain Knight, provided a formal introduction of his fellow knights, stating that once again, the world was in danger and the power of the Winter Knight was once again needed amongst the Knights Arcanus

Olaf stood silent for several minutes and then rapidly approached Samhain Knight asking what year is was.


"2000", Samuel replied. 


The Winter Knight asked where the elders were.  Samuel told him the Knights Arcanus was now operating as an illegal reformation from the Elders, who had placed a death penalty on each knight for their actions, and that if he chose not to join his fellow knights, they'd let him leave, so long and he un-possessed the Butcher's body so that the Butcher could go on to fight regardless.


Again, the Winter Knight stood for several minutes.


At the end of the wait, he asked if he was 'pardoned' for his crimes against the Elders.  Samhain Knight said, "As long as you are with us, as a knight, you shall be considered pardoned.  The elders, however, may have something else to say, for which at this time, they can all go to Hell".


The Winter Knight let out a cold, deep, spooky laugh that was felt as a chill down everyone's spine.


"This reformation, I wish to join. Come brothers and sisters! Let us go unto battle together!"


And with that, the Winter Knight rode into battle with the Knights Arcanus once again.


Thanks to his efforts, the Soltan invasion only lasted several months, before the Soltans left Earth.


Once the Soltan Invasion was over, the Elders demanded the Winter Knight un-possess the Butcher and return to its purgatory.  The Winter Knight stated he'd only do so at the orders of the Master Knight of the Knights Arcanus, Samhain Knight.


Samhain Knight told the Elders "no".


Today, the Winter Knight continues to fight alongside the Knights Arcanus.  The Winter Knight has been kind enough to only possess a voluntary host for a year at a time, currently a man that goes by the name of Shamus O'Rourke.  These host bodies are expected to be in prime physical shape and are to have undergone the training system of the Vikings of his day. Each host body, thusfar, has come back from their possession unharmed.  Each possessed person is given the opportunity to join as a Knight Errant thereafter should they still choose to do so, which each and everyone of them has.

The Winter Knight doesn't care for technology and instead has become an incredible trainer for new knights.  Since he doesn't required sleep, the Winter Knight usually takes guard duty most of each week.



Origin: Host - Natural; with the Mace, Magical (Alteration)

Normal hosts do not have any powers.


  • Mace of Norstrom

    • Material

      • Unearthly, unbreakable material (magically altered)​

      • Provides a reflective surface

    • Possession​

      • Whomever holds the mace voluntarily will be possessed by the incredible warrior spirit of an 11th century Viking Warrior and Knight of the 10th Reformation of the Knights Arcanus,  Olaf Ormsson.​

      • The possessed body's fighting, agility, strength and endurance are only what the bodies is at the time of possession; the Reason, Intuition and Psyche of Olaf replaces those last three abilities while in possession of the body.

    • Cold Generation

      • Incredible cold generation, allowing to flash freeze people, feet, weapons, equipment etc.​

      • Can generate a sheet of ice out of a wet floor.

      • Can immobilize combatants in blocks of ice, holding them with an incredible strength.

      • Can create ice swords, ice shields and even an excellent ice armor around self or others

      • Can create a fog diminishing visual site range to inches in seconds.

      • Excellent level Ice blast from the mace at a range of 100 yards, once every several seconds; chance to flash freeze/immobilize with a shot

      • Can 'ice' up a wound, slowing bleeding or even slowing one's metabolism to double their chance at survival vs death

    • Magical Ice Steed creation (see below)​

  • Magical Flight Boots

    • Magically imbued for flight for up to 200 mph, ceiling of 10,000 feet above ground level.

    • Can carry an additional 500 lbs of weight aloft.

  • Magical Armor​

    • Remarkable magical protection versus all forms of attack; Fantastic levels versus temperate attacks​

    • Automatically forms on body in <1 second upon command "armor".

    • Helmet allows host to see into infra red and ultraviolet/night vision range.

  • Steed: Magical ice creature: "Odin"​

    • Steed is forged from use by the Mace.

    • Ice steed has incredible protection versus all attacks

    • Can ride or fly at excellent speed

    • Can see in any conditions

    • Can create its own snow/cold fog around itself.

    • Can carry over 1/2 ton in addition to Winter Knight.



  • Swordsmanship (Master)

  • Combat-Knight (Master)

  • Viking Lore (Master)

  • Hand-Hand-fighting (Master)

  • Wrestling (Professional)

  • Farming (Proficient)

  • Tradesman (Proficient)

  • Stellar Navigation (Proficient)

  • Boat Handling (Professional)

  • Construction (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • English (proficient)​

    • Swedish/Norse (Master)

    • Germanic (Master)

    • Danish (Master)

    • Cyrillic/Russian (Professional)

    • Arabic/Armenian (Proficient)

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