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Professor Vernon Perse

Codename: "Door Man"

She Blinded Me With ScienceThomas Dolby
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An accomplished quantum engineer and astrophysicist, Vernon is in charge of the only three technology-based dimensions portals.  In conjunction with MYSTIGUARD, he also has access to mystical portals worldwide, however, they are all linked to earth-bound locations that are not associated with other 'magical' organizations or communities (as per a secret accord).

Born in Naples, Italy, Vernon studied at some of the best science-based universities in the world.  Several years ago, he and his team created their first inter-dimensional portal in Barcelona, Spain with the financing from a secretive yet rich financier.  The portal, if configured and aligned correctly, would open up doorways to other dimensions, planets or realms. Unfortunately, when a 'portal' is opened, anything can go through...or come back through.  After opening a portal to a planet with werewolves for its inhabitants, the werewolves came through the portal decimating any and all the technicians.  After a quick call to G.U.A.R.D., the werewolves were all rounded up and sent back through the portal.  That's when Vernon found out their mysterious financier was from a major crime organization. His #2 scientist, the one who shutdown the safeties that led to the Werewolf incursion, was to be prosecuted for his crimes, but instead, had disappeared, possibly working for someone else now not hunting him down (think villain or gang organizations).


GUARD aided Vernon and his teaming in destroying the portal, however, in an accord that Vernon reached with GUARD, they decided to build new ones at three different locations and place them under the protection of GUARD via their newly created PORTALGUARD of GUARD's Operations Division.

Since them, Vernon and his team (most all now members of PORTALGUARD) have built new portals and have discovered over 135 new planets, dimensions and realms.  Thusfar, only a few have been explored, however, Vernon anticipates that exploration missions will be starting within the year.

A likable, nerdy-type of person, Vernon is usually distracted working out calculations in his head than listening to others.  His ambition is second only to his curiosity.  He enjoys working with GUARD and PORTALGUARD, however, he's been known to go off and 'do his own thing' now and then...all in the name of science. 

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