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Satish Misra




mid 50s










Wife (died with childbirth)

Daughter (died with childbirth)


Kaha Koa



Don "Major Deej" Finger

7 Feb 2014

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Satish Misra was an Indian Navy Chief Petty Officer and submariner from the INS Shalki (S46). Satish was a strong willed man, defiant in failure and explosive in actions. He motivated many young submariners to 'do better' and 'overcome one's fears' during their submarine duty.  That was all well and good for a leader of this caliber, until his sub's encounter with the evil, super-powered undersea warlord called Abyss.

In 2014, the INS Shalki was performing submerged operations between the India coastline and the Philippines Islands when a distress call was picked up from a freighter.  The INS Shalki responded to find the burning freighter half sunk and rolling over, smoke billowing out of her.  She'd been attacked by the Abyss' army of 'TURX' militant clones. With dozens of crewmen from the freighter in the water screaming for help, the INS Shalki surfaced and brought out a zodiac-type inflatable boat to go our and rescue the survivors. That's when the TURX attacked the INS Shalki.

The TURX attacked the INS Shalki's Zodiac boat first, pulling each sailor down underwater and drowning them. The TURX then jumped up on the deck of the sub and made their way down the hatch, killing anyone in their way while also destroying equipment on the sub.


During the submarine's siege, Chief Petty Officer Misra donned scuba-diving gear so that he could attempt to swim out and save some of the survivors. He fought his way up and out of the sub, diving into the water to help save his shipmates and the freighter's survivors. While Misra was trying to save people in the submarine's torpedo room, a young Indian sailor, armed with a machine gun, shot at the invading TURX. Unfortunately, he wasn't looking 'down range' well enough and shot-up three torpedoes, piercing one torpedo's propellant fuel tank, causing the highly combustible fuel to pour all over the Torpedo Room.


One spark later,  the Torpedo Room was engulfed in flames.


One minute later, the INS Shalki exploded.


The sub sank another minute later, killing any remaining living crew and TURX onboard as the sunken hull was crushed at the deeper depths.


Misra was caught in the underwater shock-wave during his dive, rendering him unconscious. Abyss, watching the submarine fall to the bottom of the ocean, also saw Misra's body floating nearby. Abyss, angered at losing a submarine and dozens of his TURX, grabbed Misra's unconscious body and brought it and his remaining TURX forces back to their local base of operations in the Philippines Sea. Misra wasn't much of a prize compared to the looting Abyss had done against the freighter he'd attacked, but he had a strange desire to see if this man was the one that caused the sub's explosion; an act that Abyss considered 'admirably brave'.

When Misra finally awoke, Abyss congratulated him on his daring 'submarine explosion' sacrifice and his obvious attempt to personally take out the TURX and Abyss himself.  Misra played along with Abyss' incorrect notion, trying to figure out how to use this to his advantage...or escape. Instead, Abyss stated he wanted a 'true warrior' such as Misra to be in charge of Abyss' new underwater fiefdom he wanted to control on the edge of the Indian Ocean.  Abyss took Misra and tossed him into a machine known as a "Transmutation Matrix Unit TMU)"; a machine that would super-charge a person's body with incredible new selective/mutated powers, while also placing that new body under the mental control of AbyssMisra was transformed into a dark energy and water control powers. Misra's willpower, however, allowed for Misra to retain a level of control over himself (i.e., he wasn't under Abyss' full control), however, Misra's mind was fundamentally changed as a result of his mutation from that of a good person to that of a bad person.

After being let out of the TMU, Misra, now calling himself 'Varuna' (named after a Hindu god) immediately attacked Abyss and his fellow TURX. Varuna's attack surprised and startled Abyss, who reeled in combat over the situation. When Varuna realized he wasn't going to win against Abyss, he used his new water powers to jet himself from Abyss' lab and used his dark energies to mask his departure and trail out into the Indian Ocean.  Abyss attempted to track and find him for months, but wasn't able to find Varuna. Instead, Varuna used those months hidden away, learning the extent of his powers...and plotting how to take over India and the Indian Ocean region.

Eventually, Varuna made attacks against Indian Navy vessels and shipping, to which Abyss triangulated Varuna's location and went to confront him and/or make him supplicant to him. Once Abyss found Varuna, he also found Milu, the Polynesian god of the Underworld, already talking to Varuna. Milu and Varuna made a deal before Abyss showed, wherein Varuna would help Milu with take-over the Hawaiian Islands, and in turn, Milu would help Varuna become the warlord of the Indian Ocean (much to Abyss' chagrin). Varuna agreed so long as Milu was able to keep Abyss from killing or controlling him, to which Milu made Abyss swear to not kill or control Varuna (or face Milu's wrath as a result). With their deals made, they all went off to plot, plan and execute the invasion of the Hawaiian Islands.

A few years ago, Milu and his super-powered allied forces and his army of unique sea creatures, beings and clones, attacked and invaded Hawaii, taking over the islands within days. Sadly, for Varuna, and Milu's allied forces, weeks later, the rest of the Pacific region's forces teamed-up with the Pele-empowered Pacific Legion superheroes and took back nearly all of the Hawaiian Islands, sending Varuna to the hospital and thereafter imprisoned in a super-powered prison facility for the next few years.

Recently, Varuna was broken out of prison by MiluMilu requested Varuna to once again 'trust' him in their next attempt at regional domination, this time using his new "Kaha Koa" alliance, the likes of which had never been seen before in the Pacific region. Varuna, still angry at Milu for losing the Hawaiian invasion, told Milu he'd need 'time' to decide whether to rejoin him.

Today, Varuna resides in the Indian Ocean, purposefully attacking Indian Navy ships, subs and freighters, all in an attempt to force India to provide him with territory that he can call his own...or to which Varuna will instead fight for forcefully, using his powers to create 'dark water' creatures that he can command to be his army. India's government has yet to negotiate with Varuna, however, it may seem that their negotiations may actually occur sooner than later, since Varuna recently sunk one of India's newest and finest submarines.

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Power Origin: Mutant/Science

  • Dark Energy Protection/Manipulation

    • Can manipulate dark energies in and around his body at an excellent level

    • Provides excellent dark energy aura/body protection against all forms of damage

    • Can emit up to four excellent level ranked tendrils of dark energy outward from his body at a time, up to 20 feet away, using them as bludgeons, spears, blades and/or tendrils for holds/immobilization

  • Water Control

    • Has remarkable ability to control up to 300 square feet of water in and around him within 300 yards

    • Can use water up to 30 feet away as bludgeons, spears, blades and/or bubbles/tendrils for holds/immobilization

  • Dark-Water Creature Creation

    • Using a combination of his dark energy and water powers, he can create and manipulate up to 30 dark-water creatures, granting them a zombified level of control/attacks, all controlled by Varuna.

    • Dark-water creatures can only operate within 300 yards of his location

    • Dark-water creatures have the following statistics:

      • Fighting, Agility, Strength are all good levels, while their endurance/stamina is excellent.

      • Can change their hands into water/dark energy shields for additional good protection

      • Can change their hands into melee/bludgeon weapons for excellent blunt force damage

      • Can change their hands into sharp water/dark energy blades for excellent edged damage

      • All Dark-Water Creatures have feeble reason and intuition; their psyche is equal to Varuna's psyche

      • Can swim at good speed, but can walk/run on land only at poor speed

      • They can see into the darkness/night (night vision) as well as normal vision

      • They follow Varuna's orders explicitly

    • Takes several seconds to form each Dark-Water creature

  • Physical Enhancements

    • Varuna's transmutation changed by physical abilities to the following:

      • Excellent fighting, agility and strength with remarkable endurance levels

      • Body density provides good protection against all forms of attack except magical and psionic/mental

  • Underwater Environmental Awareness

    • Varuna's intuition, while in the water, is increased by a factor of two.

  • Swimming

    • Remarkable (30+ knots) swimming speed

  • Leaping

    • Excellent above-water leaping capabilities allowing him to jump up 150 feet, across 200 feet and down 350 feet.

  • Underwater Breathing

    • Can breath normally in air and water

  • Vision

    • Has normal and nigh vison capabilities

    • Can focus to see at excellent distances (20x optical)

LIMITATION: Abyss' Control.  Although Varuna had the willpower to break mental controls implanted into Varuna's own mutated DNA, Abyss' good level of control is still a consistent battle for Varuna. On several occasions, while asleep, he's found himself several miles from his home/base, sleep-swimming towards one (or any) of Abyss' known underwater bases.  He has yet to have given himself over to Abyss since the day he'd gotten his transmutated powers, however, should Varuna's concentration slip, he might very well come under the influence of Abyss and become a slave unto Abyss...just as Abyss has wanted of Varuna since day one. This hasn't driven Varuna mad...yet.

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  • Helmet (Hindu Master's Helm)

    • Remarkably magically-enhanced relic designed to protect the wearer from all forms of psionic/mental mind control, manipulation or magical mental attacks.

    • believed to be made by Hindu Spirit Magic School masters millennia ago

    • Considered excellent material against all other forms of attack/damage

    • Believed to be 1500 years old (shows signs of rust here and there)

    • Found in a sunken British ship off of India's coast from the mid 1800s

  • Magical Gold Scimitar

    • Believed to have once belonged to the Conglomerate, but lost off the coat of India by the Knights Arcanus during the Soltan Invasion of 2000

    • Fantastic material strength (unknown, gold-like metal)

    • Can cut through anything up to amazing ranked materials like a hot knife through butter

    • Can dispel/disrupt magical fields, wards and/or magical and/or psionic/mental controls up to remarkable levels upon impact/touch

    • Uses his scimitar as a 'pointing tool' at times to help his accuracy in using his dark energy tendrils (adds an additional level of accuracy when used in this way)

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  • India Lore & Mythology (Professional)

  • India Navy/Submarines (Professional)

  • Scuba-Diving (Professional)

  • Leadership (Professional)

  • Military (Professional)

  • Submarine Operations (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Thrown Weapons (knives, daggers, etc.) (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Holds/Escapes (Proficient)

  • Marksmanship (Proficient)

  • Underwater Navigation (Professional)

  • Languages:

    • Hindi (Professional)

    • English (Proficient)

    • Chinese (Proficient)

    • Arabic (Barely Proficient)

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