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Ultraviolet Ray

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Ray, U.V., Kid Kheld




Don "Major Deej" Finger

31 Jan 2009





Prior to his first appearance in an alleyway in Manhattan a couple of years ago, there is no knowledge, history or evidence of an "Ultraviolet Ray" or "Ray" (as he is called  most of the time now) nor any descriptions of a person with his powers.

A couple years ago on a summer night in a back alley in Manhattan, a woman was being accosted by a vampire from the Crimson vampire gang. Just before the woman was to be bitten, a small void opened in the alleyway and out came a ball of purplish light, which formed into a purple-skinned teenage boy - a boy who looked severely lost, scared and frightened.  The vampire, seeing a two-for-one deal on the dinner menu, slammed the woman to the ground hard and leaped at the purple boy.  The boy In perfect American English) yelled "Get away from me! All of you!" to which his body pulsed a 360-degree wave of purple light; purple light that was actually ultraviolet light.


The vampire was burnt to ash in a microsecond;  the victimized woman received a severe sunburn from the same wave on all areas of her exposed skin.


The boy, seeing he hurt the woman, now screaming in pain, tried to help her, but noticed as he got closer, she screamed more (more 'sunburning').  The boy stopped moving towards the woman and instead started moving away from her to the street only to see a couple of people who'd heard the screams and the lights appear from the street corner yelling at the purple boy to stop what he was doing.

Feeling trapped and scared, he looked around for an escape, looking up into the sky and seeing the Moon, he flexed his back (somehow instinctively) and a beautiful if not amazing set of blue-purple energy wings came out from his back, coursing with coalescing wisps of the same ultraviolet light he'd emitted earlier.  With that, a purplish aura enveloped the boy as he rocketed skyward with his energy wings coursing and pulsing like a form of propulsion.  One of the people who saw the purple boy recorded him and his flight with their cellphone's camera which, of course, made its way into social media and the news in less than an hour.


The boy (as stated more recently in debriefings with him) took off to Central Park and hid amongst the trees, plants and old buildings. He was cold, naked and at that time, completely clueless as to who or what he was; he had no memory or recollection of his past.  He DID, however, know how to speak American English and knew (or more to the point, felt familiar with) the sights of New York City (specifically Manhattan).  Other than that, he was scared, tired and hungry.  As such he went looking through trash cans for food, eventually alerting police patrols to his presence.


After a handful of encounters with the police over the next couple days, accompanied by the purple boy's fleeing of the police via flight to a safer location each time, the city went on full alert, asking everyone to call into the police if they find the purple flying boy, and not to engage with him due to potential 'radiation' powers he'd used.  As such, one of the groups that went searching for him was the superhero group known as The Challengers.

The leader of the Challengers, Major Deej, finally encountered the purple boy and calmly tried talking to him.  Sadly, they eventually fought, but in the end, discussion won over.  Major Deej sat down on the grass in the park and asked the boy to come do the same and simply 'talk'.  After several minutes of time, the purple boy was crying on Major Deej's shoulders asking for help.  Major Deej, as always, provided the boy with the help the boy wanted.

After taking him to the Challengers HQ on Staten Island, the purple boy told the story of what he knew and that he had no idea who he actually was.  After the team ran some tests, they discovered that his body was emitting Ultraviolet radiation at feeble levels from his body.  In less than a day, the team fashioned the purple boy,  whom they now called "Ray" (which he liked that name),  protective armor so that his natural UV radiation wouldn't affect anyone near him at all.

Over the next few months, Ray was registered as a superhero and trained by the Challengers,eventually becoming a new member of the team.  With his new family of superheroes to help him, Ray has gone from being a 'dangerous radioactive monster' to a 'treasured New York superhero'.  He has a desire to truly help people, is very empathetic and considers Major Deej as a bit of a father figure/mentor.

Today, "Ultraviolet Ray" or simply "Ray" is a bit of a hearthrob on the teen scene. Wearing anti-radiation clothes and absorption device prevents his from irradiating anyone, and with his handsome features and kind demeanor, he's become quite the teen celebrity, even though he himself doesn't understand the ramifications or entirety of his effect on the masses.  He lives out of the Challengers HQ, but is now looking to find an apartment...but obviously needs a job to pay for such a thing.  Movie and TV producers are trying to get him to sign.


As for Ray's past, well, he's had a couple of nightmares of late, relating to needles, evil-looking masked scientists and living in a dark alleyway in a cardboard box...but he has no idea what any of these nightmare images mean to him or who/where they might be of.


  • Ultraviolet Radiation/Light Energy

    • When his powers are emitted, unless the target is protected with at least feeble radiation protection, they WILL get a sunburn-effect from exposure to the ultraviolet radiation; this can, in turn for those of typical stamina or less, reduce the target's agility, fighting and psyche as a result of receiving the radiation burns.

    • UV Blast

      • Good UV radiation energy blast from hands​

      • Can perform excellent UV light energy, laser-like beam, but only once for several seconds per 30 seconds

      • Range: 100 yards

    • UV Light Wave

      • Typical light energy 30 to 40-degree arc from hands​

      • Range: 6 yards

    • UV Burst

      • Good 360-degree radius burst from body

      • Can only be done once every 30 seconds

      • Range: 10 yard radius (intensity declines x2 for each additional 10 yards)

      • Also creates a typical flash/blinding damage effect

    • UV Strike

      • Excellent energy punch​ with either hands or feet

      • Can only be done once every 15 seconds regardless of strike source (1 strike per 15 seconds ONLY)

    • UV Eye Blasts

      • Excellent energy blast from eyes​

      • Can be laser-focused for remarkable damage for several seconds; requires additional stamina to perform again, but only after 1 minute later at this same level (30 seconds inf intensity is less than remarkable).

  • UV Radiation 

    • Without any protective clothes or absorption devices, Ray constantly emits a feeble amount of UV radiation from his body over time.

    • Affects anyone/thing in same area as Ray

  • UV Body Aura

    • UV Energy Sheath​

      • Provides good energy field versus all forms of damage except psionic/mental and magic​

  • Flight/Hover

    • When he wishes to fly or hover, wings of ultraviolet energy come out of his back

    • Can only carry his own strength of weight; does NOT slow down or limit his speed or altitude

    • Max speed: 200 mph

    • Max altitude: 2,500 ft. AMSL


  • UV Armor

    • While wearing his armor, his innate UV Radiation power doesn't 'leak' outwards beyond his body to affect anyone near or next to him. The bulkiness of the armor is unnecessary, however, thanks to fearful people, when this 'thicker' armor was shown to the public (which did the same thing as the body-tight suit the Challengers made for him earlier), the public gave the new armor a 95% "Approved" rating on polls of social media; as such Ray said he'd rather wear it for them and because it does actually 'look cool'

    • Provides excellent physical, temperate and toxic/toxin protection

    • Provides incredible energy protection

    • Provides unearthly radiation protection

  • Gauntlet Pods

    • On  both of his forearm gauntlets, Ray has UV Storage Pods attached that can collect up to 400 units of his innate UV radiation, for which Ray can use to boost his powers up a level from his maximum capabilities using the stored UV (or using them as a time bomb for say, against a vampire horde, for example!)

    • Most of the time, he takes these pods to hospitals and gives it to the doctors there, for free, to use to aid in Ultraviolet radiation lab experiments, medical procedures and therapy patients.

  • Earwig

    • Telecommunications transceiver with unlimited range so long as it is within range of cellular towers and/or satellites

    • 25 mile range without towers/satellites


  • Aerial Combat (proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (proficient)

  • Marksmanship (proficient)

  • Computers (proficient)

  • TV/Movie Industry (proficient)

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