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(Thought POLICE)

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Oceania Police Officer Badge.png
Sea WallBladerunner 2049 S/T
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Under the direction of Governor Goldstein and the Inner Party, THINKPOL has been created as a deterrence against anyone conducting 'crimethink' or thinking thoughts that are unorthodox or outside the official government platform.


THINKPOL, otherwise known as "Thought Police", have been known escort citizens to re-education centers when said citizens are accused of crimethink, oldthink and facecrime (an indication that a person is guilty of thoughtcrime based on their facial expression).


Goodthink in Oceania promotes efficient and well-adjusted citizens and workers; THINKPOL helps those who need adjustments to that end.


Oceania has over three to four hundred THINKPOLS that provide their necessary services to maintain the glory that is Oceania!


Promote Goodthink!

Praise Oceania!

Praise Governor Goldstein!



I didn't see you saluting Governor Goldstein on the video screen!

Stay where you are.

THINKPOL shall be there shortly to escort you to your local re-education center. 


What are YOU thinking?

Thoughtcrime does not entail death: thoughtcrime IS death.

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