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Professor Susan Snow

Operations Division Director (ODD)
Codename: "Oddball"

Lady IceArcadia
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A professor in military strategy and internationally renown in her role as director of Britain's MI-6, Susan Snow is easily the busiest person in all of GUARD.

Raised by her MI-6 parents outside of London, she was challenged day in and day out with puzzles, riddles, strategic games, chess and a rigorous physical workout routine from the age of two.  First in her class in all things academic and physical, she served in Her Majesty's Armed Forces, reaching the rank of Brigadier in record time. She was later brought in to work for British Intelligence, as well as being the head of the Queen's guard.  Later, she was assigned to MI-6 where she became internationally known for her incredible skills in identifying and defeating a band of super-villains intent on blowing a nuclear bomb in the heart of Berlin, Germany.  She single-highhandedly defused the bomb, took out four super-villains and over 40 minions, including their mastermind.  She then flew to Washington DC and stopped an assassination attempt on the President of the United States and the United Nations President - all before she had dinner.  Regardless of her prestige, she ruffled many feathers in the Intelligence community, thus forcing her out of service.

Within hours of her departure from MI-6, she was contacted by the Director of G.U.A.R.D., who offered her a spot as an Operations Division Deputy Director. She agreed to the job.  Within three months, she'd unveiled hundreds of inefficiencies, wasteful surveillance and chopped down her division's budget by 20%, all the while increasing the efficiency of the team and not overloading them with more work.  Her predecessor was later promoted to become a member of the Northern Hemisphere Team, but died during his first mission.

As the new Operations Division Director, Snow has worked hard to correlate information and resources from all GUARD divisions and utilize Operations Division personnel respectfully and not haphazardly. As such, Snow has found this position for her "fits her like a glove" with nearly all of Operations Division enjoy her leadership, wit and intelligence.

Snow's only antagonistic relationship she has is with XGUARD, their Black Ops division.  Although comprised of dedicated GUARD men and women, Snow believes that a group like XGUARD with that much power and skill could be a great internal danger to GUARD should XGUARD ever be compromised. Nonetheless, Snow takes care of all subdivisions, but watches XGUARD a little closer than most.

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