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Return To Innocence (Long & Alive)Enigma
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Ominotago "Kat" Katohowee

Not publicly known















Don "Major Deej" Finger

1988; 13 Sep 2008






Ominotago "Kat" Katohowee was a Cherokee Indian woman by blood; a woman who was raised and treated in the tradition of the 'old ways' of the Cherokee. Little did she know she'd be one of their greatest warriors in the 21st century.


As daughter to the Sachem of the tribe, Ominotago, aged 18, was allowed to be present during elder discussions, although she was not allowed to speak. One day on the reservation, during an elder's conference, the elders spoke of a vision their received the previous night of a brown and gold hawk in the shape of a woman, flying about the San Francisco skyline, battling evil in an epic battle with other warriors of the world. As the elders discussed their vision, in the same tent, Ominotago was struck by a bolt of gold lighting from the sky right in front of the elders. Her body glowed a bright golden light, faded and the Kat collapsed.  She awoke days later, not knowing what had happened, however, the elders believed what happened to her was a sign from the gods.

Weeks later, wings began to grow from her shoulders and back.  She also gained new sonic powers. Within weeks, she was able to use her wings to fly.


The elders sat together once again and agreed that Ominotago was to be trained as a Cherokee warrior.  Initially, she was rejected by many of the other warriors since she was a woman, but after she proved she could perform the trials just like any other Cherokee male warriors, they relented, although mostly reluctantly.


Ominotago had attended public school, and was knowledgeable about the modern world, but, with her upbringing, she'd been closed off from having friends or normal relationships.  As a result of her training, she was now empowered like never before.  She soon learned to be more aggressive and assertive, even to the point of telling the elders that she was obviously an 'embodiment of the sky's hawk' and that she was above most all in the tribe. 


This didn't sit well with the elders, however, they had little choice; their combined visions were obviously a sign from the gods.  Kat demanded to be made Sachem of the tribe, where the rules would be changed to allow women an equal role in all functions of the tribe.  Again, the elders didn't like her demands, but they had little choice. All that was left was for her to complete the "Right of Passage" trial.


She passed it with flying colors.


At age 20, she became the first ever female Cherokee warrior in the 21st century.

Normally the elders are the ones to choose a warriors name, but in this case, they allowed her to take her own name she chose, "Skyhawk".


Skyhawk left the next morning, flying from the reservation with only but a backpack of personal things, and flew off to San Francisco.  There, she walked about the streets in her new warrior leather garb, receiving cat-calls and whistles along the way.  When she'd had enough, she clobbered a street tough with her sonic scream, breaking windows in and about a one block radius. The police arrived and rather than listen to reason they tried to manhandle Skyhawk to bring her in.  She fought them as if she were a warrior born. After taking down 10 policemen, they retreated and shot tear gas at her.  her wings swept the gas back at the officers.  Finally they set up a trap with a net.  It worked. She was unable to get free and before she could use her sonics, they injected her with a tranquilizer dart.


She awoke in a prison cell, handcuffed, legs shackled, her mouth was bound and her wings pinned.  She was outraged. She struggled to get free, but to no avail.  She was defeated.  Feeling that her journey wasn't supposed to end this way, she apologized to the police captain, trying to write down what had happened.  The police captain was unconvinced.  He believed her to be a mentally ill villain, one that was to be trucked off to a high security super-powered prison; the rebuilt and re-purposed New Alcatraz Super Prison.

While Skyhawk was being transported to meet the boat that would take her to New Alcatraz, all units were told to converge in Oakland for a major superhero/super-villain battle.  A relatively new superhero named Protechtor was battling dozens of villains, thugs and mercenaries out at the Presidio.  The police needed to evacuate the area and set up perimeters.  Guessing this is what the elders' visions were to be about, she pleaded with the lead officer that she was destined to help out in defeating evil during this battle, but instead they took her bound and chained to the docks where she was to be transferred to New Alcatraz. While trying to transfer her to the boat, Skyhawk gave everything she had and destroyed the gag device she had.  She then used her powers to break the handcuffs and ankle chains.  She removed her wing pins and flew off to battle, with the police following her in the boat all the way to the Presidio


The police boat had earlier radioed ahead that Skyhawk was loose and coming to 'obviously' fight on the side of the villains, and as such the police that had cordoned off the area for the fight were anxiously looking to the sky to shoot down Skyhawk once they had her in their sights.


Instead, Skyhawk flew in and fought alongside the heroes.


The police were all told to hold their fire by the scenes commander, as he himself deduced that Skyhawk was NOT a villain, but instead a superhero. In the end, the the superheroes, police and National Guard won the initial battle, but for the next 12 hours, these same superheroes worked with the same police and the National Guard to stop and capture dozens more of other supervillains, thugs and mercs that got away from the initial battle. As such, the Police Commissioner of San Francisco dropped all charges against Skyhawk and instead considered her a superhero for her efforts, along with all of the other heroes that helped that day. Days later, she was officially registered in a fully televised live event which included highlighting the Mayor of San Francisco's efforts in organizing Skyhawk's 'superhero path to citizenship'.


Awhile later, Skyhawk she was asked by Protechtor if she was interested in joining the newly reformed team, The Protectors.  She agreed, but only if the team would help her to pay people back for the broken windows she created.  Protechtor agreed.

Now, Skyhawk is considered a beloved hero of the city.  With her Native American roots, her unending desire to help others, her 'can do' attitude towards empowering women, and her love for quikiness and uniqueness that were the Protectors, she has since and continues to consider this new lifestyle the one she was truly destined for.  The elders don't agree that the 'battle' she was in was the battle they saw in their visions, but they do agree that her 'path' is the right one; the path that will lead to her foretold destiny and purpose, whatever that may truly be.


She now lives with The Protectors at their updated facility that has been home to previous Protectors for decades, just off the Presidio.



Power Source: Magical

  • Natural/Magic Wings

    • Feathered wings that are good material in strength and protection against ALL forms of damage.

    • Wings have amazing protection against all magic damage and control.

    • Allows her to fly at a maximum speed (without carrying additional weight) of over 350 mph.

    • Speed drops 50 mph for each additional 50 lbs. she carries.

    • Normal cruising speed in flight is 100 mph.

    • Maximum altitude is 10,000 feet before her wings begin to frost and the air gets too thin.

  • Sonics

    • She can emit sonic energy from her voice outwards in focused forms of energy for the following:

    • Can use to echo-located with remarkable detection.

    • Emit good ranked sonic blasts, waves and or 360-degree projection

    • Range of powers is maximum at 200 yards

    • Can change frequencies and harmonics within a 20 feet radius with focused concentration over time.

    • With concentration, she can change the sound of her voice to several other patterns.

    • Can create sonic barriers (not bubbles) that every half minute have to be successfully recharged to maintain barrier strength; can be created 20 yards from self or unto front of other objects, people as needed within the same 20 yards

  • Damage Resistance

    • Has typical protection against all forms of damage.

    • Has amazing protection against all magic damage and control.


  • Bracers

    • Ancient Cherokee Shaman magical bands that provide the following:

    • Excellent environmental awareness up to 2 miles away

    • Amazing magical detection up to 2 miles away

    • Remarkable health aura detection for any living thing (shows low aura for those dying) within 200 yards

    • Precognition warning (in form of dram/vision) for any 'grand' (amazing or greater level) battle to come in the next 24 hours.

  • Earwig

    • Communications transceiver with 25 mile range

    • Excellent material strength

    • When used through her headband/wings, range increases to over 100 miles.

  • Full Body Suit/Armor

    • Provides poor protection from all forms of damage except magic and psionic.

  • Sachem Medicine bag​

    • Contains dozens of herbs, powders and items that can aid in healing people at an excellent speed and level (+20%/day)​

    • Contains dusts and items to use to help create 'visions' (remarkable precognition for 6 seconds when focused and applied for 2 hours)

    • Magical Protection Totem (Remarkable magical protection); must be recharged with magical chant every 4 days (chant=2 hrs)


  • Cherokee Lore (Master)

  • Cherokee Medicine (Professional)

  • Cherokee Magics (Proficient)

  • Aerial Combat (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Fighting (Proficient)

  • Marksmanship (Proficient)

  • Aerial Navigation (Proficient)

  • Aerial Observation (Proficient)

  • Echo-Locating (Proficient)

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