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Rad Doc

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Robert Radowski, Dr.


Hero (British; now U.S. citizen)










Dr. Rad




Don "Major Deej" Finger

13 Jan 2007


  • Theresa (Norris) Radowski (ex-wife?)

  • Thomas Radowski (brother)

  • Karen (Radowski) Harris (sister)



Robert Radowski was the middle son of his parents and sibling to Thomas (older brother) and Karen (younger sister).  Living out of Manchester, England, Robert learned how to fight on the streets and was part of an (unhealthy) fan group (gang) for the Manchester United Football ClubHe did great in school, hoping one day to get into sports medicine to maybe one day get his dream job of being a field medic and trainer for his Manchester United F.C. team.  Sadly, life took a harrowing turn for Robert and his siblings.

Two days after Robert's brother, Thomas, graduated high school, their parents died in their car in a super-villain battle in Leeds, England. All three of the Radowski children were awarded free scholarships to the University of Manchester as part of the dispensation for the loss of their parents. Thomas eventually completed his masters degree in Business (MBA), Karen earned her undergraduate degree in Art History and English Literature, while Robert earned his desired doctorate in Sports Medicine, with a specialty in genomics (he was fascinated by this science).  Each worked while they attended college, living on campus, trying to make their way like everyone else, always remembering and despising the villains that caused their parents' death. Robert's first job after earning his doctorate, however, turned out to be far more devastating that Robert would have ever imagined.

Weeks after he earned his doctorate, Robert got married to a woman he'd met and fell in love with merely days before his graduation. His friends (especially his old football gang friends) warned him off of her, but Robert went ahead and married her in a quick (highly unusual marriage through a 'Marriage by Church of England special licence') ceremony. They both went off to Dublin, Ireland for a quick honeymoon.  While on the honeymoon, Robert was introduced to a fellow doctor who worked for Zenith Labs out of Dublin, Dr. Craig Webster.  Robert's new wife, Theresa (maiden name - Norris), talked up Dr. Webster's scientific work in the field of genomics, eventually leading to Dr. Webster asking Robert to come work for him at Zenith Labs and make more money in the next two years with Zenith Labs than he could in ten years with Manchester United as a 'glorified physical therapist for a bunch of glorified Prima Donnas', stating that after two years with Zenith Labs, he could put in his resignation there and reapply with the football club, if he still wanted to.  Thanks to his new wife's coaxing and insistent manipulation, Robert did just that and joined Zenith Labs instead, fully expecting to earn good money in the interim and then, finally, get to his dream job.


On day one at Zenith Labs, Robert realized he'd made a huge mistake.  He discovered his 'wife' was hired to marry him only to recruit him to Zenith Labs' new genomics division, for which he was now forced to have to live and work in the lab facility for the next two years, without being allowed to leave the facility, all working in feverish, slave-like conditions.  Armed security kept everyone from leaving. Letters were 'sent' in advanced to family members to 'inform' them that each person in the division would be working in a specialized lab environment preventing them from being reachable for the next two years and that all was good.  They could still email him and he'd reply as best as the situations would allow, additionally stating their work was classified and for the 'Benefit of Great Britain' (which of course was all a lie).  Robert never saw his 'ex-wife' (as he now considered her) after that, but did find out that his marriage certificate was 'unofficial' and in violation of the laws of marriage in England; an offense that could lead to jail time (and stated by his handlers, that if he ever DID escape, they'd track him down and jail him on that just for starters (adding drugs, theft, burglary, extortion, murder and the theft of government secrets as other charges that they'd toss at them if they ever left).  Robert, furious over all this, got angrier when he discovered his fellow 'doctors' had parents, children or other family members that were kidnapped and being help in captivity until Zenith got what they wanted from them). Sadly, Robert also knew he was trapped while being carefully watched and had to bide his time to try and find a way out of this inhuman lab captivity.

After nearly a year of strategic planning and setting up the opportunity to escape and free at least half of the other slaved-out doctors, Robert was able to set his escape in motion.  He'd been forced to work on an anti-radiation force field team using genomics to offset cellular decay and destruction.  As such, he and his team made amazing breakthroughs never seen before.  The only danger with the field was that the energy field was paper-thin to a host's epidermis, and as such, allowed for a 10% possibility of exposure to the nuclear radiation.  As such, they created suits that allowed to take out the 10% factor, making the suits capable of repelling radiation using the body's own biochemistry as an 'energy anti-body'.  After being tested dozens of times, the team was ready to present it to the lead scientist (who, at this time was a complete mystery).  With everything in place for the big escape, as well as the destruction of all the data, equipment and files on their work, the lead scientist showed up 24 hours earlier than expected.  The team was brought in to demonstrate their new anti-radiation force field and suit, only for Robert to see before him the very super-villain who killed his parents, Dr. D. Meiz himself.  It took every ounce of willpower to not run up to Dr. D.Meiz and try and kill him right then, but he knew too many others were counting on him. Instead, the situation took a whole different turn.

As he was being introduced to the kept science team, Dr. D. Meiz recognized RobertDr. D. Meiz told everyone Robert's story to all within earshot and jokingly stated that he'd killed Robert's parents due to his parents' stupidity of driving  near a super battle.  He denoted (with deep sarcasm) that it seems Robert 'got the better end of the deal', for which Dr. D.Meiz said he'd followed the Radowski childrens' plight where in trust funds and free university college funds were made available to them, all through charity; money that their parents would NEVER have made in their lifetime to help out their own kids. Dr. D. Meiz stated that he himself even donated several thousand Pounds into the Radowski Charity Fundraiser just for the hell of it.  Dr. D. Meiz laughed and joked stating, 'could you imagine the LOOK of his own mummy and daddy's faces, that is IF they were STILL alive, to know that their little Robbie was now working for the guy that killed them?'. Dr. D. Meiz almost fell over laughing at his own line. Robert, however, wasn't laughing.


After all the severe taunting and laughter by Dr. D. Meiz, Robert couldn't take it anymore.

With sheer rage and anger, Robert lunged at Dr. D. Meiz and sent himself and the doctor over the rail and into the anti-radiation force field testing bay, breaking the control console in the process.

The demonstration instead turned into a 2000% radiation burst several seconds later. Robert landed next to the radiation suit's field (which was now glowing a bright green and expanding beyond the suit's outer surface) and in a leap, caught Dr. D. Meiz on the suit's prop pole, setting off several energy weapons on Dr. D. Meiz's suit, dropping Robert, Dr. D. Meiz and the suit onto the radiation source vent, opening it up even further.  The rest of the lab evacuated just as the main computers overloaded on the manual timed overload switch Robbie had activated, burning all the servers in a magnesium chemical fire, which also set several gallons of acid down to douse all the files, data and records of the anti-radiation force field and suit's creation and design, thus destroying everything. Unfortunately, Robert was trapped under the irradiated and dead remnants of Dr. D. Meiz (think hamster in a microwave...yeah...ewww), however, thanks to the suits' strange field fluctuations, Robert wasn't getting anything other than 10% of the total damage, and then for only 1 second every minute. Finally, he was able to manually close the vents and shield the nuclear source, however, the room was now inundated with massive amounts of radiation.  Although it was an underground facility, the lab and bays were all coursing with unearthly levels of radioactivity, none of which would ever go away, seeing as the half-life of the irradiation alone with 10,000 years. Robert, deducing the situation in mere seconds, knew he was an instant irradiated dead man, as would be anyone else daring to enter the bay...yet, Robert was still standing.

When Robert finally looked at himself, he saw the green glow of the anti-radiation force field suit was now covering him...without him wearing the suit.  More fascinating was that Robert saw on the radiation sensors that the radiation levels were dropping rapidly in the room, all the while the glow around him grew more and more.  His radiation burns also began to heal, still leaving some scarring, but 85% of his body looked as it did before the accident. After several minutes, the room and background radiation levels were less than that of a sunny day on a beach in Rio de Janerio.  Dr. D. Meiz was still definitely dead, however, if loosed as though everyone else was able to successfully (and miraculously) evacuate before the radiation pulse; there were no other dead bodies in the room. As part of the lab security protocols, the emergency exit doors automatically unlocked when the radiation levels were safe.  Robert grabbed a bag, loaded up some of of the remaining specialized radiation suits (the ones that didn't have the force field added to them), a set of clothes and walked out through the emergency exits, 20 minutes after the start of the incident, up through a basement of any old tenement located on the outskirts of Dublin.  Above ground, there was evidence that everyone evacuated and took off to points unknown, leaving lab coats, ID badges and even several security guns discarded on the ground. No bodies or people were found anywhere nearby, at least none that he recognized.  Robert had hoped that those forced to work for Zenith Labs were able to get free and hopefully find their loved ones, although, even to this day, there's never been word of the fate or status of any of those he knew of in the labs.

Over the next two days, Robert attempted to tell the police everything that happened, however, each thing he said, other than his powers he now had, was 'unproven'...even the basement was found caved in without a lick of radiation in or around the space.  As such, Robert was tested for his powers, and since they were radiation-based, caused a great fear amongst the establishment.  For safety's sake, they demanded that Robert be permanently quarantined for the rest of his life until they found a way to 'undo' his powers. Interestingly enough, Robert had PERFECT control of his powers, even when he awoke several times from fearful nightmares about his time in captivity with Zenith Labs.  He only released the powers when he consciously wanted to do so, and even then, with immeasurable control, confining his effects to within inches of his targets without effort.  Regardless, Robert demanded a second opinion and was taken (via a large lead tank on a long sea voyage) to the United States where the best radiation-based scientists and doctors verified that Robert was not a threat to anyone anywhere, so long as he was in control of his faculties; even when he was hurt and bleeding, no radiation was emitted without his choice.  The British government, now free of Robert's body being in Great Britain, instead excommunicated (expatriated) him to the United States where 'Robert could do better service there in the name of the British government' (in other words, they didn't want him in England at all).

Days after this made global news, the superhero, Major Deej, came and visited Robert at the radiation center (equivalent prison) Robert was staying at. After a long, amiable talk during a nice walk outside, along with some simple demonstrations of Robert's powers, Major Deej, days later, got approval from the US Government and the state of New York to allow Robert his freedom and to be allowed to use his powers for 'good'.  Within a few months, Robert was now only working with New York's best scientists, but became an American citizen of his own free will.  He made new friends and eventually even helped with a few 'super' battles, helping both GUARD and Major Deej.  As such, "Rad Doc" as he became known as, became a founding member of Major Deej's Challengers super-group.  There, Rad Doc became a hero in his own right, even earning the 'privilege' of being allowed to 'visit' Great Britain on occasion (of course, only through proper channels and protocols).

Today, Rad Doc is still a member of the Challengers group, going out and working hard to 'challenge' the sciences that need to be challenged everyday. As such, he has become quite the celebrity, but also, still has a VERY difficult time getting a date.  His celebrity status and a movie biography about Robert also gained him enormous notoriety, such that even his old favorite football club, Manchester United, made him an honorary team medic and are seen on occasion chanting "Rad Doc" after some of the team's wins.  Other than a slightly isolated social life, Robert has done quite well and still keeps in touch with his fellow siblings. GUARD was informed of Zenith Labs' dealings with Robert, to which the CEO of Zenith Labs, Dr. Zenaro, stated that 'whomever did this to Dr. Radowski were NOT Zenith Labs personnel, but instead used Zenith Labs as a proxy to propel their evil plans' and that Zenith Labs' security consultants are 'working night and day to find the charlatans that dared to impugn the remarkable and beneficial work the doctors and scientists of Zenith Labs legally and ethically does every day'. Nonetheless to say, nothing new has been found while investigating Robert's captivity...however, he swears he still sees his 'ex' wife, Theresa, out the corner of his eye from time to time, almost like she's still keeping tabs on him...



Power Origin: Science-Based (imbued upon him)

  • Radioactive Energy

    • Radiation Blasts

      • ​Emit up to remarkable radiation energy blasts​

      • Rate of fire: up to 2 every several seconds

      • Range: 30 yards

    • Radiation Explosion

      • 360-degree good radiation explosion outward from body radius​

      • Range: 20 yard radius

    • Energy Beam Eyes

      • Excellent radiation energy eye beams​

      • Range: 20 yards

    • Radiation Pulses

      • Emit up to incredible radiation pulses from hands​

      • Rate of fire: several second build-up, then fires off 3 consecutive pulse shots (max single damage = amazing radiation damage)

      • Range: 50 yards

    • Radiation Energy Wave

      • Good radiation wave (30-degree arc) out from body radius​

      • Range: 10 yards

  • Radiation-Based Healing

    • Healing Aura​

      • Emits a good 360-degree cauterizing, coagulating, regenerative wave outward from his body

      • Range: 10 yards

      • Can only perform once every 30 seconds

    • Single Person Healing

      • Emits excellent, focused healing, regenerative field from hands to single being's body

      • Range 2 feet

      • Can perform steadily over time for no more than 1 minute, before stamina loss/exhaustion occurs

    • Resurrection

      • Emits an amazingly powerful regenerative field upon a being's body for several seconds max to 'restart' and heal the being's body

      • Performing this feat also reduces Rad Doc's stamina/endurance for 1 hour

      • Can only be done once every hour; of forced otherwise, double the stamina/endurance loss will occur with possibility of passing out for anywhere between a minute to an hour.

    • Health Transfer

      • With focused concentration, Rad Doc can transfer an excellent amount of his health to another being, charging up the being directly with his own health (causing Rad Doc to loose that equivocal health amount)​

      • Range: 20 yards

      • Can only be done once every minute, or double the health loss occurs to Rad Doc.


  • Anti-Radiation Suit

    • Although Rad Doc can control his radiation powers, he wears this anti-radiation suit "just in case"​

    • Prevents emission of radiation from body (other than through normal power use) up to an unearthly level.

    • Absorbs radiation at an unearthly level

    • Provides poor physical, temperate and toxic protection

  • Rocket Boots

    • amazing material strength​

    • coated and integrated with anti-radiation force field tech, absorbing up to unearthly radiation amounts

    • allows for flight speed up to 500 mph for a max range of 200 miles (pending on weight/cargo variables)

    • Max altitude: 2,500 ft above mean sea level

  • Goggles

    • remarkable material​

    • Lenses refracted to allow radiation-based energy eye beams through them without being damaged.

    • Provides normal and night vision

  • Earwig Comms Device

    • Communications transceiver using microwave, cellular and radio waves

    • Range: unlimited with transceiver towers/satellites in range; 25 miles otherwise

  • Respirator

    • Incredible material​

    • Filtration system prevents exhalation of any radioactive material down to 0.5 microns

    • Filtration system prevents passing of alpha, beta or gamma irradiated contents beyond filter

    • Acts as a good gas mask also

    • Nodule allows for max 4-minute oxygen/nitrogen bleed (for underwater use, for example)

  • Anti-Radiation Force Field Personnel Protection Devices (8)

    • belt (incredible material)​

    • holsters 8 incredible material (unearthly radiation coating absorption) cylindrical devices that can be given to people to use as temporary anti-radiation force fields on their person, so

    • User must twist top to activate

    • Allows for 10 minutes of anti-radiation force field personal protection (one person or one person with small child/being/animal clutched tight to body) of up to unearthly radiation levels.

    • Once activated, emits increasing beeping noise and light to notify lowering power levels

    • Once activated, emits an international Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) frequency signal for the 10-minute duration (range: unlimited with cell towers and satellites; 25 miles otherwise)

    • Sometimes used to identify where defeated villains are after fights with Rad Doc


  • Genomics Medicine (Doctorate)

  • Medicine (Doctorate)

  • Sports Medicine/Exercise Medicine (Doctorate)

  • Radiation-based Medicine (Doctorate)

  • Emergency Medicine (Professional)

  • Health/Occupational Medicine (Professional)

  • Martial Arts - Melee (fighting) (proficient)

  • Martial Arts - Dodge/Evade (proficient)

  • Marksmanship (proficient)

  • Academia (Professional)

  • Entertainment industry (proficient)

  • Medical engineering (proficient)

  • Pilot (proficient)

  • Criminology (proficient)

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