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Robert Jackson




Early 20s









The Allied Fighters



Don "Major Deej" Finger

20 January 2017


Sonya Jackson (mother)

Johnathan Jackson (father, deceased)

Mamie Jackson (grandmother)




In 2012, the United States Army funded two private companies to develop new prototypes for a Heavy Combat Armor (HCA) for US Army soldiers to use in combat.  


The first prototype was created by Wicamveer Industries, the second a private contractor that only went by Pershing Combat Systems.  Both went into field testing in 2014, where the Wicamveer prototype constantly breaking down and needing over 20 hours of support for each 3 hours of operation.  The Pershing prototype however operated flawlessly, in fact the company's CEO, Johnathan  Jackson, even dropped the price of their HCA by 15% per unit after associating a deal with 80% military veteran or retiree production teams making the HCUs in new HCU factories to be built in Detroit to aid the devastated Detroit economy.

The US Army loved the Pershing deal, and was about to award them the contract for over 200 HCUs when disaster struck.

The Demolition Party raided the Pershing Combat Systems 6-story HQ and leveled it, killing 30% of the workforce, all the executives and dozens of other innocent civilians that happened to be in the building at the time; the CEO, Johnathan Jackson, was also reported killed.  Most bodies were ash when found after the fires subsided, thus body recognition was nearly impossible.  All data, servers and backups for the Pershing HCAs were also found to be wiped from any and all locations worldwide, denoted with the criminal internet terrorist group known as the 'Virtual Corsairs" as the source of the deleted files. Peshing Combat Systems went bankrupt overnight and was shut down forever.

The HCA contract instead went to Wicamveer Industries, but with the caveat to have their issues addresses and fixed in the next year or they'd lose the contract. In a year's time, the general in charge of the contract review identified an additional $300 million was need for further HCA 'corrections'. The next year, the same request was made, but for $350 million. Due to the Top Secret nature of the project, the media, nor most anyone in charge knew of the details of the HCAs nonetheless where the money was going. That all changed in 2016.

In 2016, documents, secretly made videos and hidden Cayman Island bank accounts were leaked to the US Army, the Justice Department and the media about Wicamveer Industries, proving they hadn't created a single HCA and that the government funding was being funneled to the notorious "Crimewave" criminal gang's off-shore free, of course.


The General in charge of the project, including his family, were found dead hours after the information was released by the media.

Several dozen Wicamveer Industries executives, financiers and investors were charged with dozens of charges of international fraud, embezzlement, money laundering and criminal operations in government contracting.  Only two financiers went to jail and they died in their jail cells the first night, each 'shanked' by their cell mates.  The others were either exonerated or escaped to a country that didn't have any extradition treaties with the United States.  Wicamveer Industries, of course, was shutdown immediately and forever.


Only 20% of the lost government money was recovered, the rest, was found to be 'mysteriously' rerouted to hundreds of different accounts hundreds of times, all eventually traced to shadow companies in third world nations, all of which were cleaned out seconds after each transaction by gang members associated with Crimewave.

The Pershing Combat System's HCA prototype, however, was seen operating again just recently.  The prototype and the man or woman in the armor were saving children from being run over by a runaway car.


The world, to this day, has no idea who is in the armor, but whoever is in the armor told everone encountered that the name was "Pershing".


Since then, this new hero has been recorded as stopping dozens of Crimewave criminal operations and dozens more other gang-related crimes, even going so far as combating super-villains and easily defeating them (media caught Peshing's fights now and then with live broadcasts).

Pershing has recently joined the newest iteration of the Allied Fighters and is a member of the team's Omega Squad.

To this day, no one knows who is the man...or woman...under the armor.






ARMOR: PCS HCA-1A Prototype

  • Super Strength

    • Remarkably strong enough to dent 2" steel.

  • Charging/Running Speed

    • He can run up to 30 mph

  • Battle Plating

    • Incredible armored protection provides damage resistance and defense from up to and including direct tank fire, 700 degree F heat, -100 degree F cold and amazing protection from radiation and toxic attacks.

  • Visual and Audio Amplification/Helmet

    • He can hear and see up to 20 times normal human capacities.

    • Can record and transmit audio and visual files

    • Full radio/comms for all formats; range of transmission: 1000 miles

    • Infrared/heat vision/flash protection/photonic lensing

    • Targeting computer and data feed/computer HUD

    • Searchlight, computer rotated and retractable

  • Translator

    • On-board computer can translate languages incoming and broadcast...but only at Google Translate levels.

  • Self contained environment

    • Can provide food, drink and bio needs, including air, for up to 3 days.

  • Rocket Pack

    • Flight at 300 mph, range: 500 miles; altitude: 60,000 feet; non-rechargeable energy source; when depleted, requires pack replacement.  Controlled by voice/mental/manual controls.  Can hover. Can carry an additional 4000 lbs.

WEAPON: AEC-1 Atomic Mace

  • Incredible plasma energy mace; monstrously strong staff material: 12 feet. Can smash through 2" steel, or affect energy damage to all in a widespread arc. Can disrupt electronics upon impact

  • Non-rechargeable source; after 1000 minutes of use, AEC-1 power pack has to be replaced (takes 1/2 hour to do).


  • AEC-1 Melee Combat (Professional)

  • Military Hand-To-Hand Combat (Proficient)

  • American Baseball (Proficient)

  • Aerial Combat (Proficient)

  • Marksmanship (Proficient)

  • U.S. History (Pproficient)

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