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Jack Knight III




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Inspector Knight, Night-Man, Blue Paladin




Don "Major Deej" Finger

29 Aug 2010



Jack Knight II (father)

Louise Knight (mother)

Olivia Knight (sister)



Jack Knight III is a famous British inspector that has worked for Scotland Yard, London, Great Britain and later on, for the United States with the National Security Agency (NSA) as a British liaison, and eventually as a United States citizen, all of which has led to his current life in the United States with the national police force known as the Peacekeepers.

Jack was the son of an also famous Scotland Yard detective, Inspector Jack Knight II.  Jack's father solved over 200 out of 290 cases throughout his career (and still, even in retirement, is working his old 'cold cases').  Jack was a normal child growing up, however, in his early teens, he and his mother were abducted by a band of British-based evil mystics from a cult called Arkaenus.  Jack's father showed up with half of the London Police Force and saved Jack and his mother just as they were about to be sacrificed in a dark magic ritual.  Months after being saved, Jack realized he had dark energy powers.  Scared to tell anyone else other than his parents, Jack told them only to be poked, prodded, tested and eventually ostracized.  His father told Jack that his power were from a mutation and that from that day forth, he was 'unauthorized' to use his powers from that day forth.  Jack, still unsure how to control these 'powers', sadly enough had several instance later when he was 15, which led to his father telling him that he could not 'abide' by such a 'rapscallion of a son'. Jack's father sent Jack to a 'private educator' in Scotland where, according to Jack's dad, Jack would learn "discipline, control and understanding of what his place in society meant".

It was one of the most grueling times in his life.

Jack was sent to a sequestered private school located in the only cottage on Hestan island, a private island in Scotland accessible by foot only at low tide. There, along with several other 'special' and 'super-powered' youthful students, he was educated and disciplined the old school way - through pain, repetition and fear. He was beat on a daily basis, and each time he attempted to use his powers, he was 'shocked' by a neck collar that would render him unconscious, thereafter, waking up in a dank, miserable caverns left with a basket of bread and water and a shillelagh for protection.  A bell was place at the cave entrance to alert the teachers when the student was ready to return and 'behave' as a civilized citizen. Even though their practices were crude and archaic, the teachers actually gave their students a first rate academic education, as well and exceptional physical conditioning.

During his time on the island, there were several instances of situations that Jack was never able to understand or explain. On several occasions, he'd gone to sleep in bed, only to awaken somewhere else, tired, bruised, disheveled and usually dirty hours before dawn, sometimes in places over 10 miles from the island.  He never told no one for fear of being shocked, beaten and tossed into the cave for creating such 'inexcusable stories'.


Over the years there, Jack learned how to be what his father wanted him to be. At age 18, Jack finally re-met his father. Jack Knight II informed his son, Jack Knight III that a position at Oxford University was available for his to earn a degree in Criminology minoring in Deductive Reasoning should he chose to accept a Pre-join Degree followed by a Direct Entry for Inspector to work, under Inspector Jack Knight II's Inspector division, should the son, Jack Knight III, complete the rigorous path towards being an inspector...otherwise, Jack Knight III was to be 100% ostracized, removed from the family will and treated as a non-person for the rest of his life.


With little choice, Jack Knight III did as his father told him to do.


Over the next several years, Jack Knight III not only completed every single milestone his father set for him, but did so better than all the rest, becoming the top of his class in each step towards the Direct Entry for Inspectors. When Jack finally made Inspector with New Scotland Yard in London, England, Jack's father finally appeared before his and awarded Jack a cheap New Scotland yard 'Challenge' coin as a 'present' for completing what his father said were 'simple' milestones; a simple present for a simple accomplishment, is how Jack's father put it.  Jack accepted the coin with reservation, shook his father's hand...and that was the last time the two ever spoke.


For being awarded the title of Inspector, a formal awards and graduation ceremony was conducted, and as per tradition, the top of the class, in this case Jack Knight III again, was expected to provide a speech.

Jack, after all these years, was finally able to say what he'd gone through to get to this point, and did so with his speech.  Without mentioning his powers, Jack, in front of all of the most influential and famous of Scotland Yard, got to tell his rendition of what he had to go through to get where was now.  He mentioned about being abducted by arcane terrorists and being almost killed, the lack of affection and alienation his father subjected him to, the prison-like 'old school' education and torture he was subjected to on Hestan Island, and of course the manipulative demand his father made unto him to either succeed or become a non-person bereft of family.

To say the least, the audience's response was pure shock and awe.


It didn't take but a day before Jack Knight III's graduation address was published in all the papers. Citizens, the House of Commons and most institutions were appalled at the actions of Jack's father.  Some agreed and even defended Jack's father's position, however, the social uproar cancelled out anyone on Jack's father's side. Jack's father, knowing he would never get out from under this issue, retired 'with honors' a month later.  After 27 years, Jack Knight II retired with a secretive, unrecorded knighting ceremony, thus making his "Sir Jack Knight II".  Now retired, Jack Knight II swore he'd never speak to his 'insolent' son ever again.

As Jack Knight III started and solved his first set of cases in record time, the school on Hestan Island was shut down for good by education officials.  The shock collars found on the site caused a stir in the nation's education system that to this day (in the MDU), the government had decreed itself responsible, thus providing financial recompense for the torture of any and all who were every forced to attend the school. Jack declined his financial compensation.


Jack was hailed a social engineering hero, but not long after the Hestan Island school shutdown, Jack became an even greater hero in solving three individual mass-murder mysteries, one of which indicted a House of Lords minister and a secret society that was attempting to influence the Crown.  Again, Jack was hailed as a hero.


As during his time on Hestan Island, a few 'blackout' incidents occurred again; five to be exact. Each time, as before, he was asleep and woke up somewhere else, dirty, in his pajamas and usually exhausted. The oddest location he awoke in from these blackouts was in the New Scotland Yard's Sir Ian Blair's office, sitting in Blair's chair in a room loaded with alarms and sensors, all of which had not gone off.  He was lucky enough to exit through a ventilation shaft, for which nobody was the wiser of his being in said office.

Jack's last formal job for New Scotland Yard was as a liaison and analyst with the United States' National Security Agency (NSA).  There, if Britain of the US needed to 'confer' about classified security cases, Jack would be the go between.  As such, Jack was a great help to both nations.


Again, during his time with the NSA, just as before on Hestan Island and while working with the New Scotland Yard, he had blackouts.  He usually awoke finding himself in places he knew where dangerous to be found in, one such place being the NSA's records room, sitting at a table with hundreds of pictures, recordings and files showing and proving that his New Scotland yard boss was working with an Oceania spy and operatives, all of which conspiring over a take-down both the US President and the Queen of England.


After amassing the intel and putting it all into a logical, legal brief, Jack was able to prove his British boss's scheme with the nefarious socialist island nation of Oceania against the United States and England. After full reviews and validation of the proof, Jack's boss was arrested on conspiracy, espionage and terrorist chages, placing him in prison for the rest of his life.  As a result, Jack got another accolade and was asked to return to Britain to take over for the man he'd just discovered to be an Oceanian spy.  Jack, enjoying the freedoms and laws of the United States instead, decided to take an open position as an Analyst Manager for the NSA, earning himself twofold the pay he was already making, and having the freedom to operate with his investigations, unlike how it was with Britain's overbearing processes and litigation.  As such, even though still a British citizen, he was now on a work visa in the United States.

Then came the World Super-Powered Registration Act; an act that required all state, federal and national employees and its citizens to submit for testing to determine if they had any form of powers, innate, technological or otherwise, thus requiring 'registration'.

Jack didn't even wait until the first day of registration.  He held a news conference outside the NSA gate and told the world he was a mutant with dark energy powers; powers he hadn't used since his time on Hestan Island, where he was beaten and disciplined any time he used his powers.  To prove this, he demonstrated the use of his dark energy powers before live television and reporters.

Jack was fired hours later.

For the next few months, Jack lived on the money he'd earned and had in savings, but when the money ran out, he realized he needed a job.  After being trained as an investigator and a cop his whole life, he had a very narrow job skill for a world that wasn't very trusting of a man with super-human powers.  As such, most of the jobs he was able to cobble together were just enough to pay the rent.  With his lat 10 dollar tucked away in his belt, Jack encountered a man calling himself Major Order.

Major Order informed Jack that he and his co-leader, Judge Law, were tasked with putting together a national police force designed primarily for meta-human and high-powered criminals and anti-registrants.  The need for an inspector of Jack's qualifications were desperately needed in order for this new team, called the Peacekeepers, to form up with federal backing.  Jack needed a day to review his options (more to the fact, he did research on both Majors and everything about the Peacekeepers), but once that day was done, Jack signed up with them under one condition: that he be the lead investigator in the Investigations Division.  Both Majors Order and Law agreed, stating they'd already planned to make Jack the lead anyhow.

Today, Jack continues his work with the Peacekeepers.  His solve rate as an inspector is 95% - an unprecedented rate for such a new and complex job that division.  He's the happiest he's ever been.  As a matter of fact, since he had to finally formally register to join the Peacekeepers, he's also discovered that his powers were NOT mutant-based, but instead were magic-based; magic that seemed to have stemmed from his abduction back when he was a teenager.  As such, Jack sent a letter to his father about the registration's findings, and requested that, 


"Since I'm not a mutant freak of nature anymore, and instead made a magical freak created by arcane terrorists intent on killing me to get at you, I'd welcome an apology and a parlay, if your ego could withstand the strain...or the trip to America. I look forward to your humble remarks and response. - Cheers pop".

Jack's father has yet to respond.

Now if Jack can only find out the reason for the blackouts he's had in the well as the last two since he's been with the Peacekeepers...



Power Origin: Magic (initially believed to be Mutant)


Dark Energy Powers:

LIMITATION: Whe Jack uses his power during daylight, their maximum effect in only good in intensity; at night (or in a dark location (cave, windowless room/basement), Jack's powers can be used up to a remarkable intensity. 

  • Darkened Spaces

    • Ability to darken an area between 10 yards (during daylight) to 30 yards (during night) in radius from Jack's body.

  • Shadow Stealth

    • Can uses darkness to create shade/shadows around self and/or additional personnel within the power's range (pending day or night)

  • Dark Energy Voids

    • Created to slow, stop or immobilize single and multiple targets at a time within the power's range (pending day or night).

  • Fear Spell

    • Depending on the psyche of the target and whether if the power is used during the day or night, Night Jack can induce fear into target(s) within the power's range (again, pending day or night).

  • Dark Energy Blasts

    • Pending on day or night for power intensity, Night Jack can emit dark energy blasts from his hands (at equivocal range).

  • Confusion Spell

    • This is a coupled-power, wherein Jack would use Dark Energy Voids and add a Confusion Spell, creating Vertigo and Confusion, eking out poor dark energy damage over time, as well as differential psyche damage versus the power intensity (good to remarkable) based on the light of the day.

  • Dark Energy Vision

    • Even in the darkest of dark, Jack can see anyone and everyone/thing at night or withing the areas of using his dark energy as if it where simply 'black & grey' (like an old black & white photo).

Magical Protection​:

  • As a result of the magic energy backlash that resulted in his powers when he was a teenager, Jack also received an innate remarkable defense against any and all forms of magic powers.




  • Typical physical, toxin, toxin, energy, electrical, plasma and temperate protection.

  • Excellent radiation protection


  • 9mm pistol x 1

  • Long-Handle Flashlight (remarkable material) x 1

  • handcuffs x 2

  • magazines of ammunition x 2

  • first aid kit x 1

  • pouches for detective and investigator paraphernalia  x 4

Proprietary Peacekeepers Smartphone and Scanner​:

  • range 100 miles

New Scotland Yard "Challenge" Coin:

  • Aluminum (chromed) silver-colored coin used as a Good luck charm.

  • Flips coin in the air while he's 'deducing' a crime scene or during heavy thoughts

  • Given to Jack by his father


  • Inspector/Investigator (Master)

  • Leadership (Professional)

  • British Policing (Master)

  • US Law Enforcement (Professional)

  • International Law (Professional)

  • Forensic Science (Professional)

  • Criminology (Master)

  • Deductive Reasoning (professional)

  • Tactical Driving - car, motorcycle (Professional)

  • Sleuthing (Proficient)

  • Literary Societies (Proficient)

  • Detective Lore (Professional)

  • Biology (Proficient)

  • Psychology/Abnormal Psychology (Proficient)

  • Finances (Proficient)

  • Anthropologist/Researcher/Librarian (Master)

  • Ballistics (Professional)

  • Crime Scene Composition and Reconstruction (Professional)

  • Photographer (Professional)

  • Pharmaceuticals (Proficient)

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