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Nonce DeFluer




mid 20s









UCE Enforcers



Don "Major Deej" Finger

26 Nov 2008



Alain DeFleur (uncle)




Born in French Quebec, Canada, Nonce was always a discontented young lad.  Unhappy with anything and everything, he was labeled a complainer by his classmates and even his parents and relatives.  In his young teens, one of his uncles, Alain DeFleur, enticed Nonce to focus his skills on a sport.  After several attempts with a variety of sports, the one he took a liking to was fencing.  There, Nonce seemed like a natural.  With less than two years of training, he began winning championships and eventually became the youngest national champion of Canada.  His skills earned him a shot at the Olympics in representing Canada, but as fate would have it, his antagonistic nature earned the ire of the selection committee who dropped Nonce as a competitor for his unbecoming sportsmanlike conduct.  Rather than take this as a lesson, he killed each of the selection committee that voted him off the Olympic team.

On the run, Nonce eventually found a town north of Hudson Bay where some of the toughest and most ornery men worked and lived.  There, he found a bar where he was able to find work as a janitor.   On several occasions, Nonce aided in stopping several brutal fights using pool cues and BBQ skewers like his fencing foils.  The bouncer, a strong brutish man, took a liking to Nonce and taught him how to fight, box and wrestle.  Although still arrogant and discontent with all around him, he was a quick study and rapidly learned new fighting skills each week from any who would teach him.  In time, the scrawny teenager became the bar bouncer after Nonce himself ‘defeated’ his Bouncer of a teacher, forcing his mentor to leave the bar for good.

One night, a band of Canadian troops came into the bar.  Within minutes, the troops created a stir, causing Nonce, the scrawny bouncer, to ask them to leave.  As they laughed, Nonce commenced wiping the floor with them.  When the fight was over, seven well-trained Canadian Army troops were left littering the floor, defeated by Nonce.  An older man sitting in the back of the bar saw the fight and asked Nonce to sit and talk with him about a job offer.  The job – become a Quebecois freedom fighter.

Over the next two years, Nonce performed every terrorist act one could do at the behest of the leaders of the Free Quebec Movement.  He enjoyed being the stealthy terrorist against Canadian troops and police.  The movement filled his discontent heart with purpose and adventure.  They were like family to him, however, his aggressive and antagonistic ways eventually even roiled the leaders of the movement.  On one such mission, Nonce’s actions were reported to the police by one of the movement’s leaders who disliked NonceNonce was promptly caught and arrested before he even knew what was happening.  Charged with hundreds of charges, he was placed in a military prison until his trial date; a date that he’d never attend in person.

Two days before his trial, he saw an esteemed Canadian military officer, Colonel Chanteau, imprisoned in the next cell over.  After trading insults and jibes at one another, they started talking.  Surprisingly, Nonce and Colonel Chanteau hit it off.  The two quickly became friends.  In that short period of time, Nonce stated he wanted vengeance against those that did him wrong in Quebec, even though he still strongly believed in an independent Quebec.  Colonel Chanteau made Nonce an offer: fight for him and when his troops take control of North America one day, Quebec would be its own nation, with Nonce assigned to lead from whatever position he wanted, including Chancellor.  Nonce didn’t believe the Colonel had the ability to ‘take over North America’, but in a bet, Chanteau offered “If I can get you out of the military prison before your trial, you work with me and my troops, and I’ll honor Quebec’s Independence the day we seize it from the corrupt Canadian government, or, if they don’t get freed prior to the trial, he’d personally sacrifice his life to get Nonce free”.  Nonce agreed to the ‘trite’ deal, only to be broken out that night with Colonel Chanteau and over 200 of his dedicated troops.  Even several other supporters of Chanteau were released in the jail break.  Hours after the jail break, Nonce agreed to Chanteau’s offer and joined his troops.

Over the next few years on Wolfe Island, Nonce again became disenchanted at being a ‘grunt’ of a trooper.  He wanted more.  After several fights and discipline issues with him, Colonel Chanteau, now the leader of his own psuedo-nation called the United Canadian Empire (UCE), decided to make a contest - winners got to advance to his a new super-powered, super-skilled team that was to be his new high level 'enforcers'.  Chanteau taunted Nonce stating he couldn't see Nonce winning such a championship fighting match that could only be won by Chanteau’s United Canadian Empire’ troops (as they were known by then). Totaling 24 separate challenges to overcome, the winner would be promoted into Chanteau's new band of elite enforcers.  By the end of the championship bout, Nonce was the victor, beating all other combatants, including Chanteau’s own right-hand man, Enforcer AlphaNonce began believing that the UCE was truly his calling, but still believed he was to be the revolutionary that would get Quebec its long-sought independence, with Nonce as their ultimate hero. As such, he considered the UCE as a good 'platform' to learn and train from so as to catapult his being to becoming Quebec's eventual liberator.

As a reward, Chanteau promoted Nonce to the “UCE Enforcers”.  Although Nonce was not super-powered, he still a better fighter than most in the team.  Nonce was given a unique costume (with a Fleur-De-Lis logo emblazoned on his chest to represent Quebec), a name codename (Neo Felquiste) and his choice of weapons. Nonce demanded a uniquely made set of energy rapier swords built specifically in a Toronto engineering lab (a lab that was known to build weapons for some of Canada's superheroes).  The UCE troops, a week later, performed a raid on the Toronto lab and stole the energy rapiers and the weapon's plans for Nonce.  Once Nonce started using the energy rapiers, his skills increased dramatically. Whether it was the less weight or the balanced design, Nonce's fighting with them increased dramatically.

Nonce continues to be an aggressive, arrogant yet dedicated member of the UCE and the UCE Enforcers.  Time and again, Nonce has aggressively swooped into combat without a fear in the world.  His actions have felled and killed dozens of Canadian troops and police in the last few years, as well as two Canadian superheroes. He is a dangerous adversary, one that most people don't perceive as a threat...until it's too late...




Power Origin: Natural

Neo Felquiste is a normal human with an amazing skill in fighting two-handed with swords, epees, rapiers and foils.



  • Costume/Cape

    • Provides poor physical, temperate and radiation protection

    • Provides feeble energy protection

  • Goggles

    • Provide good flash protection

    • Provide night and thermal vision as well as normal vision

  • Aural Protection

    • Wears earplugs/earwig that provides poor audible protection

  • Energy Rapiers

    • Hilts are amazing material composite strength

    • When activated, energy blades can cut through any material up to monstrous strength even with typical strength (like a laser blade).

    • Energy charge lasts for 20 minutes per rapier

    • Requires 30 minutes to recharge energy rapiers

  • Belt Cylinders

    • Grenade (3) - Good explosive damage

    • Flash-Bang (1) - Excellent flash for blindness plus poor explosion with loud noise (psyche check)

    • Smoke (1) - Reduces visibility by a factor of 4 to affected area for 30 seconds

    • ECM Grenade (1) - Remarkable electronics/electromagnetic burst; affected radius: 300 yards; lasts 30 minutes

    • Survival Equipment/Food (2 cylinders worth) - tools, matches, signal mirror, thermal blanket, compass, etc.



  • Sword, epee, rapier and foil fighting (Master)

  • Quebec History (Professional)

  • Felquiste Story/History (Professional)

  • Rioting/Protesting (Proficient)

  • Stealth (Professional)

  • Terrorism/Terrorist Actions (Proficient)

  • Taunting (Proficient)

  • Acrobatics (Professional)

  • Tumbling (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Melee Fighting/Boxing (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Thrown Weapons (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Holds/Escapes (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: + Initiative (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (professional)

  • Languages:

    • French (Master)

    • English (Professional)

    • Portuguese (Proficient)

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