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Muhatma Inaru

Southern Hemisphere Executive Commander (SHEC)
Codename: "Shecky"

Game OnThe Guild
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Once an Indian Naval Operations Admiral, and later the head of the United Nations Security Council, Muhatma's whole purpose in life was peace through deterrence, and if peace failed, then to ensure that the side of right would prevail.  With an exemplary military and political record, Muhatma would be faced with one of the greatest threats to India - the release of Alakashmi.

A dozen years ago, construction workers uncovered the earthly tomb of Padma Puranan Alakashimi. Alakashimi's powers were that of discord, causing families, friends and loved ones to fight amongst themselves, sometimes to incredibly violent and even deadly levels.


As Alakashmi walked through the region, she made her way to a military base.  There, Indian Army soldiers began fighting towns and nearby cities.


Chaos emerged in Alakashimi's wake across India.


Alakashimi was eventually attacked by police and townfolk, but Alakashimi was a goddess with god-like powers; nothing was stopping her.

As the Head of the U.N. Security Council, Muhatma attempted every manner of stopping Alakashimi, but to no avail. Finally, Muhatma himself flew to India and created a 'nuclear trap' for Alakashimi.


Using carefully timed and worded 'information leaks' to be heard by Alakashimi on her path, Muhatma  allowed her to 'overhear' that Alakashimi had to be kept away from her sister, Lakshmi, or they'd conquer the world together.  Alakashimi pounced on the soldiers overheard talking about Lakshmi and demanded to know where she was.  The soldier told her, as they'd practiced in rehearsal earlier, and pointed Alakashimi to an underground site - a site where India performs underground nuclear testing.  There, Alakashimi entered the site and was led by wall projectors, TV monitors and loudspeakers all the way down into the nuclear test site's belly.  Once deep underground, they shut all the blast doors and set off one of their new neutron bombs that was to be tested there.

When exploded, the neutron bomb lifted three miles of solid rock and collapsed it back down into the test site's underground nuclear cavern where Alakashimi was.  Whether if Alakashimi is buried alive or dead, well, as of this time, there's been no activity at that site, thus generating the belief that she is dead.


Hours later, the effects of Alakashimi's powers wore off on the populace, and peace reigned over all of India once again.


Prayers were performed, loved ones wept in each other's arms, forgiving one another for their atrocious actions and words. After all the facts came in to the news agencies, the world learned what Muhatma had done to save India, and most likely, the world. In India, Muhatma was quickly considered to be their century's god--killer and an Indian hero worthy or deifying.

The United Nations Security Council, however, was dismayed over Muhatma's use of nuclear weapons without United Nations authorization.  As such, Muhatma was 'let go' from his position with the UN.  Muhatma still remained a celebrity around the world, and again, India only wanted to deify him more each day. He was now considered to be part of a caste system that placed him in a VERY high pecking order; so high in fact, that he didn't have an caste 'peers' to associate with, and as such, learned quickly that with his potential deified status, so would too would come a life of loneliness and a call for continuous acts of heroic servitude to the India populace in the name of their civilization's demi-god status they now wanted bestowed upon him.

This was NOT what Muhatma wanted in life nor expected of it.  He was embarrassed and unhappy to be deified by his people and knew he had to quickly end this or he would become nothing more than a slave to it.

Muhatma had a friend in GUARD whom he'd coordinated with in setting up the resources needed to stop Alakashimi.  He went to her for advice.  His friend told Muhatma to simply 'live life the way you want' and if he was deemed worthy, he'd be allowed to.

With that, Muhatma signed up with GUARD, telling the world his reasoning for doing so.  For the next few months, there were still calls for Muhatma's deification, but eventually, they fell off and in less that a year, Muhatma Inaru became just a simple note in India's history.

Over the next few years, Muhatma worked hard to earn his supposed 'legendary' status in India; he rose through the ranks in GUARD and eventually, became GUARD's SHEC. According to ex-Director Hart, Muhatma had earned his position...and Director Hart's respect. 


Since then, Muhatma has dedicated himself to keep the peace across the southern hemisphere, however, should the need arise, he intends to use the 'right weapon for the right job'.  To this day, India still honors him on that victorious day over Alakashimi, but as far as Muhatma is concerned, it's just another 'work day' towards peace.

Muhatma has since married that GUARD friend of his who have him the life-advice earlier, and now has six children, all ranging in ages from10 to 1 year of age. His wife has since retired from GUARD, and continues to be Muhatma's 'conscience' when needed.

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