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Binda Imatiana


Australian Aborigine/ Villain


Late 20s









Banjo Imatiana (husband, deceased)

Berindah Imatiana (daughter, deceased)

Tarka "Tak" Imatiana (son, deseased)


Kaha Koa



Don "Major Deej" Finger

1 Feb 2014

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An Aboriginal widowed mother of two from the Queensland Territory of Australian, Binda Imatiana, while fishing out on a small rowboat to feed her children, encountered a boatload of young, drunk Anglo-Australian men barely in control of their high speed powerboat.  The men were dropping dynamite all over the river's edge, trying to scare up crocodiles to shoot. One of the dynamite explosions chased two very large crocodiles up onto the shore, right in front of Binda's two children, Merindah and Tarka ("Tak") who were waiting for Binda on the shore.


Both of Binda's children were killed by the rampaging crocs.


One of the men in the boat heard Binda's screams as she frantically rowed to her mauled children. Knowing they'd get serious jail time for all of this, one of the young, drunk Aussie men shot Binda,  practically yelling at her saying "No witnesses!".  Her dying body laid in the boat as the river's current slowly swept Binda's boat out onto the open ocean. That's when a transmutated humanoid creature who worked for a doctor calling himself "Abyss" found Binda's body. The creature (called a 'TURXS') took Binda's body to its master, Abyss, where he liked to use dead, and near dead human bodies in his transmutation experiments and army creation.

Abyss, upon receiving Binda from the TURXS, heard Binda's barely audible voice repeating, "leave me die so I can dream of my babies", Abyss decided to do something for Binda....and himself. He placed Binda's body into his "Transmutation Matrix Unit (TMU)" where Binda was transformed into another one of Abyss' many mind-controlled, super-powered creations.

When revived, Binda's new, empowered body was only slightly changed in order to accommodate her aquatic surrounding, however, her mind had been unlocked to use a form of mental control regarding entering one of several dozen people's subconscious 'dream' state...or nightmares. 

Today, Binda, now called 'Moe'uhane', is one of the Kaha Koa's regional warlords in and around the Australian-New Zealand Pacific Ocean region.  She uses hundreds of dream-controlled slaves to do her bidding in building, fetching, fighting and/or sending messages to her allies...or her enemies. Moe'uhane rarely engages in combat personally, but instead operates "off screen" letting her minions do all her work for her. When her powers are active, her shoulders and back 'device' glow a red color, pulsing and/or brightening for each additional mind/target she adds under her control. You'll known she is controlling someone (or anyone) by seeing her shouldered red energy glow.

Although Moe'uhane seems to be looking out and across sky and space at times, don't let that fool you; she can see you perfectly through her mind's eye; instead, she is most likely controlling people's 'dream states', getting them to do things for her...or to YOU! 

On a side note, the Croc hunters that caused Binda's children's death and shot Binda, well, even though Abyss says the TMU erases one's past life and memories, those same croc hunters were found dead with the looks of horror on their faces weeks after Binda's trasnmutation into Moe'uhane.

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Power Origin: Science

  • Superhuman Enhancements

    • Remarkable agility/reflexes

    • Good endurance/stamina

  • Body Protection

    • Typical protection from all forms of damage except magic.

  • Mental Protection

    • Has incredible mental/psionic protection

  • Water Movement/Breathing

    • Can swim underwater up to 30 knots of speed

    • Can breath in or out of water (in water = gills on back of neck)


  • Mental Control: Subconscious Dream Control/Manipulation

    • Once within 30 inches of a targeted person, she can invoke a remarkable mental 'attack' or 'infusion of thoughts' into a target's subconscious mind, placing them either in a trance-like dream state or frozen in terror over violent/scary mental images created by the target's own subconsciousness.

    • When using her powers, a red energy-like glow emanates from the skin on her shoulders, arms and neck

      • the red glow intensifies and spreads to a back 'costume device' for each additional person (up to 30) she controls, which results in a bright red glow and even a bit of a wispy black ichor emanating up and off of her body.​

    • She can project/emanate/force her will into a target's subconsciousness, getting the target to bend/think/feel how she wants.

    • She can peer into the psyche of unprotected minds to see/find the target's fears, loves, passions, emotions and of course previous dreams so as to 'manipulate' and write her own psychic narrative to perform in a target's mind.

    • Can do this with up to 30 targets max

      • Each target that has a psyche or psionic protection of excellent, however, enacts as 'four' psyches, thus dwindling her max number of targets​

      • Each target that has a psyche or psionic protection of remarkable or great, however, enacts as '15' psyches, thus dwindling her max number of targets, and requiring her total focus to control those, literally against ever 14-17 seconds of target control.

      • For minds of poor psyche or less, she can not only control said minds without effort, but she doesn't have to be in a trance-like, unmoving state to continue to control them. She can move around, talk and operate like normal, however, her power's effects (red glow emanating from her shoulders, arms and neck) does identify that her power 'are' being used on someone or a group of 'someones'. A lack of the glow means she ISN'T controlling anyone.

    • After a target has been affected, the target will remember everything that occurred, much like waking from a nightmare or scary dream; the target may be disassociated, unfocused and possibly go into 'mental retreat', making them vulnerable physically, psychically and/or functionally for up to a minute's time, pending their ability to break out of their state.​

    • She can will a target to death in their own dreams.

    • She enjoys playing with her victims' dreams, confronting them with horrors and tragedies the victims may have experienced in real life. She likes to amplify the effects and 'feel' of the dream at several times the dream's normal mental effect on the target.

    • She can also psychically enter a target's dream, leaving her own body in a trance-like state that can only be awakened as if from sleep itself should she need to be moved/interacted with on the non-dream plane.

  • 'Quickdream' Maneuver

    • When using her powers, she relishes a power stunt wherein she uses her fast reflexes to sneak up quietly behind people, scare them quickly, and use that moment's fear to unlock any barriers for her to access her victim's dreams, desires and/or nightmares. even to the extent of making the dreams so real, she can make a person 'want' to die, or otherwise die or terror, shock or even the ubiquitous 'falling in a dream' effect...but with a deadly result rather than awakening startled from said dream/nightmare.

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  • Costume

    • Provides feeble physical and energy protection

    • Provides typical temperate, toxic and radioactive protection

  • Earwig

    • Keeps a micro-transceiver as an earwig to use for communications

    • Range-25 miles

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  • Psychic Navigation (Professional)

  • Dreams/Dream state/Sleep knowledge (Professional)

  • Water navigation (Proficient)

  • Stealth (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • Australian Aborigine (several dialects) (Professional)

    • English (Professional)

    • Vietnamese (Barely proficient)

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