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Marshal Quinn

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Quentin "Quinn" Gerard




late 20s








Marshal Gerard




Don "Major Deej" Finger

21 Mar 2010



Samuel Gerard (grandfather)



When the World Super-powered Registration Act (WSRA) went into affect a few years ago, Many federal, government, state, county and town law enforcement officers that had secretly been keeping their super-powered people secret were forced to register their employee's powers.  As a result, 'outing' these people not only the registrants unhappy (since they'd be forced out of their job), but also that their enemies, and in some cases, co-workers, might be quite upset and angry as well.  Quentin "Quinn" Gerard of the US Marshal's office out of Oklahoma City was one of those 'outed' by the WRSA.

Marshal Quentin "Quinn" Gerard is a native-American relative of the famous Samuel Gerard (famous as the US Marshal that hunted down Dr. Richard Kimble in "The Fugitive" TV series/movies). As such, Quinn qualified and passed his certification process to join the US Marshals office, graduating at the top of his class. 

Quinn was a natural-born athlete, as well as an incredible marksman, but what was most noted about him was his ability to track down anyone or anything.  His skills were coined as "uncanny" in his evaluations.


Quinn knew he had something more than exceptional tracking skills; he new he had enhanced abilities or actual super-powers. 


Quinn, from a young age, growing up on the reservation, was able to smell, hear and see greater that anyone else he knew.  He'd catch a scent of a deer and remember it years later, distinguishing it from amongst several dozen of them in a large herd. He also had a unique ability to 'see' sounds with his vision, hypersensitive to everything around him.  It took years of his young life to hone these skills, but thanks to his father, a traditional Native American hunter, he was able to filter and discern objects and 'noise'.

After joining the US Marshals, 'Marshal Gerard' began tracking and capturing escaped felons at the rate of 100 a year, winning numerous awards, citations, accolades and promotions for his efforts.


When the WSRA Law was signed into law, It immediately required all state and federal workers in the United States to submit to genomic testing; a test that would verify or identify if a person had any powers. Marshal Gerard was the first in line (and from all accounts, the only one in line) on Registration Day much to the shock of his family, friends and co-workers

The results of the tests concluded that Marshal Gerard was indeed 'other than human'.  As a result, Marshal Gerard was stripped of his title, position and assignments and placed into a form of in-house confinement until an inquiry was conducted on how to proceed in regards to his hundreds of fugitive captures and arrests. Luckily enough, after two months of reviewing Quinn's case files and reports, the reviewing judges allowed 90% of Quinn's fugitives to remain behind bars; that meant that 10% of them were freed due to technicalities relating to Quinn using his powers vice criminal evidence. Even though Quinn had done his job to the best of his ability, he was still treated as a criminal throughout this time. To make matters worse, his family on the reservation were constantly hounded and harassed, eventually to the point of one of his little nieces getting hit by a rock thrown by one of Quinn's angry co-workers.

In the Nevada town of Hawthorne, Quinn was eventually sequestered to a single-room office on a US Army Depot that stretched for miles through the Nevada desert. With no title, position, authority or assignments, he was expected to 'winnow away' there with a minimal paycheck until Quinn eventually would quit or retire. Regardless, his career and work life were basically over...or so he thought.


As luck, or fate, would have it, the town of Hawthorne became an overnight warzone only a few weeks after Quinn's 'Hawthorne' assignment.


While sitting in his one-man office in Hawthorne, Quinn caught the scent of a dozen fugitives he'd once tracked, apprehended and arrested years before.  These same ex-fugitives had been recently released from captivity due the the 'technicalities' the judges addressed in regards to Quinn's evidence.  The ex-fugitives entered town with an arsenal of weapons, looking to do battle with Quinn. Quinn contacted the US Army Depot, the town police and sheriffs office, but none of them believed him. He was alone in a battle that would no doubt spill out into the streets and eventually kill innocents; the last thing he ever wanted or needed at this point of his life. He had to take action.


Quinn drove to his home and loaded up dozens of unregistered weapons and devices he'd accumulated over the years there. By the time he was done, several women and children were taken hostage at the police department, as well as several policemen and women.  A local radio station was told to broadcast a demand for Quinn to show up or they'd start killing hostages every 5 minutes.  In 4 minutes time, Quinn arrived on site by driving a truck straight into the police station and started shooting up the perpetrators as he walked through the police station's debris.  He took out 4 ex-fugitives in the first few seconds there, but the rest took off and scrambled into the town's streets, taking up spots atop rooftops, some dragging hostages with them.  From street to street, Quinn tracked them down, disarmed them and incapacitated them...but didn't kill them.  In the end, after 10 minutes of gun fighting, Quinn stood victorious with all hostages freed and relatively unhurt, leaving only one ex-fugitive left to stop - the one called Brenton "Big Bad" Bario.


In a gunfighter's showdown in the middle of Hawthorne's main street, Quinn and Big Bad Bario faced each other. In what the media described later as a 'wild west gunfighter's showdown', the two exchanged gunfire until Quinn was shot in the leg and Big Bad Bario was severely wounded.  Quinn, limping, gathered up all of the ex-fugitives in Bario's gang and walked them, tied up and at gunpoint, straight to the town sheriff's office and turned them in.  Video recordings of the entire gunfight, recorded by teens on their smartphone cameras, went viral on the internet overnight.  

Quinn became an overnight hero, with the police, sheriff's office and US Army Depot commandant chastised for not helping during the firefight and ignoring his prior calls, all of which were fired from their jobs within a month's time.  The US Marshal Service (USMS) was placed in the spotlight for their implicit inaction and 'unfair' treatment of Quinn, who was only given a token "Challenge Coin" by the US Marshal Service Regional Chief and not even, at the very least, presented a USMS Purple Heart for his service-related injury.


Within months, Quinn's story made world headlines about the unfair treatment the WRSA had imposed on those with super-powers.  As such, to deflect the negative press this was creating, the President of the United States (POTUS) awarded Quinn with the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his 'incredible service during the Hawthorne, Nevada incident'.  The USMS was 'tasked' by the press and POTUS to also award him his USMS Purple Heart.  Although Quinn didn't care for the medals, accolades or media attention, it was still a cathartic time for Quinn as he came to realize that regardless of the politics and media, his role as a purveyor of justice was all that mattered to him. The only problem was that Quinn was still assigned to the Hawthorn, Nevada Marshal's office there, and it sure didn't seem like any new assignments were ever likely to come...that is, until he got a call from a man known as Major Order.

Not long ago, the "Peacekeepers Act" was passed by the US Congress, authorizing super-powered police, federal and state law enforcement personnel to find a place to use their 'unique' skills in the service of their station and still enforce US laws and customs.  Within a day of the Peacekeepers Act being signed into law on Capitol Hill, Quinn was immediately transferred to the Peacekeepers.

Today, a reinstated 'Marshal' Quinn, continues his fight for law and justice, using his incredible tracking powers and law enforcement prowess with the Peacekeepers.



Power Origin: Mutation?


  • Heightened Abilities

    • Hearing & Sight:

      • can clearly see and hear up to five miles away, depending on local environmental factors (echoing, heat-wave distortions, etc.)

      • coupled with his vision, he can 'see' sounds as minuscule wave variations in his eyesight

    • Smell & Taste:

      • can smell and taste with an incredible ability

      • able to remember scents even decades old and re-associate said scents once smelled again

  • Environmental Acuity

    • As a result of his senses of the area around him, his is remarkably sensitive to any and all environmental changes occurring withing 300 yards of his body.

    • This increases his intuition by a factor of 3

    • This increases his initiative by a factor of 1.

    • This increases his agility by a factor of 2.

  • Endurance:

    • Due to his genealogy, he seems to have an increased excellent endurance, regardless if he works out or not


  • Handguns:

    • Two semiautomatic 45 caliber handguns

  • Belt:

    • Magazines of .45 caliber ammunition x 12

    • handcuffs x 4

    • Pepper stray x 1

    • Flashlights x 1

    • Gerber Pocket Multi-tool x 1

    • mini-flash bangs (typical intensity) x 2

    • polarized sunglasses x 3

    • Peacekeeper Proprietary Smartphone

    • Communications Transceiver & earwig

    • Knives (incredible material) x 4

    • Evidence/location marker flag stakes x 24

    • Water canteen x 1

    • Protein Bars x 3

    • Wire saw (incredible material) x 1

    • Container of Matches x 1 (24 matches)

    • Electronic tracers x 4 (Receiver is built into smartphone app); range: 10 miles, 2 day battery life

  • Hat:

    • Teflon-weave, providing good physical, energy, radiation, temperate, toxic and toxin protection

  • Coat:

    • Teflon-weave, providing good physical, energy, radiation, temperate, toxic and toxin protection

  • Shirt, Pants & Boots:

    • Poor physical, energy, temperate, toxin, toxic, radiation protection


  • US Marshal Service (Professional)

  • Law Enforcement (Professional)

  • Tracking (Master)

  • Stealth (Professional)

  • Marksmanship (Professional)

  • Tactical driving (Proficient) - Car

  • Pilot - Helicopter (Proficient)

  • Ballistics (Professional)

  • Environmental Science (Professional)

  • Horses/Horse Riding (Professional)

  • Rodeo (Professional)

  • Track & Field (Professional)

  • Psychology/Profiling (Proficient)

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