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Daria DeVil












Blood Widow X




Don "Major Deej" Finger

20 Mar 2019






Daria DeVil was an orphaned French child as a result of the Soltan Star Empire's alien invasion of Earth in 2000.  After the Soltans retreated from Earth months later, Daria was placed in an orphanage where she was taken care on until her early teenage years.


During her time up to pre-teen years, Daria was a survivor.  She scrounged for her food (since over 30% of the orphanage's children died from malnutrition the first 10 years after the invasion) and stole what she wanted.  She did not share for food or her plundered items, but instead forced the other children to work for her for mere scraps.  By age 12, Daria had over 20 other children in the orphanage under her command.


At age 13, Daria found a book that would change her life.  It was labeled as a "Widow Codex".  Daria found it buried in and about the wreckage of a downed Soltan battlecruiser.  In the Codex, she learned all about a spider-themed order's 'Widow' training program that included some incredibly important information of where some of the order's special weapons, toxins and data was kept.  Daria took her band of scroungers and left the orphanage (in flames) and went on a cross-continental adventure with her small army to find any and all remnants identified in the Codex.


Not only was Daria successful in finding the equipment, she also found money and treasures.  If she'd wanted to, she could have been set for life all by herself, but her determination and deep desire to train and lead others was more overwhelming.  She liked taking from people of position and power, and had very little self control, even as far as she was concerned.


Over the next few years, Daria and her small band of 20 grew to more than 50 'Widow' trained killers and thieves.  Using the stealth skills and their incredible hand-to-hand fighting, along with their Widow poisonous wrist shooters, they became quite a force to be reckoned with...until they found out about Lord Arachnid and his Arachnoknights.


In the Codex, there was a chapter about the the lore and history of the spider-themed order, and chief amongst them were a few elite strike forces, one of which was named the "Knights of Arachnos",who seemed to have regrouped and now called themselves the "Arachnoknights".  After telling her 50+ team of Widows about these Arachnoknights, they all agreed to test them to see if they were worthy of their mention in the well as test their own training against what were considered 'the elite'.


In a well-planned encounter, "Madame Widow" as Daria now called herself, approached one of the Arachnoknights bases and called out for the leader of the Arachnoknights to come out with a dozen of his best warriors to have their mettle tested against the Widows.


Lord Arachnid, who was once a superior in the same spider-themed order as that which the Widow Codex once existed with, came forward with his select knights and demanded that 'if a challenge such as this occurs, and the Arachnoknights win, these new Widows would take the training learned from their old order and merge it into the Arachnoknights and join that which the Widows were supposed to be part of, OR, if the Arachnoknights lost, the Widows would be allowed to take over their base and would never be bothered by the Arachnoknights ever again'.


Madame Widow agreed.


It was an epic fight.


In the end 10 widows lied dead, as did 3 knights and 3 troopers, with all the rest wounded or unconscious - with the exception of Lord Arachnid and Madame Widow

For the next 20 minutes, the two fought a give-and-take, to-and-fro battle.  Eventually, Madame Widow tired and started to lost tactical focus.  As such Lord Arachnid felled her and demanded she yield.  She agreed, but only on the condition that the Widows got treated as equally as the knights and troopers of the Arachnoknights.  Lord Arachnid looked at her with surprise and stated, 'by all means...of course! We are all warriors here! We are a team and not separate groups; we live and die together as one!'


Madame Widow acquiesced and asked how his knights could be such a team when the Codex she'd studied for years only amplified 'survival of the fittest'.  Lord Arachnid replied that the whole is more powerful than the few, and together, united in a common cause and direction, they could outlive and outperform anything that didn't follow their standards.


From that day forward, Madame Widow and her fellow Arachno Widows became welcome additions to the Arachnoknights.  To this day, Madame Widow remains a top officer in the Arachnoknights and has even been granted her own island off the California coast for training her existing and new Arachno Widows at.

Today, Madame Widow (and her fellow Arachno Widows) have trained in the Code of the Arachnoknights and are an integral part of the Arachnoknights.  There is no animosity or power struggle amongst any of them, only camaraderie.




Power Origin: Natural

Madame Widow has no powers.



  • Stealth Bodysuits

    • Provides chameleon-like color diffusion of the costume's surface to provide good stealth capabilities, day or night.

    • Provide typical body armor protection vs. physical, energy and temperate attacks

    • Provides excellent protection vs toxic/toxin/acidic/chemical and radiation attacks

  • Poisonous Wrist Shooters/Spiked Bracers

    • made of amazing level material strength

    • contain toxic poisons in the spikes, so that when in melee combat, target will take hit damage plus poor poison damage over a minute's time

    • Can fire the spikes from the bracers (4 total per bracer) at a range of 100 yards.  Can effect a good amount of edged damaged coupled with poor poison damage over a minutes time

    • Poisons can be compounded with successful multiple strikes and/or dart attacks against same target

  • Goggles

    • Allows Madame Widow to see with night vision, infra red and prevents any and all damage as a result of flash attacks

  • Spider Leap-Assist Pack

    • Through a series of small quiet air-pulse jets, when activated, the pack helps her leap (or do a series of leaps) up to 200 yards across, 125 yards up and 300 yards down safely without injury

  • Earwig

    • Portable encrypted communications transceiver allowing for comms up to 100 miles away.



  • Acrobatics (Master)

  • Stealth (Master)

  • Widow Codex Knowledge (Master)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Initiative Increase (proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Savate/Fighting skills (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade skills (Proficient)

  • Widow Wrist Shooter-Accuracy (professional)


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