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Kefenste Joubert

SHEC Tactical Commander (SHEC TACCOM)
Codename: "Shecky's Tackle Box"

The Logical SongSupertramp
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Joubert is a South African tactical genius and one of the  most dynamic tactical coordinators  in all of Earth's southern hemisphere.


Raised in the poor shanty town of Soweto, South Africa, Kefenste learned quickly how to survive on the street.  His father had been killed in a gold mine accident and his mother had been beaten and raped by mining supervisors to the point she was physically incapable of working.  He and his five brothers and sisters fought and scavenged for food on a daily basis.


At age 7, Kefenste started 'figuring things out'; solving simple and sometimes highly complex problems, and then crafting and kit bashing things to make the solutions work. Using his own highly analytical mind, Kefenste was able to think up these 'solutions' to problems. By age 9, his siblings were living a decent middle-class lifestyle; by age 12, he spent time and energy solving problems for the mining company, bringing prosperity back to the mines and changing the way the mine did business (even so far as to get the men who raped his mother and killed his fther indicted). By the time he was 15, he was resolving agriculture, manufacturing and housing issues for the community, all with his analytical mind.

A reporter caught wind of Kefenste's incredible problem-solving skills and and broke the story worldwide about him.  Soon, Kefenste was being sponsored by the United States to go to Harvard University and in return, help rebuild the world from the destruction done to the planet as a result of the Soltan Star Empire's invasion of Earth from the year 2000.

By 2010, Kefenste was not only able to analytically resolve thousands of solutions to the world's problems, but was winning worldwide recognition for his actions, including a Nobel Peace prize.

Sadly, evil wanted Kefenste's mind as well.

In a story worth telling one day (not today), Kefenste not only got away from being detained by three super-powered groups worth of villains, but was also able to redirect tactical forces from benevolent agencies to ensure no one got hurt in the ensuring battle royal that happened with the super villains.  As a result, hardly any property damage occurred and not a single person was severely injured or killed in the battle.

GUARD saw all of this and invited Kefenste to apply his skills in helping GUARD 'save the world'.  Kefenste agreed and over the next few years, has moved up the ranks.  In his current position as a tactical commander, he has performed above and beyond his station.  It's only a matter of time before he sits in either "Mr. Ed's" or the "Big DoG's" chair.

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