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Shi Lei




Late 20s










*Access to this information is denied*

None (officially)

Champions of China



Don "Major Deej" Finger

19 Dec 2016




Shi Lei was a Chinese World and Olympic record Weightlifter in the 73kg category. He won a gold medal in the 2016 Olympics as well as dozens of additional first places and gold medals in other world events. He was the pride of China. That is when his plane, taking him to a world competition, crashed, leaving Shi Lei with both of his legs amputated at the knees and severe nerve damage to his hands.


Lei underwent a year of exhaustive surgery only to be told he'd never be able to compete again, nor walk. Through means unknown to the general public, Lei was contacted by the Chinese government and placed in an experimental research unit (most conspiracy theorists state they have 'unproved proof' that Lei's brother was the head of China's secretive mechanic infantry development unit at the same research location).  Nothing was heard about Shi Lei until recently.

Not too long ago, the Chinese government introduced to the world their 'first' superhero group called the "Champions of China". A large, walking mechanical armored (mech unit) named "Ju-Lon" was introduced along with the other superheroes. The Chinese government stated that Ju-Lon was a powerful high tech mech unit, designed by China, and operated by the world famous Chinese weightlifter Shi Lei.  Upon stating the introduction, Ju-Lon took off his helmet to smile for the cameras as Shi Lei.

In follow-up press briefings, it was stated that Shi Lei, after determining that existing medical science would not be able to help him better serve China, volunteered with an experimental Chinese research unit that designed the Ju-Lon armor 'around' Shi Lei, thus making the Ju-Lon armor as Shi Lei's new legs, allowing his once again to "serve China to the fullest (of his) capabilities".

Since then, Ju-Lon has become quite the Chinese celebrity. Chinese tech geeks constantly go on about him and his armor, weapons and systems.  Ju-Lon's mech interconnections integrate Shi Lei's motions, actions and thoughts to the mech unit's functions, fighting and movements.

Today, Ju-Lon continues to be a celebrity and a valuable powerhouse of a member in the Champions of China supergroup. Shi is very reserved, but approachable. At times, he seems sad, but instantly flashes a smile to his adoring public and lets them know he loves them all and would do anything to protect them and defend China. He has not been seen out of his armor, but it is known he has to be taken out daily to sleep and eat.  




Power Origin: Normal/Technology

Shi Lei has no powers. All of his unique abilities are derived from the Ju-Lon Armor (see below in Equipment).


NOTE: Shi Lei has extensive nerve damage to his hands and forearms and had his lower legs amputated below the knee. He requires mechanical/artificial means for him to walk/move.





  • Body Armor

    • Incredible physical protection​

    • Amazing energy, magnetic, temperate protection

    • Fantastic radiation protection

  • Boots, Gauntlets, Shoulder, Upper Chest Device & Head (Helmet) Protection​

    • Amazing physical protection​

    • Fantastic energy, magnetic, temperate protection

    • Spectacular radiation protection

  • Physical Enhancement Endoskeleton

    • The suit amplifies human physical features as follows:​

      • Enhances fighting (x2 levels) (Max: Incredible level)​

      • Enhances agility (x3 levels) (Max: Incredible level)

      • Enhances strength (x3 levels) (Max: Amazing level)

      • Enhances endurance (x2 levels) (Max: Amazing level)

  • Power Storage Cells​

    • Can store electromagnetic dynamic (dynamo) power up to a total of 10,000 energy units​

    • To fully recharge the cells using the DPG, it would take 2 hours

    • To fully recharge the cells using standard public electricity, it would take 24 hours

  • Magnetism (Magnetic Generation/Control)

    • Incredible magnetic generation using the armor's Dynamo Electromagnetic Power Generator (DEPG)

      • Can generate up to incredible levels of electromagnetic energy (4,000 energy units hour)​

    • Can induce magnetism into any materials that can sustain a magnetic field; these include ferrous materials, iron-bearing clays, plastics, and ferrous ores​

    • Can do incredible levels of damage to electronic devices by scrambling internal signals; this is especially effective against
      magnetic recordings and micro-chip dependent devices

    • Can redirect up to remarkable levels of Electrical Generation, but must perform magnetism power check for incredible levels of Electrical Generation

    • Can disrupt Electric or Magnetic Control and Energy Sheath or Energy Body, if either are magnetic in nature

    • Electromagnetic Force Field

      • When activated, the Force Field (applied to all surfaces of the armor) adds an additional layer of protection as follows:​

        • Incredible physical, energy, magnetic, toxic/toxin protection​

        • Remarkable temperate, radiation protection

      • Force Field gets its energy from the armor's DEPG

    • Electromagnetic Flight​

      • Using the Earth's magnetic poles and forces, Ju-Lon can hover and/or fly up to incredible speeds (300 mph)​

      • Max Altitude: 40,000 feet

  • Magnetic Manipulation

    • Can control incredible magnetic force by increasing or decreasing magnetism's intensity within a 400 yard range​

    • Can alter the polarity of a magnetic field (but not a neutron flow)

    • Can shape a magnetic field into forms to produce any effect (create magnetic shapes)

    • Can be used to control simple machinery. The simplest form is merely rendering the machine inoperable by altering the magnetism of the components. With understanding of a machine's dependence and use of electromagnetics, Ju-Lon can control the machine

  • Electronic Countermeasures (ECM)

    • Monstrous ability to not be detected in the Electromagnetic spectrum or by the use of electrical, electromagnetic devices or via radar​

  • Helmet Suite & Sensors

    • Encrypted communications transceiver with unlimited range

    • Language translator for 95% of Earth's known dialects as well as Soltan and Ningren

    • Loudspeaker for excellent amplified voice projection

    • Visor

      • Provides vision in normal, electromagnetic, infra red, ultra violet, x-ray and night vision

      • Provides incredible flash protection

    • Encrypted network and video communications link with 0.5Tb download rate/0.1 upload rate

    • Live video recording of all armor's sensors, vitals, visual and auditory inputs (streams out via encrypted classified Chinese frequency)

    • Electromagnetic Sensing/Tracing

      • Monstrous level of tracing, tracking, sensing, following or feeling electromagnetic fields within 7500 yards

    • Radar Sense​

      • Using electromagnetic waves, can generate a 3-D picture of his surroundings up to 400 yards away

  • Environmental Equipment

    • Armor has body heaters, coolers and an oxygen supply as well as 'bio-waste' attachments/processing to allow for sustained exposure to remarkably dangerous environments while in the armor for up to 30 hours​



  • Weightlifting (Professional)

  • Olympics (Professional)

  • China History & Lore (Professional)

  • Military (Proficient)

  • Navigation (Proficient)

  • Electronics Repair (Professional)

  • Armor Systems Repair (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Melee Fighting (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Holds/Escapes (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: +Endurance, + Strength/Meditation (Professional)

  • Languages:

    • Chinese (Master)

    • English (Proficient)

    • Japanese (Proficient)

    • Mongolian (Proficient)

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