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Jennifer Jankowski

Northern Hemisphere Executive Commander (NHEC)
Codename: "Nick"

RoarKatey Perry
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US Air Force Captain Jankowski started her career as a brutally honest leader and master coordinator whose previous role in working with NORAD created political tensions in the White House when she instead aligned military resources during the Hawaii Invasion to help civilians rather than several 'well to do' business executives (that were later found to have ties to CANIS). She was reprimanded and 'honorably discharged' immediately after Hawaii's liberation, but not before she was lauded by Hawaii's people that she'd help save, including the Polynesian superhero team, Pacific League.

Jankowski then joined GUARD, and rose to her current position by coordinating GUARD's resources in hundreds of anti-criminal operations, working with INTERPOL, FBI, CIA and MI-6.

She has also engaged in unique operations integrating GUARD's "Guardian" super-group into NHEC operations, but also working with other superheroes and their groups worldwide.  As such, she has garnered the first ever "90% operations efficiency rating" in GUARD's history (previous NHECs only achieved a 75% mark).

She is dedicated to her craft and is very good at using guilt, honor and dedication to manipulate those  she coordinates with.  She is also a highly attractive commander, one that has garnered her many 'dates' and boyfriends over the years.

Although incredibly focused on her current position, she sees herself as becoming the first female Director of GUARD.

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