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Granite Guy

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Guy Adams

Known to a few



Late 30s









Yankee Minutemen



Don "Major Deej" Finger

6 Oct 2008



Parents (deceased)



Guy Adams, a New Hampshire State Park Ranger and Historical Manager was responsible to maintaining and repairing the "Old Man of the Mountain" natural rock formation in New Hampshire...that is until 2003 when the monument crumbled and Guy's life changed forever.

A young, educated geological engineer fresh from the University of New Hampshire, Guy's first assignment with the state's park division was to engineer more ways to ensure the state's treasured natural rock formation, the "Old Man of the Mountain", the state's symbol, did not continue to crumble.  After decades of shoring up, chaining together and gluing chunks of rock together, the monument was about ready to fall off the side of the mountain.  One day, while surveying the monument, atop the 'old man's' head, he say a reflection from a crystal deep within a crevice in the monument.   As he carefully extracted the now glowing crystal, he touched it with his bare hands, causing him to magically transform into a rock-like humanoid. The crystal seemed to have either absorbed into his hand or disappeared.

Once Guy's transformation took place, the "Old Man of the Mountain" monument began to crumble and slide off the side of the mountain.  The monument disintegrated into rubble.  He ran off, scared that he'd just destroyed a national treasure.  He ran through the woods in his rock form until he finally became exhausted and passed out. When he awoke in the forest, he was back to being a human again. After a few minutes of concentration, he learned he was able to control the transformation. 

Later that next day, Guy returned to the forestry service office and was fired from his position and made the patsy for the monument's destruction.  Guy didn't tell them or anyone else about his transformation though.


After a decade of on-and-off work with environmental groups, reforestation agencies and even Greenpeace for awhile, using his powers on VERY rare occasions to help others (or the environment).  Eventually, he found himself jobless and homeless, walking the streets of Portsmouth, New Hampshire for any job, doing oddball handyman jobs for food. That's when the United Canadian Empire (UCE) and its crazed leader, the self-named "Emperor North" decided to take over all of New England and call it "New Canada".


The UCE placed nuclear weapons in several locations throughout New England and created an anti-technology field around the region's borders. The US and Canadian governments and militaries were powerless to stop him and his army.  Guy, however, knew he had to act, but he had no idea how to do it.  That's when the hero known as the "Minuteman" formed several new England heroes, including Guy, to go in, disarm the nukes and fight the UCE.

Guy was tasked with disarming the nuclear weapon which was hidden under the Capitol building in Concord, New Hampshire. He had to sneak into the capitol, in human form, and then stealthily subdue dozens of UCE guards. Thereafter while trying to disarm the bomb, a fail-safe switch was activated, causing an accelerated countdown (as what happened to each of the several bombs).  Rather than cut wires, he shifted to his Granite-form and smashed all the electronics and fuse igniters, rendering the nuclear weapon inoperable and inert. He, Minuteman and the several other New England heroes saved the day and defeated the UCE.  New England was once again safe.

Shortly after the UCE incident, Minuteman invited Guy to join his new super-group called the "Yankee Minutemen".  Guy agreed, and has taken on the roll as one of the more powerful members of the team under his new codename, "Granite Guy".

Today, Guy lives out of the Yankee Minuteman secret HQ in Massachusetts, but at least twice a year, whether rain, snow or sleet, he returns to his native state of New Hampshire; once to place flowers at his parents grave and the other time to drop off hundreds of Christmas gifts to children's charity organizations throughout New Hampshire on Christmas Eve. 



Power Origin: Magic (Alteration)

  • Body Transformation

    • Can transform, at will, to either human form or Rock form

    • Can only maintain the form for a standard day's efforts (max for him: 15 hours) before his human endurance takes effect and causes him to weaken and revert to human form or pass out from exhaustion

    • Rock Form

      • Rock Armor

        • Provides only remarkable protection amplified audio (sonic) and any form of flash/vision attacks

        • Provides amazing protection against all forms of physical, energy, temperate, toxic/toxin and temperate

        • Provides fantastic protection against all magical attacks

        • Provides unearthly protection against radiation attacks

      • Rock Form Enhancements/Determents

        • Fighting increases to excellent levels

        • Agility decreases to poor levels

        • Strength increases to incredible level (can lift/move up to 20 tons)

        • Endurance increases to amazing level

        • While in this form, he doesn't need to breath, drink or eat, but is susceptible to transformation endurance issues (see Body Transformation above)

      • Movement

        • Movement speed is poor ground speed (max: 6 mph)

        • Can leap up to remarkable distances (300 feet across, 200 feet up, 450 feet down)

        • Cannot swim (not buoyant) (sinks like a rock...literally)


  • Earwig

    • Encrypted communications transceiver for 25 mile range without tower/satellite access, unlimited range with tower/satellite access.


  • Martial Arts: Holds/Escapes (Wrestling) (Proficient)

  • Forest Ranger (Proficient)

  • Boxing (Proficient)

  • Wilderness/Survival (Proficient)

  • Environmentalism (Proficient)

  • Environmental Extremist Organizations (Proficient)

  • Handyman (Proficient)

  • Homelessness (Proficient)

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