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Goblin Master

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Relatively Unknown



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Rogue Goblin, Goblin Lord

Masters of Maleficence



Don "Major Deej" Finger

6 Mar 2010



Unknown at this time




Zams'I is a rogue goblin warlock, originating from the 6th century BC period in the Dacian capital of Sarnitzegetusa Regia of South-west Transylvania, now part of Slovakia.  


Zams'I was part of an dying sect of goblins all of whom survived over the last 30,000 years, but had grown sick from disease and were chased and killed from every human settlement area since before the 6th century. Zams'I's parents, uncle and several other relatives were killed when a Darcian war party found these remnant goblins deep in the caves outside of the Darcian capital.  Only Zams'I was left alive at the tender age of 2.   Taken to the Darcian King, Zams'I was to be forever imprisoned in the king's dungeon.  Rather than kill Zams'I, the king kept him as a 'pet'.  Eventually, the king discovered that Zams'I had a sense of humor, one that the king took to with hearty laughter. Zams'l also learned to secretly become an accomplished thief while in captivity as well.  He stole food and items, compiling a small trove of materials that he'd hidden about in his cell. Eventually, the king so liked Zams'l's humor that he released him at certain events, had him dress up in a clown-like costume and became the court jester for the king's entertainment.  While he was 'jestering', Zams'l also stole more items from those in and about where Zams'l was performing. He became quite an accomplished thief, but more to the fact, he was a true kleptomaniac.

Eventually, Zams'l's thefts were discovered. The king was furious, so much so that he wanted to witness Zams'l's beheading himself in the dungeon.  As the excutioner was about to cut off Zams'l's head, a newly incarcerated Celtic Spy, also in the dungeon, was quite adamant in the revelry of killing Zams'l.  The king stopped the executioner and questioned the Celt.  The Celt mentioned that there was a prophecy that a 'rogue goblin' would lead to their Celt leader's death and that all the Celt warriors were scared to death of even seeing a goblin let alone fighting one.  As such, the king staid Zams'l's execution and instead ordered Zams'l to be trained for combat by their best warriors and for all the alchemists to do what they had to do to make Zams'l stronger.  The king told Zams'l that if he helped the king win against the western Celts, he'd let Zams'l live...but still be imprisoned until he was needed once again to fight.  Zams'l agreed, but knew he had to do something to get out of his situation or he'd be a slave for life.

By the time Zams'I was a young adult, the Dacian king's outer lands were invaded by said western Celtic warriors.  The king decided to finally sent Zams'l into the field to 'scare' some of the Celts with Zams'I appearance, creating fear and dread amongst the Celtic ranks, all the while allowing Zams'I to steal Celtic weapons, armor, maps and vital information, bringing (most) items back to the Dacian King.  As a result, Zams'l caused the western Celts to fall back to their territory in terror over seeing Zams'l the Goblin. Zams'l also got them incredible intel from spying and stealing vital equipment, including powerful magical relics and items.


As a result, the king allowed Zams'I to have his own room in the castle, rather than in the dungeon.  His room was ordained with many trinkets and baubles from the Celts, however, he kept a hidden stash of unique weapons he'd taken from the Celts, specifically alchemy-based ingredients and books.  Zams'I began to learn how to dabble in the dark arts in his spare time, aided by a witch he'd 'allowed to live' in one of his encounters in the forest. She hated the Celts as much as the king, and as such, Zams'l secretly began learning from her the art of dark magic.

Over time, a unique situation happened where hundreds of impressively created Celt items the king had Zams'I steal, were sold in the market to fund the king's growing army.  The peasants and craftsmen were amazed at the quality of the Celt materials, and began openly trading with the Celts, against the king's orders. This led to a crackdown on the peasants, and eventually, a revolt by the king's subjects against him.

A civil war started.  In the end, the Celts sided with the peasants and overthrew the King and his army.  Zams'I, knowing his new life was forfeit, escaped into the forest and took up residence with the witch, where she taught him to master alchemy and dark arts spells...that is, until Zams'I grew so powerful, he killed the witch, took all her potions and books and made off to the old caves his goblin family were once slaughtered in, where he took up new residence.

Over the decades, Zams'I became a bit of a warlock; a masterful practitioner of the dark arts.  His skin became blackened by the dark energies he'd learned to control, and his eyes began to glow an eerie orange glow.  He was now ready to battle man's world and treat them as they treated him; as slaves and pets.

The Celts who'd taken over the lands began to relax in their new role of invaders, living in the ex-Dacian castle, much like barbaric warlords.  One night, Zams'I entered the castle through one of its many secret entrances and took out the Celt warriors, one by one, mostly while they slept, drunk on ale.  By morning's light, he made his way to the warlord's chamber and killed him and his entire family.  By noon, Zams'I claimed all of the Dacian land and his to rule and that the land's peasants were his slaves.  To enforce this, he created an army of dark energy creatures that would guard him and control the populace. Zams'I considered himself the "Goblin Lord".

After several years of his reign, the populace and remnants of the Dacian army colluded together to take back their lands.  In a coordinated attack, the Dacian army, armed with their own mages and Celt-armored peasants, retook the castle.  The final battle resulted in Zams'I being surrounded by mages, immobilized with Druidic magic in the foyer of the castle.  There, the mages utilized a rare, unused spell that would forever turn Zams'I into stone.  In the end, Zams'I became a statue of stone that would adorn the castle's foyer for centuries to come...that is, until the early 21st century.

The Dacian castle eventually became a crumbling ruin, with the statue of Zams'I placed in a museum in Slovakia, where it had remained for the last 50 years. The evil leader of the Masters of Maleficence, Mad Halloween Jack, while searching for arcane artifacts in Praque, sensed the dark magics emanating from the slowly crumbling Zams'I statue.  Mad Halloween Jack then used his dark magics to undo the druidic mages' spell and freed Zams'I for the first time in over 15 centuries.  Nonetheless to say, Zams'I was appreciative to Mad Halloween Jack, but his centuries of imprisonment fomented a new level of hate for humankind. Mad Halloween Jack invited the Goblin Lord to join the Masters of Maleficence, impressing upon him their motto of "We shall rule all".

Today, Zams'I has reconnected with his alchemy and dark magics, making himself more powerful than he had ever once been.  His goal is the enslavement of humankind; his secret ambition is to be the ONLY one that rules the humans once they are enslaved, not the Masters of Maleficence, whom, in Zams'I's mind, will be but simple pawns in his conquest of humanity.

As it is, Zams'l, now calling himself Goblin Master, is truly the last of his kind. With no female goblin to start his species up again, his anger and rage instead fuel him in his hatred of humanity's position in the world.  If only there was another goblin of his specie alive today...




Power Origin: Magic

  • Innate Goblin Abilities

    • Goblin Attributed Abilities

      • Remarkable fighting, endurance and agility

      • Excellent strength

      • Excellent reasoning and intuition

      • Remarkable psyche strength.

    • Thick Skin

      • Skin provides typical physical protection

      • Skin provides poor energy, radiation and temperate protection

    • Senses

      • Excellent hearing

      • Good vision into normal, ultraviolet and night vision light range

  • Dark Magic (Druidic, Arcane and Dimensional)

    • Dark Energy Blasts

      • Can fire dark energy blasts from hands for excellent magical/energy damage at a range of 20 yards.

    • Dark Energy Aura

      • Provides incredible magical protection

      • Provides remarkable energy protection

      • Provides excellent protection against all other forms of damage

    • Confusion

      • Excellent ability to alter human and biological being's perceptions, making them think friends, innocents or allies are actually demon-like goblins trying to attack them.

    • Teleport

      • Uses dimensional magics (he's one of only a handful that know how to do this) to teleport through a narrow dimensional doorway and reappear anywhere of choice on Earth

      • Does not allow for off-Earth teleportation other than 20,000 feet in the air as a max altitude.

    • Dark Energy Creatures

      • Can create a small army (up to 100) small, dark energy goblin-like manifestations, each with their own ability to strike/attack and move independently, but are definitely slaves to Zams'l.

      • Each energy creature has poor capabilities across the board, including poor dark energy blasts and melee punches

      • Each energy creature can perform typical claws and/or bites damage.

    • Dark Energy Druidic, Arcane & Alchemy-based Spells

      • Zams'l has learned over 100 different Druidic, Arcane and Alchemy-based spells, all of which can be executed at a good rank.

      • If Zams'l takes time to enhance one of these spells (taking an extra 2 minutes of uninterrupted incantations), the power of the spell can be increased to a max of excellent damage.



  • Body Suit

    • Provides typical physical and magical protection

  • Amulet of Night

    • Powerful magical amulet that can emit dark energy field across 1/4 mile radius, dropping unlit vision to 1 foot between anything in the energy field; typically powerful light allows vision for only 6 foot viewing radius.

    • Field also drain electrical and all other forms of energy at a poor rate over time; a standard flashlight's batteries would only last several seconds before the batteries would be drained by the field.

  • Quieted Boots

    • Dampens any noise made by its wearer, including voice (if incantated to allow) at an excellent rate.

  • Earring of Stealth

    • Wearer has illusory stealth field activated around self preventing all forms of typical senses, sensors or equipment from seeing him

    • Does not provide mental/psychic stealth

  • Earring of Reincarnation

    • If Zams'l ever dies, his soul/essence/mind are drawn into the earring for storage until...

    • Earring will provide fantastic healing, allowing for reanimation of body even when dead. Once the body is alive and stable, the earring will transfer Zams'l's soul/essence/mind back into the body.

    • Earring does NOT provide normal healing; healing only occurs after the body has been reanimated, and only brings the body back to feeble health at that.

  • Gloves of Stickiness

    • Allows for wearer of gloves to adhere to any surface with good stickiness. Slippery, slimy or liquid-based surfaces will negate the gloves abilities.

    • He uses these to 'grab' and 'hold' items he's stealing and/or thieving so as to ensure he doesn't drop/loose the stolen item(s).

    • He also uses these to 'spider-climb' on walls, ceilings or any other surface that (again) doesn't negate the gloves abilities.

  • Wards (4)

    • 2 wards, when activated, activates a good physical force field protection versus from projectiles. Field emanates out from ward only 1 foot. Last for only 20 seconds before needing magical incantation recharge.

    • 1 ward, when activated, dissipates any good or less illusions cast within 20 yards of bearer/ward location. Lasts for only 20 seconds once a dissipation occurs, requiring a magical incantation to recharge.

    • 1 ward emits, when activated, a warble-like alarm noise if mental powers are used within 20 yards of bearer/ward location. Once the alarm activates, it can only last for 20 seconds more, requiring a magical incantation to recharge.



  • Arcane/Dark Magic (Master)

  • Druidic Magic (Professional)

  • Dimensional Magic (Proficient)

  • Thief (Master)

  • Sleight of Hand (Master)

  • Alchemy (Professional)

  • Magical relics, totems and tomes (Professional)

  • Stealth (Master)

  • Goblin Lore (Professional)

  • Celtic/Dacian History (Professional)

  • Humor/Entertainment (Professional)

  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Professional)

  • Swordsmanship (Professional)

  • Pikemanship/Pole Axe (Professional)

  • Horsemanship (Professional)

  • Archery (Proficient)

  • Mace (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • English (Professional)

    • Celtic (Professional)

    • Goblin (Master)

    • Old and current Britain-based languages (Professional)

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