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Sophia Genevieve Demer














The Allied Fighters

The New Allied Fighters Issue # 2 (MDU Comics)

Mar 2012

Don "Major Deej" Finger

20 Feb 2012



Sophia Demers is a French citizen of the once-affluent and once-esteemed Demers Family who also has remarkable mental powers...and is currently considered 'on the run' and wanted by the French authorities for countless criminal charges.

As per all documentation and France's social knowledge Sophia, as well as her twin brother, Jacques Jeane, were both adopted as babies by the rich French socialite and World War II/Cold War espionage hero, Sophia Demers (maiden name DePierre), once known by her hero name as Madame Libertad. Both Jacques and Sophia were raised in affluence and in high society, both going to the finest schools in Paris, living in a 300-acre estate and mansion just outside the city.  During their childhood, Jacques and Sophia grew up as any normal child would with childhood friends, sports, vacations and many hundreds of happy moments with their adopted mother whom they graciously called 'grandmother' at her request.


When both reached 12 years of age, the twins exhibited the first manifestation of their psychic powers.  Their 'grandmother' quickly taught them how to control and use their powers, informing the twins that she too had psychic powers; powers that sadly had slowly waned over the passing years.  Through most of the twins' teenage years, they worked hard at controlling and using their powers, all the while keeping their powers a secret from all but the most trusted of the household staff.  Jacques socialized with his friends, loved talking politics,  and played sports while Sophia had sleepovers with her friends and went to  Debutante balls.


After awhile, the twins realized, by the subtle use of their powers,  that most of their friends were phonies, liking them only for their money and social status.  That's when the twins began to become involved in social work, helping the needy, volunteering at soup kitchens and donating from their enormous trust funds to charities for the poor and infirmed.  Their high society friends actually started to shun them, only to have both twins, in a rebellious state (against their grandmother's training and wishes), mentally 'control' and 'influence' their friends to help and donate just as they were doing.  When the grandmother found out how they'd used their powers, rather than be upset with them, she commented that they've learned their first lesson of what great powers can do when unchecked.  The twins, in a remorseful state over what they'd done, released their friends from the mind control/influence, ready to face the consequences of their actions (and reveal to said 'friends' about the nature of their powers), only to have their 'grandmother' instead use her own mental powers to erase their memories of the twins' actions, exclaiming once again that NO ONE other than they or those of the trusted household staff should EVER know of their powers.  Ms. Demers had a stroke as a result of this event.  Thereon, the twins swore to use their powers for good, and to only use their powers in that manner only to protect each other.

Both Jacques and Sophia went on to college at Paris' École Normale Supérieure; Jacques majoring in business and politics, Sophia in Philosophy and Social Science.  While in their 3rd years of studies, they were recalled back home to the Demer estate, stating an emergency situation.


In less than an hour's time, the Demers estate had been devastated.


All the Demers' money had been transferred from their accounts, all their liquid assets had been sold (including the 300-acre estate and mansion) and the twins' vast trust fund had been liquidated and 'given to an (unknown) charity'.


They were destitute.


When the twins asked why all this was happening, their 'grandmother' stated that there were 'people' who wanted the twins' powers and now obviously would stop at nothing to get at them, including (what would later be revealed as) an arrest warrant for hundreds of 'criminal' charges that had suddenly been generated for the twins and their 'grandmother'.  Although the twins, and the Demers Estate manager, Armande, wanted to stay and fight, Ms. Demers ('grandmother') instead told her staff to implement phases 1 and 2 of her 'scorched earth' plan.  Realizing that meant the destruction of all they'd owned, before the twins and Armande could do anything, Ms Demers blasted them with what was left of her mental powers, knocking them out for what she said would be hours. Libertad Securite, the Demers' security service, was tasked as part of the protocols of the scorched earth plan to haul the twins and Armande off to an underground river boat and secret them out to a private airport in northern France and have them flown to Boston, Massachusetts in the United States where they would be given the family's documentation, deeds and legal well as what cryptically was deemed a revealing letter of 'truth' by their 'grandmother'. 


Before the twins were hauled away, Ms. Demers stated to the unconscious twins that her 'letter of truth' would 'tell all' and that she (Ms. Demers) couldn't 'bear to have them hate her' once they discovered what was in the letter.

Ms. Demers, Madame Libertad....'grandmother'...died minutes later of a massive coronary in the mansion. Minutes after that she and the mansion were engulfed in flames as themansion was burnt to the ground as part of her scorched earth protocols.

The twins and Armande (as well as four Libertad Securite personnel), safely arrived in the United States, but 100% 'illegally'. The Libertad Securite personnel professionally circumvented their entire customs check-in process with what is perceived to be 'paid off' U.S. Customs officials...the same 'paid off' officials that also handed the French entourage an envelope with complete sets of new American identification cards, drivers licenses, birth certificates and social security cards for each of them, as well as $200,000 in cash each. The twins,  Armand and the four Libertad Securite personnel have since secretly taken refuge in a trusted French Society house in downtown Boston.


The 'tell all' letter that accompanied the twins has yet to be opened.

The rest of the twins' story continues in the forthcoming issues of the "ALLIED FIGHTERS" Major Deej Universe comics series by MAJOR DEEJ COMICS.



Science-based psychic blast/mental manipulation powers.

  • Psychic Blasts

    • Psionic Stave

      • Typical level of psychic damage that can be done to a person's mind at a distance of 6 yards.

  • Mental Blast

    • Good level psychic damage that can be done to a person' mind at a distance of  10 yards, potentially leaving immobilized.

  • Will Domination

    • When focused, Sophia has the excellent ability to take over the willpower of the target, forcing them to do things agains their will,but knowing full well they are doing things against their will.

    • So long as Sophia concentrates, she can dominate up to 3 people at a time.

    • Once Sophia is unconscious or unfocused, she will lose control of the target she is dominating.

    • She has done this with animals before as well as humans.

  • Mental Manipulation

  • Subdue

    • Sophia has the excellent ability to immobilize the target's mobility, causing them to stop in place and not move.

    • The target's Breathing, eye movement, hearing and throat/swallowing functions all remain normal while in this state.

  • Mental Probe

    • Sophia can probe through a target's mind and pull out ANY information or detail the target retains, unless the target is guarding that information mentally, then it is a matter of willpower vs. power.

  • Psychic Scream

    • Can affect all in a cone of 45 degrees in front of her up to 10 yards away.

    • Good level of psychic damage

    • Can only do this in bursts lasting a couple seconds; takes at least 30 seconds to perform again.

  • Manipulate Psyche

    • Has good ability to manipulate a target's psyche to not want to fight and give up

    • Can also be used, with intense concentration, to 'encourage' a target to fight, giving them influence to want to fight/do something.



  • Costume

    • Protection (for what covers the skin)

      • Excellent protection for heat and cold (for what covers the skin)

      • Feeble physical protection

      • Good radiation protection

  • Earwig

    • Communications transceiver allows for a wide band of frequencies including link access to Alpha-1 (Allied Fighters' Fort Hamilton Base Computer)

    • Range; 25 miles to transmit; range for receiving is dependent on transmitted signal strength; average range 5 miles.



  • Mental Defenses - expert

  • High class society - expert

  • Arts/Drawing/Museums - experienced

  • Tennis - experienced

  • Social Sciences - experienced

  • Horses/horseback riding/competition - experienced

  • Philosophy - experienced

  • Martial Arts (slams/stuns) - proficient

  • Tumbling/acrobatics/gymnastics - proficient

  • Flute - proficient

  • Fencing -proficient

  • drama/poetry - proficient

  • finance - proficient

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