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Felix Tennenson


Hero (American)














Don "Major Deej" Finger

24 Dec 2006


  • Arnold Tennenson (father, deceased)

  • Carol Tennenson (mother, deceased)



Felix Tennenson, at age 15, was considered one of the brightest college students in the nation when he entered the University of California, Berkeley with an 4.5 GPA and an IQ of over 200. 

His father, Arnold Tennenson, a senior physicist at the Lawrence Livermore Nuclear Labs, raised Felix himself after his wife passed away from Leukemia when Felix was only 4 years old.  Felix's father spent every waking hour he could to teach his son the world of science, math and physics. Although  a bit geeky growing up, Felix did engage in sports and social clubs to include Track & Field, Chess Club and the Science Club. Overall, a well liked guy, his mind and body were always working solving equations, strategic winning solutions and puzzles. Felix, during his senior year at Berkeley (at age 19) was working on his triple Bachelors Degrees in Math, Particle Physics and Nuclear Science when everything in his life changed.

One day, Felix's father brought Felix to work at the Lawrence Livermore Labs to show Felix some of the projects he was working on.  Once there, they found themselves in the middle of a villainous heist of Uranium and bunkers of Plutonium from the Lab by the nefarious Goldmaster of the powerful crime organization called the Gold Syndicate. Felix's father spirited Felix to a secure room simply labelled as the "Particle Fluctuation Studies" Lab, wherein Felix's father attempted to dissuade Goldmaster from his dangerous plans. After a couple of minutes of discussion, Goldmaster shot Felix's dad in the chest at point blank range. At that point the military entered the lab and commenced a gun battle with Goldmaster and the Gold Syndicate's thugs.  Amidst the gunfire, several experimental devices were damaged, including a hydrogen cooling unit.  Felix, holding his dad's lifeless body in his arms, was completely unaware of what was happening around him. Instead, in his grief, Felix tried to heft up his father's body and make for an exit to maybe find help for his father.  In a hail of bullets from both the Gold Syndicate troops and the military, Felix slowly made his way across the battlefield, mostly in shock.

After Goldmaster finally got shot in the leg, Goldmaster gathered up as many of his troops as he could be escape. To aid in this, he armed a timed explosive. The explosive when it went off, blew-up the damaged hydrogen cooling unit destroying the entire nuclear lab building, all the while blasting hundreds of pounds of Uranium and Plutonium rocks for hundreds of yards...all after Goldmaster and part of his team were safely teleported away by the Gold Syndicate's teleporter, Sally Port


When the explosives occurred, a combination of radiation, materials from the particle physics experiments in the lab, the Uranium, the Plutonium and dozens of other highly radioactive elements store in the lab coalesced a unique fluctuating energy void in the lab through which Felix and his father's body fell into and emerged a half mile from the lab's destruction. 


All who remained in lab at the time of the expolosion were killed, including six of Goldmaster's troops, ten scientists and over two dozen military soldiers. Felix, awash with despair, picked up his father's lifeless body again and started walking towards the big explosion he just witnessed a 1/2 mile down the road (where he'd just come from). Strangely, Felix began to run in pulses, fluctuation left to right, now moving across dozens of yards of distance with every step he took. When he came to a small 2-foot wide crevice in the ground, Felix, still with his father's body in tow, attempted a simple short hop across the crevice only to end of over 200 yards down the road in that one hop, winding up mere feet from the Lab security gate entrance. The guards in the guard shack were already dead (thanks to Goldmaster), however, Felix still mindlessly reached in, pressed the button to open the gate and got on the phone dialing 911 to request for an ambulance to save his dad.


Fifteen minutes later, paramedics arrived as did the US Military, a nuclear containment unit and dozens of police and firefighters.  The damage to Lawrence Livermore Labs was confined to only the one building, but that building was still in a nuclear lock-down and quarantine (and still is to this day in a LARGE shielded enclosure much like Chernobyl's reactor is now). Felix was told his father was dead, even though Felix kept telling the doctors to save him regardless. Eventually, Felix was taken to a an anti-radiation room and checked for residual radiation from the explosion, as well as have him checked for trauma and psychological damage.


Felix's body was found to not have a single trace of radiation on him.


Felix's father's body, however, was completely saturated in radiation. For Felix's dad's funeral, they had to place the body in a triple-lead lined casket to prevent irradiation of anyone from the body.


After the funeral, Felix began to regain his faculties and get out of the shock he was in.  Within a month, Felix was released from the psychiatrist and handed over to the Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration. There, for the next month, Felix was debriefed, questioned and tested in the use of his newly formed powers he simply called his 'fluctuation' powers. During that time, Felix also swore that Goldmaster would pay for what he'd done.

After his dad's funeral, Felix received his father's estate, making him a millionaire overnight. Rather than squander his time, he instead finished off his Master degrees and internships, all the while working up a criminology profile on The Gold Syndicate and Goldmaster. During this this, he did, also, discover that with great wealth, comes great external duplicity. 


Not focusing on his finances as needed, Felix quickly realized he was flat broke. Using what few resources he had left, he found a link between his lost money, his money manager and the Gold Syndicate.


Goldmaster had ordered for the Tennenson fortune to be siphoned off, all as some form of warped compensation for the loss of several of Goldmaster's troops in what was deemed to have been a simple robbery, but instead turned into a massive failure of a mission. Suffice to say, Goldmaster's 'bosses' were not happy with him, thus, Goldmaster figured he'd funnel the Tennenson funds to assuage part of his failure. 


Felix, discovering the source of the siphoning, set a trap for Goldmaster and his crew, identifying an 'undisclosed $10 million in gold bars' hidden in a bank vault of an old abandoned town bank. There, Felix set up surveillance cameras, recorders, explosives, cages, nets, and more to capture the Gold Syndicate thugs in a non-lethal way. Goldmaster, as far as Felix was concerned, was going to die no matter what.


On the day the trap was set, Felix used his new powers (which he'd practiced with a few times since gaining his new powers) and captured over 10 Gold Syndicate troops. The traps set off alarms to alert the police to come get the crooks (in the case that if Felix got hurt and killed in the trap, the police would still be able to capture and incarcerate some of the guilty).  Goldmaster and Sally Port, just before they were to teleport away from the trap, were both blasted to near unconsciousness by one of Felix's powerful energy waves. Felix took Goldmaster's gun, removed Goldmaster's helmet and aimed the gun at Goldmaster's head. Thanks to Felix's delayed reaction, the superhero, Major Deej, arrived on site to stop Felix from committing murder.  Felix broke down and cried for several long minutes in Major Deej's arms telling him what had happened and how weak he felt for not killing Goldmaster when he should.


Major Deej told Felix a story of one of his times similar to Felix's situation, and that he too was made to realize that murdering a person, no matter how much they deserved their death, wasn't work his own soul in the process.


Major Deej, in the end, stopped Felix from murdering Goldmaster.


Shortly thereafter, both Major Deej and Felix became good teammates, almost a father-son relationship in many ways.  Eventually, Felix, now wearing a costume and calling himself "Fluctuation", joined Major Deej's super group, The Challengers, and since then, has been one of the best superheroes ever as well as an example to all in humanity and kindness. Felix was able to regain his family's inheritance, even though he donated half of his money to a fund for the families of those that died that day at the Lawrence Livermore Labs.


Today, Fluctuation, is still a member of The Challengers super group and partners with Major Deej several times a month to help others in need of help.  Sadly, Goldmaster (and his flunkies) escaped from prison, however, since then, Goldmaster has learned to keep his distance from Fluctuation, knowing that Felix most likely won't be as merciful as he was that day.


Goldmaster saw the look in Felix's eyes that day.

Goldmaster saw his own death.

Goldmaster saw his own murder.

Goldmaster saw a look in Felix that, even to this day,

sends a cold chill down Goldmaster's spine;

a chill that one day, Goldmaster will meet his death

and it will be by the hands of Felix Tennenson AKA Fluctuation.



Power Origin: Science


Energy Fluctuation Power

When activated, Felix can access incredible amounts of energy and discharge them in several ways, but all at the price of having his body be in a state of fluctuation. Example: when using his power to hyper-run, he can surge up to 400 mph, and them drop back down to 250 mph for several seconds, all at a random time (aprox. 7% of the time). This 'random' fluctuating effect occurs as few as several seconds or can go for a week without fluctuating.

The following are the powers can used with his Energy Fluctuation Power:

  • Energy Discharge

    • Energy Blast

      • Can discharge up to remarkable burst of energy damage every several seconds from his hands

      • Range: 300 yards

    • Energy Wall

      • Can create a wall of energy that can act as a shield against all forms of physical and energy attacks up to remarkable levels

      • Lasts for only several seconds at a time; must be reformed each time.

      • Range of wall's creation from Felix: 30 feet max; usually does so within a several foot radius of himself

      • Wall only coves a 90-degree area out from Felix or target's location each time it is formed

    • Energy Wave

      • Can discharge a 30-degree arc of up to excellently strong energy damage every 30 seconds from his hands/body

      • Range: 20 yards

    • Focused Shot

      • With several seconds of built-up energy and good aim, Felix can fire off, through one hand, a focused incredibly powerful energy bolt every minute.

      • Range: 400 yards

  • Energy Manipulation

    • Energy Punch

      • Can focus energy into melee fisticuffs

      • Creates up to a remarkable protective field around Felix's hands with an equally damaging level of force upon the target

      • Can only be performed once every 30 seconds

    • Jackhammer

      • Can rapidly and repeatedly pummel a close target, compounded several times at poor damage for a maximum amount of remarkable damage over several seconds of time

  • Hyper-Running

    • Can run up to 400 mph max for up to 100 miles before tiring out (ratio: 4:1; mph vs miles, when NOT in fluctuation)

  • Hyper-Leaping

    • Can leap over 80 feet across, 50 feet up, 140 feet down max (when NOT in fluctuation)

  • Hyper-Swimming

    • Can swim up to 60 knots max for up to 59 N.Miles  before tiring out (ratio: 0.86:1.15; knots vs.nautical miles, when NOT in fluctuation)

  • Hyper-Thought

    • Reasoning can increase upon a selective hyper-thought fluctuation cycle

    • Once active, the hyper-thinking will last for a prolonged 30-minute period

    • Reasoning, upon fluctuation, can land anywhere from a 20% a 20% decrease, pending on the random fluctuation's results


  • Suit

    • Provides poor physical, temperate, toxin/toxin protection

    • Provinces typical energy, electrical and plasma protection

    • Provides remarkable radiation protection

    • Elbow, knee and shoulder pads provide additional level of protection

    • Boot soles are incredibly durable and soft material for running

  • Goggles

    • Challengers Link Computer Access for Heads-Up Display (HUD)

    • Provides map/direction mapping

    • Provides direct voice-based computer contact/interaction

    • Records visual and audio

    • Excellent material strength

    • Batteries allow for 2 days uninterrupted operation

  • Tracer

    • Has a tracer implanted into either of his elbow pads

    • Range: 45 miles max; < 100 ft water max

    • Battery life: 5 days

  • Earwig

    • Communications transceiver with unlimited connectivity to cellular towers and/or satellites

    • 25 mile range without towers/satellites


  • Math (master)

  • Physics/Particle Science (master)

  • Nuclear Physics (master)

  • Engineering (Expert)

  • Track & Field (Expert)

  • Chess (Expert)

  • Puzzles (Expert)

  • Marksmanship (Proficient)

  • Pilot - Single Engine, Passenger, Instrument-rated (Proficient)

  • Computers (Proficient)

  • Computer Games (Expert)

  • Piano (Proficient)

  • Biology (Proficient)

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