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Orion Dawn 23
















Don "Major Deej" Finger

14 Mar 2010






In 1950, aliens from Oriona (star system by Wolf 359) came to Earth on an expedition to investigate "large energy signatures" (nuclear bombs).  The Orionans, a peaceful people with organic life sciences as their planetary focus, were looking to find other races that were sophisticated enough to utilize some of their futuristic life science methods in exchange for using Earth as a way-station for their journey further into our region of the Solar System.  Unfortunately, Earth had other plans for them.

Upon investigating Nevada, where multiple nuclear bomb tests were being performed, the US Air Force intercepted the Orionan spacecraft and shot it down into the Nevada desert.  Only one of the 5 Orionans survived. The one that did was a doctor called, in Orionan terms, an "Organic Mechanic". The Orionan, named on his plant as "Orion Dawn 23", as well as his dead crew and their destroyed spaceship, were taken into custody and for a time and housed at Area 51.  Several years later, they were moved to a new facility in Virginia.  During that time, the Orionan would not speak to his captors.  Fed a diet of plants and seeds, the Orionan was kept in captivity until the Soltan invasion occurred  in 2000.

When the Soltans invaded, the US military tried to get Orion Dawn 23 to stop the invasion, which Orion Dawn 23 knew was useless. He knew the Soltans; they were warlike and rarely ran from a fight.  Orion Dawn 23's race encountered them in outer planets, but at the time of Orion Dawn 23's abduction by the US military, the Soltans had not bothered with the Orionan home world.  During the invasion, a Soltan was captured and brought to the same facility that Orion Dawn 23 was.  There, through the prodding of the US Military and scientists, Orion Dawn 23 was told to communicate to the Soltans to leave Earth and stop their invasion.  Reluctantly, Orion Dawn 23 passed the message to the captured Soltan only for the Soltan soldier to say they'd never leave Earth...and that Orionan Homeworld had already been invaded and taken over by the Soltans within the last 10 years. Angered and upset, the Orionan for the first time amongst his captors, used his mental powers and fried the captured Soltan soldier's brain. That night, Orion Dawn 23 swore to avenge his people by first stopping what the Soltans were doing to Earth.  At this time, Orion Dawn 23 wasn't fond of Earth, but he was impressed on how empathetic the human race was.  He didn't want to see their fire go out in the galaxy any more than his race. Orion Dawn 23 offered to help combat the Soltans IF they'd give him the freedom to combat them openly.  After great deliberation, the military assigned a 'handling squad' to Orion Dawn 23, giving him a rubber mask and a gaudy costume (that he still wears to this day) to go out and fight the Soltans.

Over the next few months, Orion Dawn 23 coordinated with his handlers and attacked a few dozen Soltan outpost, sometimes being the vanguard of a superhero assault team.  All in all, he took out hundreds of Soltan soldiers and creatures during those battles. Eventually, Orion Dawn 23 and Earth's superheroes saved the day and chased the Soltans off to the dark side of Mars, where they reside today, amassing and awaiting for the next effective time to strike again at Earth.  As for Orion, he went back to his cell...on occasion.

Over the next decade and thereafter, Orion Dawn 23 helped with hundreds of medical mysteries that human scientists hadn't solved. Simple solutions (to him) provided breakthrough advances in stopping dozens of deadly medical conditions and diseases.  Over time, Orion Dawn 23 also helped in breakthroughs in forensic science.


By 2005, Orion Dawn 23 was able to walk the hallways of his captors' prison house.  He had coffee (his favorite drink) with the doctors and guards and eventually became the celebrity alien of the facility.  On occasion, they let Orion Dawn 23 out amongst the populace to experience more of human civilization.  Each time he was outside his prison, he was in awe of how much the human race had evolved just in the 50 years he'd been incarcerated.  Eventually, complex and emergency medical services were asked of him due to super-villain and alien encounters (see Galactic Expatriates) in the region.  He soon became known as "Doc Orion" due to his incredible surgical skills and his adeptness at saving lives. Not long after, the US military fought with the CIA over who got custody of Doc Orion. The fight was mostly because each organization wanted the best surgeon they could have in their ranks.  The CIA won, however, as a result of his captor's authority shift, Doc Orion was about to be outed to the world.

With the passing of the World Super-powered Registration Act (WRSA), many unique federal and state law enforcement personnel were 'outed', and as such, through the passing of a similar act in the United States, called the "Peacekeepers Act", those same super-powered, technically advanced, and alien personnel were revealed, including Doc Orion.  With little choices left for the CIA, Doc Orion was 'asked' what he'd want to do.


By this point, Doc Orion confirmed that Oriana had not only been invaded, but had already been plundered and ripped of all its resources, leaving a dead planet that couldn't even support life, thus, he had no home to go back to, and traversing the cosmos trying to find the remnants of his race was something he didn't wish to do. Instead, Doc Orion made Earth an offer: His medical and psionic services for freedom.


Through media 'leaks' about Doc Orion the Peacekeepers super-powered national police organization's co-leaders, Major Order and Judge Law, visited the CIA and Doc Orion in the ultra-secure facility in Virginia.  There, after 2 days of discussions, Doc Orion was offered a proposal to work with Earth's humans to help maintain law and order in the United States, and for the next 10 years, if his behavior was benevolent, they'd allow him full freedom.  Doc Orion tried to negotiate more, but it always came back to the CIA's demand that someone was 'watching' Doc Orion all the time (and made responsible for him). Thus, Doc Orion relented and agreed to the proposal, stating he was 'unhappy' about his continued 'babysitting' of him on Earth, however, he'd grown fond of humans and deemed it an honorable proposal to work side by side with them and experience how the human legal system operated.


Days later, Doc Orion was released under the care of Judge Law and Major Order. Now a 'relatively' free alien (even though the Feds did place a tracker chip under his skin).


Doc Orion has broadened his understanding of human civilization and technological advancements (as well as the incredibly delicious plants  on our planet) and wants to learn more than ever. Doc Orion offered up his medical services to the Peacekeepers, and after a quick demonstration of his astounding skills, the co-leaders heartily agreed. Doc Orion's only caveat in helping the Peacekeepers was that he'd never allow himself to attack, hurt or endanger any of his own race if they were so encountered.


Today, Doc Orion is part of the Peacekeeper's Investigations Division as the Chief Surgeon, Lead Forensic Scientist and the Medical Examiner (bringing a whole new meaning to the term 'alien autopsy'!).

ADDITIONAL NOTE: The Orionan race normally live to 350 Earth years of age; Doc Orion is 150. He is nearly 8 feet tall and has a light blue tinted skin with black eyes.


  • Natural Resistance:

    • His skin provides good protection from physical, temperate, radiation, toxic and toxin damage

    • Physical Condition:

    • Normally, he has Good strength and agility coupled with excellent endurance.

  • Metabolic Control:

    • His metabolism is normally slow, but can be immediately sped up so that he can perform actions at twice the capabilities of a normal human:

      • Running up to 30 mph

      • Leap over 40 feet in a single bound

      • Lift 400 lbs.

      • Increased his agility in dodging and evading to an excellent level.

  • Senses:

    • Vision:

      • Can see into the ultraviolet and normal light spectrum

      • Excellent vision at twice the distance fo a human

      • Excellent flash protection from filter membrane

    • Hearing:

      • Same as human, but at his age, that of a 70 year old man.

    • Smell:

      • Poor ability to smell

    • Taste:

      • Five times more sensitive than humans; can senses atmospheric changes through aural sensors.

      • NOTE: Doc Orion loves Earth's human plant-based foods and seeds; they are superior in taste to anything he's known in the galaxy.

  • Healing:

    • Doc Orion's powers allow him to heal himself and/or anyone within 20 yards of his location at a 10,000% rate.

    • He can also use his excellent powers to drain energy from his victims, but this, in turn, limits with psionic powers by a whole level.

  • Psionic Power:

    • His good psionic powers allow him to read minds (so long as the target's willpower is equal or lesser than his)

    • Can project excellent mental blasts on targets up to 20 yards away.

  • Revival:

    • Doc Orion's physiology allows for his own body to revive itself within minutes after what we consider 'dead'

    • When revived, he severely weakened, preventing his healing and psionic powers to lie dormant for at least an Earth day's time


  • Suit:

    • Provides poor physical, toxic, toxin and radiation protection

    • Provides typical energy, electrical, plasma and temperate protection

  • Orionan-Modified Medical Scanner:

    • Remarkable ability to scan a target's biological, and bio-engineering bodies

    • Provides incredible library of drugs, ointments, salves and care products

    • Provides medical hypothesis based on scanner data

    • Has voice interaction (it is a grumpy scanner...)

  • Earwig:

    • Fully encrypted communications transceiver, range 250 miles

  • Sub-dermal Tracker:

    • Has a 20 mile range with ground based scanners, and can be tracked anywhere on the planet via satellite

  • Medical Kit:

    • Carries a wide range of medical equipment, bandages, tools and devices

  • Portable Medical Teleporter (PMT) x 3

    • Can be attached to a target and within several seconds is transported to the Peacekeepers Medical Bay.


  • Biological engineer (Doctor) Master

  • Human Physiology (Professional)

  • Biology (Master)

  • Xenomedicine (Master)

  • Psychiatrist (Professional)

  • Electronics (Professional)

  • Celestial Navigation (Professional)

  • Psionic Resistance Training (Master) (provides remarkable psychic/mental protection)

  • Orionan Culture/Lore (Master)

  • Stellar Exploration (Professional)

  • Soltan Culture/Lore (Proficient)

  • US Legal System (Proficient)

  • Botany (Proficient)

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