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Bartholemew Wallace Sizemore
















Don "Major Deej" Finger

27 Sep 2008


Stacy Sizemore (ex-wife)

Apollo Sizemore (son)

Athena Sizemore (daughter)



Bartholomew Wallace Sizemore (BWS, as he likes to call himself) is an ex-British Special Forces Army Advanced Reconnaissance Regiment (A2R2) who, in 2016, was blamed for his Lieutenant's bad decision in a classified covert operation which directly led to the deaths of over 215 innocent women and children in what was once Sizemore's hometown in Nairobi, Kenya.

The same operation also put Sizemore's wife and their children in critical danger.  If not for BWS' actions, they would have died, along with dozens more.

When BWS' trial led to a reduction to the lowest rand in the service and imprisonment for 10 years, BWS lost it when he saw the shame in his wife and children's' faces. He went on a rampage in the court building, killing dozens of policemen and his Lieutenant.  He broke out of the building and ran for freedom.  His family was nearly in shock to see the violent madness that had taken BWS over.

Months later, BWS found work in Honduras working as an enforcer for a local crimelord.  In an incredible circumstantial event on the coastal Swann Island, while working for his crimelord, BWS wound up in the middle of a massive battle with G.U.A.R.D. agents and his crimelord's benefactor, the Arachnoknights, saving several Arachnoknight knights and troopers in the process.  The Arachnoknight leader, Lord Arachnid, was sincerely impressed with BWS and tasked him with several other missions to test his mettle.  After an incredible 55 kill count (for what was simply to be a 20 kill count test), Lord Arachnid sat down with BWS.  After several days of discussions, Lord Arachnid offered BWS a job as a specialized Arachnoknight - but ONLY if he passed the Arachnoknight training and proved himself to follow the Code of the Arachnoknights.

Not only did BWS surpass his training, he fell in love with the Arachnoknights' Code.  After a few months, he was awarded a powerful suit of armor with a powerful back-mounted weapons system that have four articulated arms with weapons on the end of each arm.  It didn't take but weeks for BWS to master the armor and the suit's capabilities. 

As part of his job, he was paid as were all Arachnoknights. He sent his pay to his family.  His wife had divorced him after the incident at the court, but both his children, Apollo and Athena, still loved and missed their father dearly.  She accepted the money he sent and although she was afraid of his now more than ever, she knew he'd never hurt her or the children.

In 2018, BWS was finally able to see his children for the first time since the trial.  It was a beautiful family reunion, one that BWS swore he'd fight for forever.  BWS didn't tell his family his new job or his involvement with the Arachnoknights, and instead, believed he was working for GUARD.  He neither confirmed or denied this to them, but instead held his finger across his lips to imply "shhhh".

Today, BWS' family in living in a beautiful home in Nairobi, Kenya.  He visits them when he can, but instead has been a busy as the Arachnoknights new "Warspider".  His body count continues to grow, as does his vicious reputation on the battlefield.



Power Origin: Natural

No powers.



Warspider Attack Resistant Specialized Plasma Ion Drive Embattlement Rampart

  • Armor

    • Provides incredible physical, energy, plasma, electrical and toxic/toxin/acidic protection

    • Provides monstrous thermal and radiation protection

  • Augmentation

    • Enhances strength x2 levels to a max of incredible

    • Enhances endurance x3 levels to a max of amazing

    • Enhances targeting/agility x2 levels to a max of remarkable

  • Sensors

    • Incredible level visual, hearing and sensory protection

    • Can scan for life signs, biological life, spores, air quality etc with excellent results

    • Can see in infra red and ultraviolet spectrum (night vision)

  • Armature Weapons Pack

    • Remarkably powerful plasma energy blasts from pack's armatures

    • Allows for 1 shot with full agility, or multiple shots (once for each armature) every several seconds but with a drip in agility for each additional shot beyond the first.

  • Glaive Blades

    • Fantastic level material strength, razor sharp Osmium steel blades that can rend normal steel and most metals

  • Leaping

    • Cqn leap over 100 yards in a single bound

  • Machine Gun

    • Carries an additional machine gun that can fire a burst of good damage to an area arc in front of Warpsider

    • Range 200 yards

    • 6 bursts per magazine; carries 10 spare magazines

  • Venom Grenades (6)

    • Can fire, from shoulder units, a venom grenade that creates a good cloud of toxic gas, causing choking and immobilization to all within a target area

    • Range 200 yards

  • Communications/Interlink/Monitors

    • Contains encrypted communications transceiver with a range of 200 miles

    • Contains a powerful WiFi network connection allowing for up to 10Gb/sec download

    • Connects to internet and video surveillance

    • Armor has 10 monitors through which he can see all around him from inside his helmet


  • Tactical combat (Professional)

  • Marksmanship (Professional)

  • Hand-To-Hand Combat (Professional)

  • Weaponsmaster (knowledge) ((Professional)

  • Warspider Combat Suit Maintenance (Proficient)

  • Marial Arts: Melee fighting (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Professional)

  • Blade weapons fighting (Proficient)

  • Military/Special Forces (Professional)

  • Military Vehicles (Proficient)

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