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Malis Monturic












Fortunata Malis




Don "Major Deej" Finger

9 March 2019


Sabia Monturic (wife, deceased)



Experimented on by o now defunct spider-themed militant order, Malis Monturic of Madagascar had his psychic powers unlocked.


Using his mind, he was able to create a psionic 'blade' extending down his arm.  The 'blade' was capable to slicing through minds, souls and psyches, unless protected or shielded. 

Eventually, he began to unlock even more psychic powers...until he discovered that his old order, at the start of the planet-wide alien Soltan Star Empire Invasion of Earth in 2000, set a deadly trap to kill a certain war hero, Arbiter Mercedes (AKA Lord Arachnid) and his special forces which was set in motion by his lord and leader himself, who hated  Arbiter Mercedes for his excessive popularity with the troops. 

'Mal', as called himself, raced to Arbiter Mercedes and told him of the duplicity, however, it was too late - the trap was sprung.  Mal fought alongside the Arbiter to the end. Although they barely survived, they eventually were nursed back to health, all with Mal's powers now more powerful than before.  Sadly, Mal's wife, Sabia, died in the invasion.  Mercedes and Mal, together, eventually went to their hometown to provide proper services for her, and then they, along with hundreds of others, fought against the Soltans, forcing them out of the town forever.  It was a bittersweet victory, but a victory that would bond their friendship forever.

Over the next decade and a half, Mal and Arbiter Mercedes, now known as Lord Arachnos, helped to create a new order called 'The Arachnoknights'; an order that would bring an authoritarian control to the chaos that democracies and republics had long created.  They both knew that the 'survival of the fittest' theme that their old order operated under would not work in today's world, instead they intend to take control, island by island, continent by continent, until they are the true leaders of the world.

Today, Mal helps train the Arachnoknights in combat skills and about the 'Code of the Arachnoknights'.  He is still operational in the field, but his battle injuries and age are catching up to him.  He's become a bit of a 'viceroy' as well, helping take care of a majority of the daily operations within the ArachnoknightsMal and Lord Arachnid's friendship is still very strong, but Mal has noticed a perceptible change of late in his old friend in regards to  finding his once-thought-dead wife, Karen Olsen AKA Arbiter Ariel AKA Lady Arachnida, alive.  There has been a strain between Lady Arachnida and Lord Arachnid, and sadly, it may require Mal to intervene or the Arachnoknights may never garner the glory that Mal believes it so rightly deserves.



Origin: Mutant/Science

  • Psi Blade​

    • Can manifest a psionically-charged blade that does good mental/soul melee damage to it target.

    • Can be used to also, with several seconds of concentration, physically rend materials, such as wood, metal, flesh etc, at a typical rate of damage, but must allow for several seconds of time for each 'physical' vice 'mental' swipe to all for a proper manifestation.

    • Ignores all armor and protection other than psionic, mental or magic

  • Psionic Shielding

    • Retains an amazing resistance to any form of mental, psionic or magical attacks.

  • Regeneration

    • As a result of his injuries during the Soltan Invasion, his powers changed to also help heal him at an excellent rate.

    • Lost limbs and anything requiring regeneration of bone cannot be regenerated, only flesh, organs, veins, nerves, etc.

    • Cannot regenerate lost brain cells or brain damage.

  • Increased Human Condition

    • He retains a good amount of strength regardless if her works out or not.

    • He can run and/or swim up to 30 mph without effort for over 1 hour.

    • Can leap over 50 feet in a single bound.

    • Has amazing vision, able to see for miles, as well as perceive movement and shifts in perceptions easily

    • Skin provides poor protection from physical, temperate and acidic/chemical attacks.

    • Skin provides good protection against radiation.


  • Body Suit

    • Typical leather armor protection vs. physical, temperate, energy and acid/chemical attacks

    • Good protection vs. radiation

  • Helmet, Gauntlets and Boots

    • Excellent physical, energy, temperate and acid/chemical protection

    • Remarkable radiation protection

    • Due to magical nature of these items, they provides an additional good level of magic, psionic and mental protection surrounding these equipment items

  • Comms gear

    • Contains an encrypted transceiver for communications up to 500 miles away.

  • Additional Equipment

    • Rebreather (1)

      • Allows for 1/2 hour use to create oxygen for use underwater or elesewhere

    • Survival Kit (1)

    • Rations (2-days worth)

    • Flare (1)

    • Emergency Beacon (1)

  • Grenades (2)

    • Smoke

    • Fragment


  • Psi Blade Fighting (Master)

  • Mental Shielding (Master)

  • Arcane Knowledge (proficient)

  • Pilot (Professional)

  • Educator/Trainer (Professional)

  • Administrator (Proficient)

  • Leadership (Proficient)

  • Psychology (Proficient)

  • Swordsmanship (professional)

  • Marksmanship (proficient)

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